Marvel Heroes Omega

Marvel Heroes Omega

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The Definitive Controller Setup (Xbox 360 and SC)
This controller profile features better rotations, easier menu access, and even Flourish on Signature power activation! There is a Quick Setup file included, so you can just replace your bindings and play; or you can check its contents and copy and paste it yourself. Enjoy!
I spent several months of testing back and forth different controller bindings (including the 2016 and 2017 defaults) and some minor variations. In all, I arrived to this one which is the best I could manage and with full compatibility with most needed game features. I also included a Quick Setup at the end, so all you have to do is replace some files and start using it.

Major Features
  • Attack Rotations highly improved
  • Multiple Medkit bindings allows to use it on both normal and mid-rotation situations, increasing flexibility
  • Signature + Florish in the same button! (thanks to localmania: )
  • Inspect functionality for Xinput gamepads via SCC (Steam Controller Configurator)
  • Easier access to most used menus (Inventory, Roster, etc.)
Xbox 360 Controller Setup

Here's a link to the full image[], in case you want to easily download it.

Steam Controller Configurator profile

Inspect (Left Alt in Menu UIs) works via the SCC.

You can get the Xbox 360 profile here: steam://controllerconfig/226320/856416301

At the moment, you will have to copy and paste this link into your browser.
Steam Controller Setup


This Steam Controller profile is a bit tricky to get used to since I moved the bumpers to the grips (so you won't have to move your hand grips in battle), but it solves many issues of the official gamepad implementation:
  • Smoother cursor + no more stuttering when focusing the cursor in icons
  • Items can be used anywhere (true "Use" functionality in menus)
  • Scrolling everywhere is back!
  • Inspect
  • Separate stacks of items
  • Easy usage of Alerts (the orange icons to the top right)
  • Better Party management
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And on top of all these fixes, we also have two new Radial Menus with easier and faster access to several game's functionalities:

And there are also some minor hidden features (like, pressing Right Trigger in menus to have a more precise cursor).

Steam Controller Configurator profile

Besides the profile, you will need to make a modification to your in-game Gamepad

It's optional, but it will avoid a minor issue when switchting profiles:

You can get the SC profile here: steam://controllerconfig/226320/965125850

At the moment, you will have to copy and paste this link into your browser.
Quick Setup
I prepared a special .ini file just for you! All you need to do is drop it into your Marvel Heroes config folder, and you should be good to go. The file was prepared with a super clean profile: I did reset my bindings, then modified the bindings one by one, in order, from top to down.

WARNING: This will override your current bindings, for both keyboard and gamepad, so make a backup before replacing anything.

You need to uncompress and replace the file in My Documents/My Games/Marvel Heroes/MarvelGame/Config.

If it doesn't work, please delete the MarvelInput.ini and MarvelInputUserSettings.ini files, and try again.
  • v0.6a: Fixed Steam Controller Configurator profile link.
  • v0.6: Added Steam Controller Configurator profile.
  • v0.5: Updated Xbox 360, moved Quick Setup to its own section, added the "draft" of the SC. (3/14/2017)
  • v0.4: Guide released! Removed the Design section since it wasn't really needed and it's worth an article on itself, finished intro. (3/8/2017)
  • v0.3: Added the Design section, finished a couple more sections and preparing for launch.
  • v0.2: Added the major chunks of the guide. (3/6/2017)
  • v0.1: Uploaded the basics of the guide