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Better Coastal Cities and Water Tiles
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Mar 11 @ 11:10am
May 17 @ 2:02pm
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Better Coastal Cities and Water Tiles

In Civ 6, water tiles provide lackluster yields. Coastal cities typically have less food and production than inland citie,s making it difficult for them to grow. This mod alters the Harbor district and its buildings to improve water tiles and make coastal cities better. I took heavy inspiration from TheCrazyScotsman's water improvement mod on CivFanatics and Napstablook's Fish Farms mod here on Steam. While both of those mods are great, I thought I would offer up a third alternative. In comparison to those two mods, mine has a bit more focus on adding production and doesn't make quite as many changes to other aspects of the game.

Version 1.3 Changes
Added adjacency bonuses for City Center:
- +1 food for each adj. coastal tile at Sailing
- +1 production for each adj. coastal tile at Shipbuilding
- +1 gold for each adj. coastal tile at Cartography.

- Removed lighthouse change since Firaxis added +1 food to all coastal tiles.
- Restored shipyard bonus equivalent to Harbor adjacency bonus.
- Removed +1 production from shipyard.
- Removed Seaport bonus gold to coastal tiles since Firaxis added +2 themselves.
- Changed Seaport bonus +1 gold to ocean tiles to +2 gold.

Mod Effects
- Harbors now give +1 food to all water tiles owned by a city.

- Harbor Citizen Yield is now +1 food, +1 gold, and +1 production per citizen working (previously +2 gold, +1 science).

- Shipyards now grant +1 housing, +2 food , and +1 gold (previously nothing).

- Shipyards also provide +1 production to fishing boats.

- Seaports now add +1 food to fishing boats and +2 gold to all water tiles owned by a city.

- Seaports now grant +1 production.

I am open to all suggestions for tweaks and balance. Thanks!
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Charlie Jun 11 @ 2:44am 
I need it very much!
Douglas. Jun 10 @ 3:42am 
Fat ty!!
Baleur May 27 @ 10:56am 
Must-have mod. Most major cities in the world were/are built on the coast.
It is literally the life and production blood of the human civilization.
Makes absolutely no sense that in vanilla Civ6 it is "bad" to settle on the coast, directly contrary to what civilizations would prefer to do in real life. Thank you for this mod.
mikeallan May 16 @ 11:57am 
Nice! Thanks for sharing pOkiehl :)
Skatman May 9 @ 10:18am 
Wowzers. I had no idea pearls had been nerfed so much after Civ V.
p0kiehl  [author] Apr 27 @ 7:59pm 
Hi all, I updated the mod to make settling directly on the coast even better. Now, the City Center gets adjacency bonuses for each coastal tile adjacent to it:

- +1 food for each adj. coastal tile at Sailing
- +1 production for each adj. coastal tile at Shipbuilding
- +1 gold for each adj. coastal tile at Cartography.
malorn44 Apr 14 @ 10:45am 
Is that Manchester by the Sea?
Venusaisha Mar 30 @ 2:47am 
seaway awesome
p0kiehl  [author] Mar 29 @ 3:47pm 
@Kentu~ no problem! :)
Frunobulaxian Mar 28 @ 7:46pm 
@Crazytelli yes, if you remove the buildings files from the fish farms mod.