Various scenes of PM: Kartsal Mot.
"The "Pumo Mines: Kartsal Motivation" Project, a high quality full-fledged modification and level set for the video game "Descent II", more specifically to the "D2X-XL" OpenGL modern port for that game.

It will feature 20 complex and big levels, high quality graphic effects and textures, new robot enemies, new powerups, new music and new weapons, as well as a totally new universe and setting with fascinating story and characters to discover!

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And on official Pumo Software's webiste:

- Original characters, levels, 3D models and many of the assets are original creations of "Lord PuMo" (Rubén) and several other very kind members of the Descent community, like MetalBeast, Diedel/karx11erx, Sirius, DarkHorse, Kruel, DarkFlameWolf, Blarget, and many more. Thanks, you're the best guys!
- The "Descent" videogame trademark is an original property of Interplay & Parallax Software
- "D2X-XL" is an open-source port of the game designed for modern systems, and is a work of Diedel - karx11erx
- The original music is composed and produced by "R.a.M. Land", that is, the alternative and artistic name of "Lord PuMo" (Rubén)
- The Pumo Mines project is made as a non-profit hobby, is a personal work made for the community and for the love of the original Descent games, and is/will be available for everyone to enjoy :)"