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Better AI Recruitment and Army Composition
Created by Azraiyel
Subscribe and see AI reduce its dependency on missile and artillery troops and focus on recruiting more melee infantry and cavalry units, for better and more close combat battles.

What does it do?
- AI recruits more melee units
- AI recruits much l...
Better Auto Resolve
Created by Zarkis
This mod changes a lot of variables to make the outcome of auto resolved battles more similar to the results of played battles. Quality of units is more important then numbers, archers are less overpowered, and heroes or other single entity units no longer...
Better Camera Mod
Created by kam2150

This simple mod allows both closer and further camera heights, more suitable for better screenshots for better view of the battlefield.

Press "K" to turn off UI for more cinematic view,
Created by kelstr
This mod is 100% SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE !!!!

Hey Guys,

So after weeks of hunting for the specific code in the game... I gave up on trying to change the campaign map environment. Low and behold earlier this week, while extracting EVERY file in EVERY ...
Building Progression Icons
Created by Spartan VI
Building Progression Icons

Building icons now reflect their building chain's upgrade progression. In vanilla, the building icons were repeated for every building in a particular chain; no longer!

Mod Features:
  • Building icons now
Olympian Campaign Camera
Created by Olympian
A campaign camera mod for Total War: Warhammer with adjusted height parameters.
It allows the camera to zoom further out on the campaign map and a little bit closer down to ground level.

Supports "Standard" and "Classic" campaign camera settings.

UI Unit Markers
Created by Caligula
This mod aims to make the little UI markers underneath units a bit more visible, as the vanilla UI markers are practically invisible on some terrains.
The mod was tested on a 1920x1080 monitor.

This mod is included in Radious' Overhaul. Therefor
Varied Generals
Created by Grizzly
This mod replaces specific generals with different head models so to limit 'clone' generals. It also adds increasingly more variation between the same generals giving them different equipment such as armor, weapons and shield design. Obiously some will app...
Disable Regiments of Renown
Created by Kornstalx
This mod is for people that do not like the imbalances caused by the RoR added through DLC. It changes the minimum recruitment level of all Regiments of Renown to 99, effectively removing them completely from the campaign for both the player and the AI.
Skip Intro Logos
Created by Carlmundo
Launches the game straight to the main menu.
Skips the intro logos (AMD, SEGA, Creative Assembly) and the opening cinematic....
Trait Descriptions
Created by thesniperdevil
This mod now ads descriptions for followers. Yay!

Norsca Patch:
This has been updated for the Norsca Patch. If you notice any discrepancies with how traits have been unlocked/ missing descriptions please report them. Unt...
Better Faction Names and Banners
Created by イアン uzo70

It is a an attempt to make the flags and names of the diffrent nations more lore friendly, changing banner and name where it is needed.
I have not changed the fla...
No Blood Events
Created by Cataph
-- works with Norscan patch --

This outrageous mod simply prevents the three events from the Blood DLC from popping up. For those that find them mildly annoying.

- Winds of Pain, The Savage Blow and A Brutal Business should not tri