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Garry's Mod

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VLRP Gaming: Deathrun [FastDL]
FastDL for VLRP Gaming's Deathrun Server.
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CS:GO Knives SWEPs
Created by xdshot
Now you can use the knives from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as weapons in Garry's Mod!

  • 12 different knives;
  • New sounds;
  • Viewmodel arms (c_arms) compatible;
  • Press Reload b
Created by swamp gamer
Please note that my vapes are NOT narcotics. They are devices that emit healthy, organic vapor.

Vape List:
  • Classic vape
  • Mega vape - it's big, and it's cloud is bigger
  • Juicy vape - press right click to change flav
Easy RTD (Content)
Content for the roll the dice script used on the server Virtual Life Roleplay, which is hosted by VLRP Gaming....
Death Badges (Content)
Content used for the death badges on VLRP Gaming....
Custom Trails Pack #2 (FOR POINTSHOP)
Created by Niandra!
Downloading this will automatically add it to your Pointshop! Each trail has it's own little name and each cost 500.

In this pack:

1. Suits
2. Snowflakes
3. Minecraft Creeper
4. Portals
5. Mouse Cursor
6. Trainers
7. Shoes
8. Redstars
9. Ask ...
Modern Trails for Pointshop
Created by SithLee
This is a trails pack for Garrys Mod.
I selected the most modern images.

Disclamer: I do not take credit for the images, I only made the trails.

Pointshop Trail Locations

Amaterasu Playermodel
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Amaterasu from Okami!

This Model Features:
• Playermodel
• Ragdoll
• Viewmodel hands

• Tail
• Shoulder Fur
• Ears
Amazing Spider-Man Player Model
Created by DeltaWolf
Now you can set Amazing Spider-Man costume as your Player Model with the Amazing Spider-Man Player Model Mod!

EDIT: There may be a slight glitch in the right arm but im working on it.

Model ported by:
Assassins Creed II: Ezio Auditore Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Ezio Auditore da Firenze (1459 – 1524) was a Florentine nobleman during the Renaissance, and, unbeknownst to most historians and philosophers, the Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins, a title which he he...
Chibiterasu Playermodel
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Chibiterasu from Okamiden!

This Model Features:
• Playermodel
• Ragdoll
• Viewmodel hands

• Tail
• Shoulder Fur
• Ears
Daft Punk Player Models
Created by Mike Coxlong
Many Thanks For SligWolf for getting the models into the new format and working, he has been really helpful, I can't thank him enough to get these working again. If it wasn't for me to post a request on Facepunch and for SligWolf seeing the post, ...
DewRitos Playermodels
Created by ellie
Doritos bags and Mountain Dew bottles as playermodels!

- Multiple skins for each model based on various flavours
- Viewmodels hands (c_models)
- Custom versions of the bags and bottles

These models were converted from a Counte...
Albus Dumbledore
Created by Voikanaa

Albus Dumbledore was the Headmaster of Hogwarts for close to forty years, a time period that encompassed both of Voldemort’s attempts to take over the Wizarding ...
Elsa & Anna Playermodel & NPC
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Queen Elsa & Princess Anna from Disney's Frozen!

This Model Features:

• Playermodel
• Viewmodel Hands

Elsa Jigglebones:
• Cape

Elsa BodyGroups...
Gabe Newell player models ®
Gabe Newell playermodel ( CSS edition )

Half Life 3 Confirmed !!! ( first delivery incoming )

Valve Pro kurier company

Halo 4 - Master Chief (NPC/Playermodel/Ragdoll)
Created by Dusty
Includes both a model for posing and another for playermodels/npcs.

Bonus DMR is included inside.

v1.1 - 26/06/2013

Shaders have been slightly updated and support for the new viewmodel system has been added.

