Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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Transport Fever ReEnvironment: Europe summer pack 1.3
Scenario: Europe
Misc: Map, Misc
Tags: Script_mod
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Mar 2, 2017 @ 6:07pm
Feb 27 @ 2:31pm
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Transport Fever ReEnvironment: Europe summer pack 1.3

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Transport Fever ReEnvironment
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Transport Fever ReEnvironment: Europe summer pack 1.3 (Universal version for HDR and No HDR)

ATTENTION 24.10.2017: As I have discovered my problem with brightness and saturation was due monitor and windows color profiles there is no need for No-HDR version anymore. I have merged HDR and Non-HDR versions back again

28.02.2018 Converted all textures to DDS format so at least it works now. Any knowledge on mip map filtering, number of mip maps, etc, would be very useful.

Attention!!!: Highly recommended turning off texture compression and cleaning up texture_cache folder before starting the game with this mod! The texture_cache is located in Program Files (x86)-Steam-Userdata-(your id)-446800-local-Texture_Cache. Also settings.lua is located there as well, where you should turn off texture compression (set useTextureCompression to False). You will not lose any mods or settings by cleaning the texture cache. This is done only to clear the temporary files which are stored there from first launch. If old temporary files remain in this folder, you will not see any new textures in game.

Created by KittX / ilka @ TransportGames:
with help and ideas by Alex and Nightowl (dark tunnel material)

This is first pack of ReEnvironment mods, this is meant to be most universal to all European (and Russian) maps and sceneries. I plan to do Spring and Autumn packs as wel
In this version:
Complete overhaul of terrain textures
New high-res skybox
New ballast, sleeper, gravel roads, tarmac road sidewalks, industry and town ground textures
Tweaked tree textures to match the overall colors
Tweaked few materials and shaders
There are no snow mountains, that is planned for Spring version. Because the textures are generated the way the snow textures can appear not only on mountains, but on any steep slope even on flatten maps.
Tweaked vegetation density (if you are experiencing fps drops, try to additionally use Vegetation Increase mod, that mod has lower LOD distance for trees

Changelog version 1.2
Merged HDR and Non-HDR versions back together, left the HDR version on workshop just to keep the savegames playable.
Few improvements to the brightness and saturation levels
New water shader and texture.

Made few tweaks here and there.

Install this mod as always, but do not forget to clean texture_cache folder, and turn off texture compression. Use European landscape and trees when generating the map.
Donates are welcome:

Mod creators are not responsible for the mod and/or game performance. Use this mod on your own risk.
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KittX  [author] Oct 17 @ 12:42am 
Hm, it should be "murky" the more top-down you look at it, and more blue at an angle. That's how it is irl too (if you flew the planes you'll notice the water from above is almost solid color, if not reflecting specs from the sun), but if you look at the water from lower height - it reflects the sky more. It's the fresnel effect.
But if it's murky everywhere then something must be wrong. Maybe shaders are now changed? I'll take a look when i can.
About cleaning texture cache, I believe it's fine. Anyway, with the next loading of game/scenery all the textures will be cached there again. Notice that the loading time will be slower this time, but as soon as they're cached it'll be faster again. And if some texture mod (including ths one) will be changed, you'll have to clear the cache again... You can disable the caching in the config file, but then the loading times will be slow each time.
Yarradras Oct 16 @ 3:50pm 
Hey, not sure if I cleaned the texture cash correctly. I just went into the texture cache folder and deleted all the subfolders and files there. Is this correct?

Also, is the water supposed to be so murky? In your last screenshot here it is also murky in the foreground but blue in the background. My water is murky everywhere.
KittX  [author] Apr 29 @ 1:26pm 
Regarding the snow, I know :( I really would love to have snow, but terrain shader works that way so if the slope is very high, even on the low, sea level, it picks the "snow" texture there. So it doesn't look right at all for summer. I plan to do more seasons, there will be snow.
As for forests, again I went for the even and balanced look, if I have different color under forests there would be brown patches at green grass everywhere. I would love more subtle and longer transitions between forest and fields, but they are very sudden when you zoom out.
CC Johnson Apr 29 @ 11:31am 
Doesnt work with high (experimental) mountains. The peeks just have this green texture pattern above the grey part. Really ugly. Also, the ground between many trees (aka forest) is the same (pretty) grass as everywhere else. I dont like that, theres not much grass in forests. Would love to love this, but cant.
KittX  [author] Apr 28 @ 1:11pm 
Depends on the order of activated mods i think?
Code Darling Apr 28 @ 7:00am 
It overrides my track texture though... bummer...
jurgenskagit Mar 2 @ 3:11am 
Thanks for update!
KittX  [author] Mar 1 @ 9:34am 
Marek, I actually liked the darker, greyed out much more, but there are many players that reported it was too dark. And indeed, going from wide-gamut monitor to standard TN monitor the colors became nightmare. So I tried to do something inbetween.
But, after latest patch all materials started to use DDS textures instead of TGA, and who knows what else was changed. Who knows what color profile does the game use now?
I will check the colors on my TN monitor, if they're oversaturated on both monitors now, I'll have to tone them down again.
marek_vf Mar 1 @ 8:32am 
Seems to me like very recently the nice, realistic colours as in the pictures to this mod have changed to far more saturated ones, making the environment less realistic and comic-like. Is this intended? Is there any way to get the previous, more greyish and less saturated version of grass textures? I liked them far more.