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Bald the viking
Mar 1, 2017 @ 12:12pm
Jun 8, 2017 @ 1:18pm
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Attention, the game is in the beginning of development
Release date: 2018

the Bald Viking is a style platform game in 2D Beat 'em up for PC components and hardwares dedicated to games.
This game is set in a fantasy world called Peanut Island, where there are four tribes of warriors, where peace is very unstable
You control a small Bald young lumberjack from Viking village, who fights to restore peace to their world

- PT/hueBR

Bald the Viking é um game no estilo plataforma 2D com elementos Beat 'em up, para PC e hardwares dedicados a games.
O game se passa num mundo fantasioso chamado Peanut island, onde existem 4 tribos de guerreiros, cuja a paz é muito instável
Você controla Bald um pequeno jovem, lenhador da vila viking, que luta para restabelecer a paz de seu mundo

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Veskaida Mar 3, 2017 @ 4:48am 
I like the art for the protagonist and the wolf, and especially their animations, but they do not seem to fit into the same world, being drawn in seemingly different styles.

Not a fan of the music. It sounds washed out.

The platforming looks terrible. For example, the character doesn't move when the platform under him moves. Maybe that could work in extremely specifically designed situations, but that doesn't seem to be your intention.

This needs a ton of work to be ready for market.
JibaNyarth Mar 2, 2017 @ 7:17am 
wew mate
boWman Mar 2, 2017 @ 6:32am 
Voted :)
Izark Mar 2, 2017 @ 12:25am 
upvoted! Nice graphics
PurposelyDrifting Mar 1, 2017 @ 9:18pm 
this game should be in concepts. it's way too early to be on greenlight. downvoting... this looks like generic shovelware anyway... so sad.
Zungrix Mar 1, 2017 @ 4:56pm 
u can release your game in the trash can now, noo need to wait untill 2018
Karl Pilkington Mar 1, 2017 @ 4:24pm 
so why does it have flash graphics of the early 2000's but it has the music of the late 80's, early 90's? make's no sense.

also your animation looks pretty bad.
Zac Mar 1, 2017 @ 3:26pm 
Ah, something that is cool that didn't look cool at first.:steamhappy:
adxx Mar 1, 2017 @ 1:35pm