If you don't know what the fuck I'm ...
Harry Potter
Created by Voikanaa

Harry Potter is the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, the hero of the Wizarding world. He grew up with Muggles, and then came to Hogwarts where he faced dangers and...
Haus The Plague Doktor
Created by Splinks
Q: What do you get when you mix a fourteenth-century plague doctor with the Matrix?
A: Haus The Plague Doktor

A present made for my good friend:
Homer Player model
Created by Stryparen

Homer Simpson player model! A bit goofy, but hey, he's here!

My other player models, more to come!

Iron Man [Playermodel/NPC]
Created by Dusty
Iron Man's Mark 7 armor, used as his primary suit in The Avengers. The Iron Patriot's armor, as seen in Iron Man 3.

What's in it:

- Two NPCs for each set of armor, good and bad. Sorry, they just use the standard rebel and combine base - no flying, la...
Jason Voorhees Player Model
Created by Hot_tub
This is a Player Model of Serial Killer Jason Voorhees. This model and files was taken from and uploaded here for the sake of convenience...
Jesus Playermodel
Jesus from Heaven

Player Model


Models and textures: Marc "Pharaoh" Nuar
Porting, rigging and compiling: Rokay "Rambo"
Left Shark playermodel
Created by The One Free-Man
A player model and ragdoll of the real MVP.
First skin uses the player colour, but switch to the second for that distinct and authentic all-shark blue!
Say no to good choreography and dance like you're not wearing a shark suit

Also, I don't know why...
Minecraft Playermodel
Created by Sam
This is the minecraft player model rigged to Valve's HL2 skeleton. Hold C and click on the player model icon to use. The size of the player model is a limitation of not creating custom animations, which I am not willing to do myself.

Thanks to Ma...
Niko & Roman Playermodel
Created by M. Shadows
Not Made By Me....
Osama Bin Laden Player Model
Osama Bin Laden player model for GM13.

Ripped from Kuma Wars 2 by someone on Gamebanana. Re-rigged by code_gs....
Pikachu Player Model
Created by lemur
Play as Pikachu....
Santa Claus Playermodel and NPC
Created by Voikanaa
HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!
  • Playermodel
  • NPC
  • Viewmodel arms
  • TTT Compatible Hitboxes
How to download? Just press Subscribe button and it'll start downloading.
Rate, comment and have fun!

SSBB Mario Playermodel(BETA)
Created by Sinful Mario
"Lets-a go!!"

Currently in beta, since we joined the little proportion experiment CaptainBigButt was doing. The method we were trying to do to rescale wasn't working but then we saw CBB's proportion method and decided to try it out for ourselves(Thanks ...
SSB4 - Yoshi Playermodel and NPC
Created by MrMarco1003
Addon type: P.M. and NPC

With this addon you can play as Yoshi from Super Mario series!

-Yoshi playermodel (He is short!)
-Viewmodel hands
-NPC (In Humans + Resistance)
-Alternate skins

Liked the addon? Make sure t...
Star Wars Battledroids
Created by Captain Charles
Name: Battledroid Ragdolls & Players

Version: 1

Description: Battledroid Ragdolls & Players for Garry's mod.

Battledroid Commander
Battledroid Geonosis
Battledroid P...
The Terminator: Arnold Schwarzenegger Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Terminator
  • Player Model


Models and textures: Terminator game devs (Dont know studio name)
Porting, rigging and co...
Unleashed Sonic Playermodel + NPCs
Created by FZone96
After hours of learning by doing I finally present to Sonic Playermodel which uses proportions instead of custom animations!!!

Credit goes to...
josh98 from for extracting the model

Programs us
Walter White Player Model Fix
Created by Posh Gay Snob
First I'd like to say that the credit for the original goes to 'The Scientist' for his work on the playermodel, however he forgot to change the files for Walter White from Agent_47 to Walter_white. Basically what I've done is changed the Agent_47 file name...
Pedo Bear Playermodel
Not claiming this is my own work just noticed It's been taken down from the workshop so I'm re-uploading it for all the servers (and generally to help support the GMod community) that use it in their workshop DL collections (including my own servers that u...