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Better Civilization Icons
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Better Civilization Icons

This mod replaces a number of civilization and city-state icons with more historically accurate or more aesthetically pleasing variations. While some of base game, vanilla icons are culturally relevant, they did not satisfy my desire for historical accuracy or unique look. No more bulls for Spain, way more bulls for Sumer, basmala in place of a generic palm for Arabia. Improved versions of vanilla icons for Poland, Japan and Russia and much more.

This mod will be updated when new DLC and expansion pack civilizations arrive, and when their symbols prove to be lacking.

Changed civilization icons:

- Arabia
- Australia (DLC, new colours)
- Brazil
- Germany
- Greece
- Japan
- Khmer (DLC)
- Macedon (DLC)
- Norway
- Nubia (DLC)
- Persia (DLC)
- Poland (DLC)
- Rome
- Russia
- Spain
- Sumer

Changed city-state icons:

- Armagh (DLC)
- Auckland (DLC)
- Bandar Brunei (DLC, Jakarta replacement)
- Brussels
- Jerusalem
- Kabul
- Lisbon

Additional features:
- civ icons for China and France with colours that better match their in-game colour scheme.
- improved colours for Indonesia
- support for a number of modded leaders of parent civilizations (eg. Japan, Russia, Rome, Spain etc.)

- Janboruta - Author

Special thanks to: JFD, DivineYuri, Sukritact, Tomatekh for extensive help and modding advice.
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dave8 Nov 10 @ 11:33am 
Hi, WHY not using the REAL Flags???? i loved the mod in Civ 5 <3
Chrisy15 Nov 4 @ 12:12am 
ricardo.hinoc Nov 3 @ 6:07pm 
Great mod. Is it compatible with CQUI? Thanks.
QuetzalcoatlQ Oct 29 @ 5:37am 
Can you please remake the chinese icon? In my opinion, this dragon would be look better if it is more like the Great Qing one.
Test Oct 27 @ 8:41am 
janboruta  [author] Oct 23 @ 8:46am 
Update 23-10-2017:

- new icon for Khmer
- new colours for Indonesia
- cleaned and improved icons for all vanilla civilizations and city-states
- added icons for some new modded alternative leaders (Menander, Sigurd, Nubian leaders)
- new, more chunky icon for SCC's Assyria and its alternative leaders
janboruta  [author] Oct 22 @ 9:35am 
Indonesian symbol has a lot of small parts that might look bad with certain colour combinations, but it doesn't look bad to me out of the box. I'll see how well it looks like after changing the colours first.
conorbauble Oct 22 @ 9:15am 
Not sure if you think Indonesia's icon needs a scale-up like Macedon's?
janboruta  [author] Oct 22 @ 9:07am 
Yeah, Indonesia's vanilla colour scheme is pretty horrible, that's the most needed change at the moment. I'll also include new symbols for the Khmer and Brunei city state (since it's just a renamed Jakarta with no art changes)
conorbauble Oct 22 @ 9:05am 
Sounds good to me. It's really difficult to read the dark blue text against the red currently. Thank you.