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Steam Console
By Смайл
In this tutorial, you will learn about such a useful thing as the Console Tab in the Steam client. What is it and how it works, lets get to it?

Note: From time to time I will update instructional material in this guide, and add new sections to it. If you like to read what is sometimes updated, add the manual to your favorites.

Your questions help keep the guide updated. The more you ask, the sooner new material appears in the guide.

What is the Steam Console?
Console in Steam — This is a tool that allows advanced users to configure the Steam client in your favor, as well as, you can use this as a browser.

To set up Steam client through the console, you can use commands that use your basic settings menu.

Steam client console has a significant big disadvantage, unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately Valve themselves chose not to download files from the Internet through the client Steam, that is, in simple terms you can't download any files through Steam console, just through the Steam itself, of course.

How to open a console in the Steam client?
Console page in Steam menu can be opened in several ways, I will show you all of them. Let's start with the most simple.

Method №1 — Using the command "Run" in Windows.

Open a command window "Run" by pressing «Win + R» and then enter the command: steam://open/console, and then press Enter.

Method №2 — Using your Internet browser in Windows.

Do the following steps:

Open any browser and enter the URL-address field write the same command: steam://open/console

As an example, I will use the Opera browser, you all know him, trying to drive the team: steam://open/console and press Enter. Look at the screenshot:

Console autostart on Steam launch
There's also a way to make console launch every time you launch Steam Client itself. It's suitable for those who like to automate everything.

To do this, you will need to click on Steam shortcut with RMB. Open Properties, then click on Shortcut tab, then type the -console parameter into the Target field, just like on a screenshot below:

In your context menu, Steam will have a new item: Console. See a screenshot of how it looks below:

You can also add other console commands as launch options.
What is the Steam client console and how to work with it?
So, we come to the last point of this fascinating article. I also show you the remains in the form of screenshots, what console Steam and how to work with it. And we'll start with the Steam client settings using the console itself.

Here is a console window into which you enter the different commands. To use the console Steam as the client settings you will not need to know a lot or learn anything. To do this, there is a description of each command. Steam client configuration via the console is made by entering commands in the input field below, for those who do not know, I will show the screenshot below:

And now let me show you how you can use the console as an Internet browser. As I mentioned above, Steam console can be used as a browser, now I'll show you in detail how to do it. Using the input field we use the 'open' command (without the quotes) — This command allows you to open absolutely any URL-addresses.

The syntax is very simple: open URL-address. For example, here I enter the following command: open We write this command in the input field, see the screenshot:

Download files from Steam Storage
There's a plenty of console commands that will be useful for everyone. In this paragraph I will tell you about a useful command, such as download_depot. Let's start with a description.

download_depot <appid> <depotid> [<target manifestid>] [<delta manifestid>] [<depot flags filter>] — download a single depot.

For example, I type in the command: download_depot 220 225 1185898365931644616 — This command will start to download "Russian Half-Life 2 voiceover" files into Steam directory.

Before downloading Steam will say that the files are ready and download process will start. The message looks like this: Downloading depot 225 (674 MB) ...

Here's a screenshot below (check the files that you downloaded):

When downloading is complete the Steam console will show you this message: Depot download complete : "..\Steam\content\app_220\depot_225" (9 files, manifest 1185898365931644616) — This means that files are downloaded successfully.

Note: When you download files from the repository Steam will not display anything in downloads section.

Where can I see the Depot-ID and ID applications?
ID applications and Depot-ID can be viewed on the website:
  • If you are interested in the application, then click the top of the site: Apps, and then enter the name of the game in the search field.

  • If you are interested in Depot-ID, then click the top of the site: Package, and then in the search field, enter the name of the game.

You can also browse Depot-ID through the app search. To do this, click on the tab: Package, which is located to the right of the tab: Apps. For those who do not understand, see the screenshot:

Then you find the right package, open it and write down the manifest ID and ID of the package that you want to download.

I'll tell you in detail for those who do not understand how it's done.

1. Go to the website: — it is a depot for Half-Life 2 with a Russian voice acting. This package can be downloaded only by Russian users or those who set Russian as client's language.

