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Better Civilization Icons
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Jul 28 @ 2:23pm
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Better Civilization Icons

This mod replaces a number of civilization and city-state icons with more historically accurate or more aesthetically pleasing variations. While some of base game, vanilla icons are culturally relevant, they did not satisfy my desire for historical accuracy or unique look. No more bulls for Spain, way more bulls for Sumer, intricate basmala in place of a generic palm for Arabia. Improved versions of vanilla icons for Poland, Japan and Russia.

This mod will be updated when new DLC and expansion pack civilizations arrive, and when their symbols prove to be lacking.

Changed civilization icons:

- Arabia
- Australia (DLC, new colours)
- Brazil
- Germany
- Greece
- Japan
- Macedon (DLC)
- Norway
- Nubia (DLC)
- Persia (DLC)
- Poland (DLC)
- Rome
- Russia
- Spain
- Sumer

Changed city-state icons:

- Armagh (DLC)
- Auckland (DLC)
- Brussels
- Jerusalem
- Kabul
- Lisbon

Additional features:
- civ icon of France with colours that better match their in-game colour scheme.
- symbol of America in slightly better quality; summer patch broke it somehow.
- support for a number of modded leaders of parent civilizations (eg. Japan, Russia, Rome, Spain etc.)

- Janboruta - Author

Special thanks to: JFD, DivineYuri, Sukritact, Tomatekh for extensive help and modding advice.
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Midnight Aug 31 @ 4:05am 
Awesome! Particularly happy about the Australia change =)
Simmeon Aug 1 @ 7:37pm 
cool thanks
janboruta  [author] Aug 1 @ 9:48am 
@Simmeon Find the file BCI_Data.sql in the folder [drive]:\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\289070\876938593\BCIData, open it with a text editor and remove lines corresponding to civs you'd prefer to stay vanilla.
Simmeon Aug 1 @ 8:03am 
Is there a way to select which civ you want to change? I quite like SOME of the original icons.
janboruta  [author] Jul 29 @ 2:56am 
@Burning Tradesman making both mods compatible made me think a little bit, will look into that. If both mods have different names for their icon atlases, I should be able to add a new dedicated icon atlas, reference the CB atlas in my mod and replace CB icons with mine. I'm not sure if it will all work, but there is some hope.

In case of Australia though, I wouldn't be able to make it compatible on my end too easily (eg. without specific sql triggers which I know nothing about). Both mods likely alter the same Colours table with the same method. If Classic Borders keep the vanilla orange-white scheme for Australia, you would have to simply delete everything inside Australia_Colours.sql file in my mod to bring it back (or copy the colour values directly from Australia's DLC file). The only thing missing would be an orange-white icon in the civ selection screen, but as I wrote above, I might try giving it a shot.
Burning Tradesman Jul 29 @ 2:23am 
@janboruta yeah, sorta guessed that after a couple of retests the icons and most of classic borders would mix while one or two wouldn't, Norway, for example, gets denmarks colors and this mod's icon while australia as you mentioned doesn't take on any of the colors from classic borders which is actually why I asked the question for compatibility, since it makes australia and india near identical color wise with classic borders loaded in for india since I'm not really into India's default colors in Civ Vi and australia's classic borders doesn't affect it. But anyway, thank you for responding either way, great visual quality of life mod as always and have a great day man.
janboruta  [author] Jul 29 @ 12:49am 
@Burning Tradesman I am not planning on adding specific compatibility for it. It wouldn't even be possible to do easily, as Classic Borders most certainly overrides the same database entries to replace the icons with its own colours.

The only place where my mod would conflict with Classic Borders is in the civ selection menu - there, the civ icons are not dynamically coloured as they are in-game. However, the game does not use any pre-made colour icons once you load a map, only symbols that can be dynamically coloured depending on which civ you are using - you can use any symbol for any civ, and it will use the colours specified in base game or a mod's database. My icons should work perfectly well when actually playing the game. (perhaps Australia would conflict, given I change their colours, but I do not touch other civs' colours, so there should be no interference).
Burning Tradesman Jul 28 @ 7:25pm 
Question to the author, is it possible for there to be a compatibility mod/s for the classic border series in the near future since from testing this it seems that this mod overites them? Reason why I ask this is because in my opinion like the colors the classic borders give but would like to use the icons in this mod without it overiding the colors with their own.
janboruta  [author] Jul 28 @ 2:26pm 
Mod updated.

Update 28-07-2017:

- added better icon for Nubia
- added support for more modded leaders (Rome, Japan, Norway)
- icluded temporary fix for very low quality American icon on the city banner; summer patch borked it somehow
janboruta  [author] Jul 28 @ 3:24am 
It seems the new patch broke the method I used to change Australia's colours. I hope I'll be able to fix that soon. Update with a better icon for Nubia and support for more modded leaders should be out this weekend.