Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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AI+ improves the AI without changing anything about the game itself nor the bonuses the AI gets. There are improvements in many behavior areas such as settling, building/district choices and tile improvement. But the biggest improvements are found in the AIs ability to wage aggressive wars. Expect to see games where an AI wipes out multiple others without any help, sometimes even in the later eras.
While the AIs 'peace game' should also be improved on average, since the main focus is on war, players who prefer peaceful games should be warned, you may be conquered!

On top of ability improvements, leaders have been given more distinct personality styles that match their flavor/abilities such as warlike civs (like the Aztecs/Norway) building more units, expansive civs (like Rome/Russia) grabbing more land, religious civs (like India/Norway) focusing more faith. This makes the game feel more alive, and makes leaders more focussed and thus capable.

The overall difficulty of the game should increase on average. This may make the game too hard for those who like playing on the very lowest settings. Deity will be hard to beat, though perhaps not as hard as modded Civ V.

- I've basically stopped working on this mod until we get access to the games code. The mod may in the future no longer function entirely as intended due to game patches. Please let me know in the comments if there are huge issues, such as crashes.
- AI+ works on both singleplayer and multiplayer (as long as every player has the mod)
- This mod won't work with previously saved games, you'll have to start a new game to use it
- Compatibility wise, this mod works well with most non-AI mods, even those that add units/buildings etc. In some mod combinations that change production costs etc, you may see strange behavior though, such as extreme unit spam, no settlers being produced or districts that are completely ignored.
- I strongly recommend you don't use AI+ in combination with other big AI mods, unless the author states these mods are compatible. Other AI mods tend to make changes to the same parts of the game, which can lead to crashes or other unintended effects.
- Compatible up to at least the 2017 fall patch.

Known Issues
Unfortunately, I don't have access to the actual AI code, so this mod is mostly based on changing things in the few XML files that control AI behavior. Quite a lot could still be done, but the basis is still the same. So there are quite a few issues remaining that I unfortunately can't really touch. These issues also exist in vanilla, but sometimes become more prominent here due to bigger cities and more wars. Some of the bigger ones are:
- The AI sometimes refuses to take 0 health cities, civilians or empty barb camps.
- Sometimes civs barely expand, most commonly on maps with many barbarians, or on tiny island starts
- Sea maps in general aren't the AIs strong point

See for more info on this mod, this is also the best place to get more detailed help.
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Karnigel Dec 11 @ 10:20am 
Do the mod still work?
Rams0505 Dec 9 @ 5:18am 
is this mod broken? i never seen the AI expand overseas in continent maps or any maps with water/islands. even later on in the game find unexplored islands that have amazing resourses and goody huts but not a single AI explored it or settled on them even if they are closer to it. also during way see AI try to attack my city with units that have settlers attached to them :/
xalauch Dec 9 @ 2:21am 
This is great! But nothing a few atomic bombs can't stop.
Ihavedepressionhelpmelol Dec 7 @ 11:10pm 
I have noticed that warriors who are escorting settlers will still stand at my base, making the settler just stand there and do nothing.
Janster Nov 27 @ 6:12am 
Okay, on immortal difficulty ..

1) Hardly makes units
2) Sends out suicide settlers, even when at war
3) Doesn't really expand.

No other mods used :)
pzee Nov 24 @ 7:32pm 
sorry to clearify it wa Chao Quick UI that seemed to be causing the problem.
pzee Nov 24 @ 7:25pm 
I deleated my earlier post about a possible bug in this mod - fixed it by disabling the UI mod.
will try this mod again.
Lazy Wolf Nov 19 @ 4:03am 
Hei. Does this work with the new Khmer and Indonesia patch?
Titanix Nov 12 @ 10:42pm 
I like the idea, and I hope you get access to the AI code to keep working on it. As is, the cons outweight the pros. :(
Sylentwolf8 Nov 11 @ 9:57am 
Would you say this would be ok to use on an in-progress game? Assuming it even applied to the in-progress game.