2. Look at the screenshot below and remember 1 and 3 row with numbers:

3. Open the Steam console with the command: steam://open/console

4. Enter the depot downloading command and insert required numbers that we obtained in step 2: download_depot 220 225 1185898365931644616


The files are downloaded to the folder: Steam → steamapps → content → app_220 → depot_225 → hl2 and you can use them for free!

What is the meaning of downloading? It's very simple: game developers are splitting games into certain packages that are downloaded by regular users. This method allows you to download packages of certain application which you obtained by entering a digital key or bought in Steam.
Downloading files from the Steam Workshop and Steam Cloud
Just want to tell about one very big disadvantage of this method: workshop files can be downloaded only for games that you have purchased in Steam Store, activated by a key and for F2P games as well. For example: Dota, Team Fortress 2, Synergy, and so on. This includes every game that is registered on your account.

The Steam client console has two completely identical commands. The word «identical» — means the same. This means that these commands are doing the same function: when a user enters a command into the console, Steam sends a request to the Workshop to a particular item that was specified by entering its ID.

workshop_download_item — <App ID> <ID file from the Workshop>
download_item — <App ID> <ID file from the Workshop>

Example of TF2 workshop command:
workshop_download_item 440 791213600

Example of Garry's Mod workshop command:
workshop_download_item 4000 790375930

After entering commands into the console your client begins to download files from the workshop, it doesn't matter if it's addon or just a map. Steam client saves all files in the same directory: Steam → steamapps → common → workshop → content. The content of the folder will be downloaded Workshop files.

Let me give you a simple example: using the workshop_download_item command, I downloaded the file from the Workshop. Here's a demonstration screenshot:

As you can see on the screenshot, Steam client has downloaded certain files and folders, which are used by addon itself.

Note: If you managed to download files without buying a game, then congratulations! You're lucky, although it may be a simple bug of the Steam client...
Commands user_friends and user_info
In the console, there are commands that allow the user to view information about Steam itself and get a list of all your friends in order to save it in the notepad, or simply keep as a souvenir.

user_friends — This command displays a list of all your friends in the console. The command will not display the friends that were deleted.

Personally, this command is only useful for me in case I wanna know who has removed me from friends list. Yes, I know, it's not Trade offer log, but still useful in my opinion.

user_info — This command displays information about you personally. Your data will be displayed in the Steam client console. Data such includes e-mail, account confirmation, SteamGuard, your Username, your status, language, country, number of your friends and so on.

What is the usefulness of this command? I think that these data can be used when writing letters in support Steam. How do you think? Write down in the comments.
Family Sharing — Library for friend
Finally, we've come to a very interesting topic. Now I will reveal you a little secret that will help you to increase slots and share library with all your friends. This method increases the number of slots for friends that are sharing your library.

As you can see in the picture below, I exceeded the value of the slots 100 times. This is more than usual.

Some of you are thinking: «This was photoshopped!»

Unfortunately, no, you're wrong. This isn't photoshopped at all. Steam Client has a very interesting command that allows to increase the number of Family Sharing slots so you can share a library with more than five of your friends or relatives.

library_sharing_account_max = "5" — This command controls the number of Family Sharing slots to share the library with friends or relatives.

Enter the following command: library_sharing_account_max "999" — and you will see that the slots in your client's settings to increase by 999. It's very simple and easy!

And now the use of this method. In order to properly share the library with your friend or relative, you must enter this command on your computer first, and then you connect to a computer of your friend or relatives to open the console in the Steam client and once again enter this command after logging into your account.

1. Enter the command library_sharing_account_max "999" on your account.

2. Connect to your friend's computer, switch to your account.

3. Open the Steam console on your friend's computer and enter the command from the first step again: library_sharing_account_max "999".

4. Share your library to a friend and then make sure that he can access the library.

5. Check if value of library_sharing_account_max "999" has changed.

If value of this command remains the same and your friend has access to your library, then you have done everything correctly.
Downloading DLC without downloading the game itself from Steam storage
You all know that if you'd start installing a DLC to the game that isn't installed, Steam will start installing the game itself because it isn't downloaded, and only then it will download DLC. There is a solution to this.

Steam console can help you download DLC without downloading the game itself on your PC

Notice: Downloading a DLC without downloading the game itself is possible only if you have the game itself.

What you need to do?
You need to grab the ID of the game that the DLC is from, then grab the ID of the DLC itself.

