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Multiple Followers Lite
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Aug 5, 2012 @ 9:10pm
Oct 20, 2012 @ 9:00am
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Multiple Followers Lite

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Allows up to 7 followers with MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS for MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY with other mods that alter existing or add unique followers.
*Will NOT alter outfits and equipment
*Will NOT change AI Aggression/Courage
*Will NOT alter Essential status of any follower
*Will NOT auto-level the follower ( Patch 1.6 already auto-levels. Additional leveling from a mod gives followers artificially inflated stats. You can be severely outclassed by your own followers - read the 'Empathy Spell' page from the 'Kain's Chosen Mods That Play Nice Together' link below for a fix)

Extra things this mod will do...
1) Replace 'Follow me. I need your help.' with 'Follow me for adventure!' Because let's be honest; you don't really need help.
2) Followers can use the bow and arrow you give them and will no longer use those invisible hunting bow and arrows
3) Adds the 'Adventurers Assemble!' ability

For those that want Essential Followers...

I made 'Change Ally Mortality' for you:


This POWER teleports all ACTIVE party members to your current location and forces them to re-evaluate the situation.
... even if you last told them to wait in a cave on the other side of the world
... even if they were previously fighting others far away

It is also useful if you get blocked by your followers in a narrow space and need to get past them.

This power is considered 'silent' as far as AI noises go, and so it will not break your stealth intentions... assuming your followers are well-behaved.

About followers riding horses...

The creation kit tool only exposes a checkbox which makes this feature a non-dynamic toggle. Due to popular demand, I have turned this feature back off (It was turned on as a result of popular demand to begin with). You can use 'Adventurers Assemble!' to bring them to you if you need them to catch up.

Read the comments and know the heated horse-riding saga before you request that followers ride horses.

... because it affects many of the same files that those mods affect using the same strategies that those mods use.

Why does this mod exist when the UFO (Ultimate Follower Overhaul) and AFT (Amazing Follower Tweaks) mods do so much more?
1) Those mods change the default outfits on any followers you have. This can lead to naked followers or undesired default outfits when I left them unattended for a while.
2) Those mods manually level follower stats. Patch 1.6 already manages leveling for followers, and so this extra leveling resulted in followers with about twice as much health/magicka/stamina as me at the same level.

The UFO and AFT mods are excellent mods if you don't mind those two issues. It is possible that future iterations of UFO and AFT will eliminate these problems. Use this mod instead of those only if you just want the "Multiple Followers" part with minimal changes to the actual followers and their associated dialog.


Why does this mod NOT support an infinite number of followers?

I wish it was as easy as simply specifying a number, but the Creation Kit makes additional follower slots manual and tedious.

I could add more, but 7 Samurai, ya know? You'd be the 8th.
Be a boss and manage them responsibly.

Why are multiple Animal Followers not fully supported?
Because not all animals in the game use the follower script.


I left management of that alone. That quest inherently assumes you intend to recruit the one follower you have. With this mod, it is impossible to determine which follower you intend to recruit, and so it will recruit the first follower in your list.

Compatibility Notes with Other Mods...

Kain's Chosen Mods That Play Nice Together:

Followers Keep Up:
*Only the first follower keeps up. I like to think of the first follower as my favorite follower :)

Followers Can Relax:
*This has been reported to play nice with that mod (thanks, RexJayden)

Any Follower mod where the follower spams inconsiderate AOE attacks:
*This MFL mod adds an ally relationship between followers, but apparently, the 'ignore friendly hits' status only applies to the player and not between NPCs or summoned creatures.
*If you find that allies are attacking another ally as a result of spammed attacks, try using your 'Adventurers Assemble!' power to straighten out their priorities (thanks, EK)
*Or better yet, take responsibility for the physical logistical chemistry between allies and manage them like a boss.

*Serena goes through another follower system not affected by this mod.



If that doesn't work, try this...
1) Dismiss all followers if you haven't already, then save
2) Uninstall any other mod that AFFECTS THE NUMBER of followers you can have (follow their uninstall instructions)
3) Load that save from step#1

Load order is important with other follower mods because some mods overwrite the same data, and those conflicts are resolved by whichever mod loads last.

