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GeneriDesigns Essentials
Collection of all GeneriDesign furniture.
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Artist Table
Created by why
A light table for your artists. Costs $150, provides a small skill, efficiency and mood boost. Model is based off a basic table so you are able to place objects on top and chairs, will fix this once I learn how to....
Created by why
Released in 1990, the Generic LCD Project is one of the best selling products for presentation rooms. For only $180 you can turn your 'boring presentations' into 'boring but not so boring presentations'!

Beverage Machine
Created by why
Caco-Calo and Sprate now in stock! For only $250 you own this magnificent beverage vending machine!...
Created by why
Access ladder (NOT) for all those hard to reach places! Ladder is purely cosmetical, as there is no way to make an object function as a ladder....
Solar Panels
Created by why
Generi Hardware Co.


Software City 1970,
Generi Hardware Co. the l...
Created by why
I noticed my kitchens were empty and boring. I downloaded Emonadeo's kitchen counters but then i realized, why do my chefs need counters IF THEY GOT NOTHING TO PUT ON THEM?!

Pack includes:
-Cooking Pot
-Cutting Board

I ...
Conveyor Set
Created by why
A set of conveyor belts to pimp out your printing distribution center. (My sets are always expanding, if you have a specific conveyor belt or distribution center related suggestion leave a comment)...
Restroom Set
Created by why
-Paper towel dispenser
-Hand soap dispenser
-Toilet paper
-Air dryer

All objects have the same colliders as a painting. So to select the object you must click above the item, at the height a painting would hang....
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Weed Farmer Alice 1985 May 26 @ 8:30am 
Thanks for updating :HappyPCGuest:
why  [author] Apr 27 @ 4:06pm 
Tested in latest patch 10.4.1 and all models are working
Eddady Apr 26 @ 12:37pm 
hello work all ins in Version 10 ?
Zepfelion Jan 6 @ 3:00pm