For this you need:
— ID of the game
— ID of the DLC

After this open the console — steam://open/console

And type this: download_depot <ID of the game> <ID of the DLC>

For example:

ID of this game: 317400

This application has a DLC:

ID of this DLC: 322420

To download DLC without downloading the game itself — you need to write console command:

download_depot 317400 322420 — and Steam will start downloading DLC without downloading the game itself.

And if the game and DLC are both free, then you can download the DLC straight away.
Drag and Drop function
Saving images to the desktop through Steam

With updated Steam client interface, showcased in Beta version, there was a function added, possibly useful for us. It's about saving images to the desktop with drag and drop method.

So called drag and drop is now in the Steam client. This is how it looks like in the example:

Keep in mind that it could not be done before.
Search console commands
Console command: find — Search various console commands.

Syntax: find <keyword> — For example: find depot

Now Steam can download files via links — Like other browsers
Console in Steam Client is now able to download files from the Internet directly. Valve added the ability to download files via links to the Steam client's code.

As an example, you can check, go to my web-site in the music section and try to download some music from there:

Note: This method will be useful to users with weak PCs.

Using Anonymous account without SteamCMD
Did you know that you can use Anonymous even without SteamCMD? Definitely not? Although, there are enough people who are sawwy enough to perform this operation.

To sign into Anonymous account through Steam client that you are using everyday, you will have to shut it down and launch it with: Win + R. Then write a path to Steam.exe file and add parameter: "-login anonymous”.

Your Steam client will probably start to update, but it can also happen that it will be skipped. After typing command into: Win + R, you will see this window:

Do not touch anything, let your client sign in, just wait…

After signing into Anonymous, you might be surprised as to how Steam client will look, since it will look really different for your usual user experience:

Nothing suspicious?

While Anonymous is an account mostly for downloading game servers and doesn't has a lot of content, but thanks to that, you can view list of applications, by which I mean game servers and everything that you can download with SteamCMD by just having taking a look into library of Anonymous.

And, good news, you can still open Steam's console and use internet through Anonymous, just have a look at this:

And last thing. As you know, Anonymous is an account that has no information. What I mean is that SteamID, profile link are absent, since there is no account for Anonymous. As well as other information that real users have.

Friend list is also unavailable, try as you might to press button to connect, it will just not happen:

None the less, this method allows you to get a look at the list of applications in Anonymous library, which can be downloaded by anyone through SteamCMD. Though, with this in mind, you might not need even SteamCMD for this.

Note: Signing in as Anonymous allows you access to some purchasable games. You can play and install them using Anonymous account. If you will sign out from Anonymous and sign into your own Steam account, then games you downloaded onto your PC under Anonymous account will not be playable for you.

To logout from anonymous account, press: Win + R again and write: steam.exe -login *login of your actual account*.
The Steam Browser is Disabled — Old UI with minor restrictions (great for slow PCs)
When viewing the Store, Community, or User Profile tabs in the Steam Client, Steam displays the following message:

The Steam Browser is Disabled:

The Steam Web Browser requires a CPU that supports the SSE2 instruction set. Intel added support for SSE2 instructions in the Pentium 4 (c.2001), and AMD added these instructions in c. 2003 Opteron and Athlon 64 processors.

If your CPU or computer lacks the SSE2 system requirement, you will need to view Steam-related web content in your default web browser.

We recommend upgrading your computer with a CPU that has SSE2 support if you would like to use the Steam Client web browser.

32-bit Linux distributions are also no longer supported. Please install a 64-bit Linux distribution to make use of the Steam browser.

There's an interesting launch parameter for Steam that disables the new UI by returning to the old one, albeit with a few restrictions.

-no-browser — Disables the new UI parts by disabling the web browser part, making you also unable to visit any websites through Steam.

That means you can't open:

— Steam store
— Steam community
— Your own profile
— Or practically anything

Basically you can't open any web pages (profiles, guides, and so on).

However, this gives you the old Steam friends list, and you can enable console by adding: -console to launch parameters too:

The friends list will look like this:

Start Steam with two launch parameters: -no-browser -console

So, what's the deal and why is this useful?

First: this disables Steam's web UI.
Second: you can access the console.
Third: you can access the Downloads page listing downloads of games and Workshop items.