If your follower responds to dialog like a party member but does not behave like one, then another mod has left your NPC in a bad currentfollower faction state. Do one of the following targeted console commands on that NPC:
'addfac 0005c84e -1' This removes that follower from CurrentFollowerFaction
'addfac 000bd738 -1' This removes that follower from CurrentHireling faction

If you are not satisified with the default outfit of your follower...
This mod won't fix any permanent effects from other mods, such as default outfits. If you uninstalled a mod without making sure the outfit situation is stable, then you will permanently have that default outfit (or naked follower if the outfit is missing) until you get another mod that sets the default outfit on that follower to something else. Note that default outfit is different from "currently worn equipment". It is basically the outfit that the follower wears when they have no tangible equipment in their inventory.

If your unique animal/follower mod is still not allowing multiples...
Then it is likely that the animal mod is circumventing the original system that gets animals to follow you. This mod intercepts the system used by animal trainers. Any animal mod that does not follow based on that will not allow multple animal followers.


This mod hooks into the main follower and animal trainer system. Some followers (like Cicero) will not use this system. Summons also do not use this system. Some mods and Dawnguard features involving followers do not use this system.

To increase the chance of my genuine attention, please write that you have tried the steps in the troubleshooting section and report the outcome from that.

After many redundant posts from the 500+ comments below, I have become weary of addressing load order issues from people who did not read the troubleshooting section. As a result, I've decided to live my life and stop responding to the internet.
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Multiple Followers Lite
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demonprince888 May 2 @ 1:14pm 
I used to love this mod but lately I have been having problems with it. I recently had all my mods forcibly deactivated after trying to use a different mod organizer than I usually use and ended up having to start a entirely new play through. After recruiting only 2 followers and then attempting to recruit a third suddenly the first follower I recruited, without any warning or pop-up messages appearing, stopped being one of my followers and now I can recruit any more followers because all npc's say that I have too many followers for them to join me. I am not using any other multi follower mods, but I am using a mod that give most npc's a dialog option to be recruitable.
Jentz Hans Mar 31 @ 9:47am 
So I tried using the Wander Bug Spell on my followers but they kept walking away like complete A holes They were fine last night but when I started it up today they're trying to be dicks and walk away with all the expensive gear I had found...
Playtheist Mar 15 @ 5:48am 
This is my all-time favorite mod. Which is saying a lot, as I run 230+ mods altogether.

I have hundreds of followers in my game and use another mod to switch them to protected rather than essential. Yes, they sometimes attack and kill each other -- and that plus normal combat means you'll take losses. But eventually you learn which followers are ultra-aggressive or sloppy with AoEs, and you swap those out.

You should try to avoid combining melee followers with ranged followers (especially wizards). To be safe, every six seconds or so of combat I hit the Adventurers Assemble hotkey to re-position my people and stop any squirrely sh--. When the fight is over I hit the hotkey one last time.

I do miss AFT's outfit management system. But AFT had the nasty habit of resetting my peeps to essential and making them all unkillable. Unrealistic.

And so, Kain's mod gets the nod. Be sure to DL some follower packs to go along with it.
Lighty San Mar 12 @ 6:52pm 
i cant even get followers to follow me
JessesanMan Jan 25 @ 5:27am 
I seem to be having a compatability issue.

After making sure the mod installed correctly, that my other multi-follower mod was gone, and that it had loaded (I checked the powers to find the Adventurer's Assemble), I still can't get two of the followers from Kris Takahasi's Interesting Followers (3DNPC) to follow me at once. It's likely more to do on their side than yours, but I just thought that I should point it out.
Mystise Jan 7 @ 2:38pm 
Hey, kc71zk : )
Coulda been a mod conflict for me with something else; so I'm relieved to find tweaking my load order means I get to keep something I'm enjoying. : )
kc7lzk Jan 7 @ 12:39pm 
Mystse yes i leave this mod in when i start a new game even if it's not at the bottom it still works very well for me
kc7lzk Jan 7 @ 12:34pm 
Hi i realy like this mod for there are six of us girls that run around Skyrim i would like if you could make this mod for SSE so we can run around in Skyrim as well thanks.
Mystise Jan 5 @ 10:36am 
Enjoying this mod. Works well. Many thanks. I find it works best at the bottom of the load order, if that helps anyone. Kudos for this.
camelpuncher87 Dec 6, 2018 @ 5:24pm 
i can no longer dismiss my followers