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Centering Camera on Hero
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I have recently been recruiting many of my friends to Dota 2. These friends are famliar to MOBAs yet are used to League's camera system. They've been complaining about the problems with how Dota's camera doesn't lock onto your hero with the push of a button. I have created this guide with some useful commands in order to center and lock the camera on your hero. I hope this helps anyone experiencing similar problems.

There are two different ways to set up this camera. The first way is easier to set up, but only locks on to your hero when you hold down space bar. The second way is slightly harder to set up, but locks on to your hero, even if you let go of spacebar, until you tap spacebar again.

Also, I highly suggest that if you use this camera configuration that you try to break the habit of snapping on your hero. It makes you less aware of other things happening and could possibly get you killed. Please only use these commands as a sort of transition tool to make Dota more enjoyable until you learn how to use the camera the right way.
The Easy Way
The easier way to do this is quite simple as it as already been implemented into Dota 2. Keep in mind that this way the camera only locks on to your hero as you hold the spacebar, and doesn't stay locked on. In other words, this version keeps the camera locked on your hero as long as you hold down the spacebar.

1. Locate the settings button

2. Go to hotkeys and find the button "Select Hero." Bind that to spacebar.

3. Go to options and tick the box "Hold Select Hero to Follow."

You're done! Now everytime you touch spacebar the camera will snap onto your hero until you let go of the space bar.
The Slightly Harder Way
If having the camera only lock on to your hero when you press spacebar isn't enough for you, this next option will have the camera toggle lock on your hero. This isn't natively implemented into Dota 2 and must be created using console commands.

1. Go to advanced options

2. Tick the box on "Enable Console."

3. Restart your game and open console (backslash by default)

4. Type the following command
unbind SPACE
This will unbind spacebar for whatever it is being used for so that the next command saves even after you quit the game.

5. Type the following command
bindtoggle SPACE "dota_camera_lock"
This will make it so all you have to do is tap space to lock the camera on to your dota hero compared to pressing it down.

You're done! Now everytime you tap spacebar the camera will snap onto your hero until you tap the space bar again.
Testing the Commands
A very important thing to note, it's possible that these bind don't save when you exit out of the game and reopen it. Make sure you double check to make sure you test them every time you open the game.

Before you jump into a game of Dota, you should probably test the new commands and also make sure you didn't break anything trying to change your game. The best way to do this is to go into a demo game.

Go to the heroes menu and select any hero. Then click demo hero.

The demo game will allow you to test the camera and all your usual bindings, making sure nothing is broken. Now have fun with your new camera and game on!
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Buy Crypto Get Lambo Aug 14, 2021 @ 7:12am 
thank you very much, i come from lol and was so used to press space bar only once, to jump onto my character
fear Aug 6, 2019 @ 12:10pm 
double click select hero???
shi💤 Jan 27, 2019 @ 8:52am 
You can lock hero camera by right mouse double click on hero portrait..