It's similar to launching some programs though Windows command line. The client will not be as memory intensive, which will help with various games.

How would one launch games without the library?

For this use case, you can use the: small mode — library and shortcuts.

To turn on that library, you can click: View → Small mode — at top left, and then launch games from there.

Keep in mind that you would be missing out on chat notifications that way, so you would have to switch back to: Large mode — In the same menu, then click on the notification (if it doesn't disappear, close the chat window and then click on the notification), and then switch back to small mode.

You can also use "Run with...", to bring it up press Win + R and type in, for example: steam://run/440 — This will launch Team Fortress 2 through Steam.

How to install games without access to the library?

The console could be used to achieve this, though you'd first need to switch to: Large mode — to access it. To install a Steam application through the console, you can use the command: app_install <appid>.

For example, one can install Team Fortress 2 with its appid being 440 by running: app_install 440 — if you try it, you will notice that Steam will start installing Team Fortress 2 on your PC.

Note: Pretty much all Steam client functions can be accessed with console commands, meaning you can access them even with disabled web UI. You could also use a normal web browser for when you need any web page, since pretty much everything is accessible through there too.

Commands that help installing and removing apps by console tab:
app_info_print — Dumps app info for appID.
app_status <appId> — Info about app by ID.
app_dlc_status <appId> <dlcId> — Status DLC of app by ID.
app_set_update_flag <appId> — Set update flag of app by ID.
app_stop <appid> [force:0|1] — Stop this running app by ID.
app_info_update — [0|1] : trigger app info update, optionally for update all.
app_license_request — <AppID> — Requests a free licenses for this app if not already owned.
app_uninstall [-complete] <appId> — Uninstall app by ID.
app_restore <appId> <backup folder> — Backup app by ID.
app_move <appId> <volumeindex> — Move app to another directory by ID.
app_backup <appId> <max size MB> <target folder> — Backup app by ID.
app_start_validation <appId> — Validation app by ID.
app_install <appId> [volumeindex] — Install app by ID.
Subscription to an item from workshop by ID
1. Start Steam with launch parameters: -dev -console

2. Go to any Workshop item page on Steam:
3. While on the Workshop Item Page, press F12 to open the Steam DevTools:

4. In the DevTools window, select the Console tab:

5. In the console tab, write the command: SubscribeItem(ID-of-Item) — Without spaces!

Example: SubscribeItem(851659462) — Without spaces!

Then press Enter. Once clicked, you will see the Steam client start downloading something.

Open Downloads in Steam and check if the addon you specified has downloaded from the Steam Workshop or not.
Steam Achievement Commands
Commands that may be useful to you:

reset_all_stats — Clears all stats and achievement.

achievement_clear — Clears an achievement.
Running Steam client only with 1 browser's process
Steam Web Helper — This is Browser of the Steam client. Through this browser we go to the Store, Community, look at someone's profile or visit various sites through the Console tab.

If there is a parameter that forces you to disable the Web browser of the Steam client, then there must be a parameter for the number of running processes.

I found these parameters, they look like this:

C:\Steam\steam.exe -dev -console -nofriendsui -no-dwrite -nointro -nobigpicture -nofasthtml -nocrashmonitor -noshaders -no-shared-textures -disablehighdpi -cef-single-process -cef-in-process-gpu -single_core -cef-disable-d3d11 -cef-disable-sandbox -disable-winh264 -cef-force-32bit -no-cef-sandbox -vrdisable -cef-disable-breakpad

Attention! The shortcut in operating systems has a limited input of parameters for launching, for this you will need to use a batch file.

What do you need to create a batch file?
1. Create a Text Document
2. Open a Text Document and write down the path to the file Steam.exe
3. Add such launch parameters to it:

C:\Steam\steam.exe -dev -console -nofriendsui -no-dwrite -nointro -nobigpicture -nofasthtml -nocrashmonitor -noshaders -no-shared-textures -disablehighdpi -cef-single-process -cef-in-process-gpu -single_core -cef-disable-d3d11 -cef-disable-sandbox -disable-winh264 -cef-force-32bit -no-cef-sandbox -vrdisable -cef-disable-breakpad

4. Change the file format from * .txt to * .bat

Done! Now you can run and check the batch file.

