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Cities: Skylines

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Ploppable Asphalt +
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Mar 11, 2017 @ 5:40am
Jul 22, 2018 @ 3:51pm
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Ploppable Asphalt +

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Ploppable Asphalt +
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Allows using road shaders on props for ploppable asphalt, pavement, cliff, grass, gravel surfaces.

Also includes legacy asphalt props, they are outdated but still work fine if you used them before, from now on I recommend using the new set.

Asphalt can be color matched to your roads using sliders in the mod settings. (Hold shift to drag all sliders together)

Decals can be placed on top of them.

They can be floating using move it and prop snapping.

Script for asset creators:

Source code:

Thanks to TPB for help and RGB sliders.

Known issues:

The mod doesn't work sometimes for some people. This mod waits for the loading manager to load all mods, and only then starts running. If the mod doesn't work for you, it's very likely another mod is preventing loading manager to confirm all mods have been loaded, so this mod (and decal hover area, sharp textures as well) keeps waiting forever. I've only seen the ARIS no seagulls (without having skylines overwatch) create this problem so far. Any mod associated with Skylines Overwatch should be avoided.

The props are not terrain conforming and won't be, that's because the shader is needed for the textures, and a different one would be needed for conforming... There is a decal version of the asphalt prop, but it comes with all the same limitation as any decals - bad render distance and random decal order.
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LordGreems Jun 9 @ 2:53pm 
This mod doesn't work. I try to enable only this mod but still doesn't work.
FwhPixelink May 29 @ 1:13pm 
This asset doesn't work still. I unsubscribed. Missing or transparent when added to surface.
www.787650583 May 22 @ 11:30pm 
允许使用道路着色器上的可爆破沥青,路面,悬崖,草地,砾石路面。还包括遗留的沥青道具,它们已经过时,但仍然工作良好,如果你以前使用它们,从现在开始,我建议使用新的设置。可以用滑块在模组设置中根据你的路面颜色进行匹配。(按住 shift 将所有滑块拖到一起)贴花可以放在他们的上面,他们可以漂浮使用移动它和支柱断裂。
Beaker-MeepMeep May 19 @ 8:47pm 

Mod Compatibility Checker says is won't work without which is missing.
Radic May 14 @ 11:16am 
broken mod for download save
armacost May 8 @ 1:12pm 
same as the other dude, this mod is broken and crashes my game, tried with all other mods disabled and still wont load. :(
bluemoon Mar 19 @ 10:42pm 
@Rehwyn Thanks for the heads up ... I'd already looked at Node Controller but somehow managed to miss the fact that it does what I was looking for all along. Cheers!
Rehwyn Mar 15 @ 1:18pm 
@bluemoon You can disable junction markings with Node Controller (link: ) without actually disabling the crossing itself.

The mod allows a whole lot more than that; it's rapidly becoming one of my favorites.

As for what these props are used for, with Anarchy on (from another mod that allows it), you can place them a lot more places and can be used to cover ugly gaps etc.
bluemoon Mar 15 @ 12:03am 
I've been looking for a way to remove pedestrian crossings from the game without disabling them (in other words, just remove the | | | | image). All the mods I've looked at disable crossings altogether, so that footbridges or subways are needed instead.

I got the impression that Ploppable Asphalt might do what I wanted, by simply overlaying / hiding a pedestrian crossing underneath a road texture. However, that wasn't the case ... I tried it and it just comes back with that 'space already occupied' message.

So I'm not sure what this prop is used for ingame, it seems to be primarily intended for modders to use when creating new Assets.
hottt3 Mar 2 @ 9:00am 
I've tested it with ALL mods disabled except Loading Screen and on new map - map not loading...