Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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AI+ improves the AI without changing anything about the game itself nor the bonuses the AI gets. There are improvements in many behavior areas such as settling, building/district choices and tile improvement. But the biggest improvements are found in the AIs ability to wage aggressive wars. Expect to see games where an AI wipes out multiple others without any help, even in the later eras.

On top of improvements, civs have been given more distinct personality styles that match their flavor/abilities such as warlike civs building more units.

AI+ works on both singleplayer and multiplayer (as long as everyone has it of course)

See for more info.

- This version requires the latest civ patch (the Australia one). If you don't have that installed, please check the link above and download the old version v9
- This mod won't work with previously saved games, you'll have to start a new game to use this
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3735943886 Jun 21 @ 12:32am 
So I played 2 games with both. Continents, Small map, 1 additional civ above default, twice less city states, Immortal difficulty.

Artificially Intelligent: Honestly, I barely noticed any changes, maybe AI builds more districts and that's it. Militarily AI was just as useless and incompetent as in vanilla game.

AI+: I noticed two major differences. First, AI builds more ranged units, incuding barbarians having more ranged. Second, they don't seem to place settlers absolutely everywhere like vanilla AI did trying to occupy even slightest bit of land with absolutely nothing on it. In war they act just as stupid though, sometimes they go into fortify trying to heal instead of running away first making them free kill.

In conclusion, AI+ felt like a bit of change while I didn't feel that Artificially Intelligent did anything at all. None of the mods managed to improve worst AI in Civilization history into anything decent.
Autism Simulator Jun 14 @ 12:35am 
Paste-triarch, i`ve used it alongside Moar unit mod in the past.
Paste-triarch Jun 10 @ 5:36pm 
Is it compatible with MOAR Units?
Pataur the Great Jun 10 @ 2:55pm 
So, expect Ai civs to wipe out other civs? About time I see this in my game, where I have to be careful about losing to an AI with domination victory!
Gwydion Jun 9 @ 1:55pm 
Hi Siesta Guru - I'm wondering if you could better help me understand how the AI works in Civ VI. Is it actually "playing" the game? Or is it just simulating action and being "gifted" research/units/culture at certain times? Also, do you know if the AI picking the best times to declare war based on strategic considerations or just doing so based on a set interval of time?

- Thanks!
TocCo May 29 @ 12:49pm 
Either this one or CQUI makes the settler, builder, and fighter show up as CORE END, BEHAVIOR END, and MILITARY END
Aurochs May 28 @ 7:28pm 
Regarding the DLL, the source code for Civ 5's DLL was eventually released. I expect the same to happen for Civ 6 as well. Just don't expect it to happen very quickly. It took them 2 years to release the Civ 5 source code.
Aurochs May 28 @ 7:16pm 
@richardoqufe: By default you will need two copies of a strategic resource to build any units that rely on it. This can be reduced to one copy by building an Encampment in the city (I think a Harbor is needed for naval units), or with a policy card. This is base-game behavior.

If you have an Encampment and at least one source of Iron mined, and still can't build a Swordsman in the city with the Encampment, THEN you need to be looking at mod bugs. But what you've described isn't a bug and has nothing to do with the mod.
Zuntrix May 28 @ 4:38am 
@ricardqufe i found out that my issue was not caused by this mod. But is caused by any mod i use. My guess would be that i use to many mods and the momery cant understand it, load order, or something entirely different. I have no idea why. But no matter what mod i put on, i get the same issue. Be it AI+, immersive dialogue, or another leader. You might want to look into if your issue is caused by any mod you use combined with what you already use :)
ricardoqufe May 27 @ 3:38pm 
Hi, I found another problem. When I use this mod I can not build swordsman even if i have iron in my city. I need always 2 irons to be able to build them :(