I did like this:

I tested this method on a netbook running the Windows 7 operating system with only 1GB of RAM.

P. S.

1 GB of RAM can be used to accept trade through the Steam client.

You can also run Team Fortress 2 with 1 GB of RAM and confirm your accepted in-game items to save them in your in-game inventory. But if you try to advance beyond the game menu, the game will crash.


Implications of parameters

[+] Client's web browser will consume less RAM on your processor.

[+] The load on Steam applications will decrease.

When launching the application through Steam — Along with the running Steam Web Helper process and the application process, there is a very heavy load on RAM if you have a weak PC. These parameters will reduce the load on RAM due to only 1 process of the Steam Client Browser, so you can enjoy a game like CS:GO without slowing down the game process.

[+] Even if you open any site with music through the Console tab in the Steam client and simultaneously play CS:GO and listen to music through the Console on Steam, you will not notice freezes or lags in the application and will be able to continue playing for fun as Steam Web Helper will only run on 1 process.

Note: Sometimes even 1 Steam Web Helper process (Steam Client Browser) can consume a lot of RAM. To do this, launch Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + ESC), select the process: Steam Web Helper and End the process.

This, you restart the Steam Web Helper process and after restarting the load will decrease again.

[-] Occasionally when Steam Web Helper (Steam Browser) is overloaded — Steam Client may shutdown and restart by anytime.

But don't worry! The Steam client will restart on its own, and you will be temporarily disconnected from the friends list network until Steam Web Helper reconnects.

This usually happens when you visit a site or page that uses a very heavy load on RAM through Java scripts and CSS styles.


If, with the specified parameters, Steam Web Helper will constantly crash and reboot, then turn off the Steam client and set these parameters:

C:\Steam\steam.exe -dev -console -nofriendsui -no-dwrite -nointro -nobigpicture -nofasthtml -nocrashmonitor -noshaders -no-shared-textures -disablehighdpi -cef-single-process -cef-in-process-gpu -single_core -cef-disable-d3d11 -cef-disable-sandbox -disable-winh264 -cef-force-32bit -no-cef-sandbox -vrdisable

These options only allow two Steam Web Helper processors to run. If only two Steam Web Helper processors are allowed to run, there will be no reboots or restarts.
How to Clear the DNS cache via Steam Console
Flushing your DNS cache can be a useful tool to resolve any host connection errors that you may experience with Google Chrome (Steam Web Helper). It is very simple to do and can be done directly in Chrome or from an Elevated Command Prompt window in Windows 7 or 8.

What is the DNS Cache?

Your browser (Steam Web Helper) DNS Cache (Domain Name System) is essentially a small databank that stores all the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses for websites you access. The main purpose of this database is to make it easier for your computer to reach and access the IP addresses of websites when their servers change or if they create new servers.

When IP addresses become outdated or if a website switches to a new server, you may encounter DNS errors when you try to access them. Sometimes, due to continued use and accessing sites with a less than perfect web safety rating, your DNS cache may also become corrupted. This is where a DNS cache flush comes in handy.

What is Flushing?

Just like flushing a toilet and getting rid of any old water that is stored in the tank, a DNS flush will make your computer erase any existing information regarding DNS names and IP addresses that is has stored. After you perform a flush, the next time you try to access a website, your computer will ask for all the new IP and DNS information related to that site resulting in an error free browsing experience.

Flushing your Cache through Google Chrome (Steam Web Helper)

If you experience any DNS or host error related browsing issues, it can sometimes help to perform a DNS and Socket flush using your Google Chrome browser (Steam Web Helper). In order to fix these problems, follow these simple steps.

Begin by opening Steam Console and type in this address: chrome://net-internals/#dns

And press the Enter key.

If you look at our screenshot, you will notice that there are 24 active entries and a list with details of all the IP addresses that the DNS cache has picked up and stored.

In order to flush your Google Chrome browser’s DNS cache, simply find the button that says: Clear Host Cache and click it. You can click it more than once if you want to make sure it did what it was supposed to, but a single click is usually enough. You will notice that the number of active entries has gone down to 0 and the list of websites accessed has been cleared.
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Run the Steam client without the "-console" launch parameter.

Also you can run the Steam client with the launch parameter: "-noconsole".
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