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The Frontier to Cyrodiil
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Aug 4, 2012 @ 7:26am
Jun 4, 2014 @ 2:11pm
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The Frontier to Cyrodiil

The Thalmor closed the Frontier to Cyrodiil...For you to discover why !

-This mod is on the Gamespot top 5 mod of the week, watch the video from 2.00


-This mod is a part of "Falkreath Hold Location" and works with sidequests, bounties quests,
and all type of random Quests ; watch screenshots.

- hours of new gameplay, if you take time to discover everything.

- A new awesome Castle Player House with a brand new storyline to discover.

- Every enemies and special Actors are all levelled and respawning to keep it fun for a long time,
except the Thalmor Traitor Nelacar, as he's a part of the history.

- This mod represents 16 new designed, navmeshed and optimized zones to explore,
that will lead you to the far South end of the map and the Frontier to Cyrodiil.

-There's many enemies and traps, all is about investigation and sneaking, to give you some fun...

----------------------------------------------------HOW TO DO---------------------------------------------------------

Simple as hell:
Reach the THalmor Checkpoint, discover why the Thalmor is here and why they closed the frontier...


- A story line to discover with 2 letters and 3 journals.
- 5 new map marked noticeable places, including :
- A new snowy deep wood to explore...filled with spriggans and trolls. it's clearable.
- The Thalmor Checkpoint and The Frontier to Cyrodiil are also clearable.

- More than 30 new enemies, actors and creatures, all well AI packaged with linked
references and specially created factions, to make the mod living, and so you can establish
some strategy to progress .

- 3 new opponents classes :The Thalmor commanders (lvl 30-60), The High Guard (lvl 20-40),
and a powerfull Executioner Thalmor (lvl 40-80).
- 2 new ghostly companions : Merilion, a merchant...he sells apothecary,
including rare ingredients like daedra hearts...and his daughter : also a merchant,
she's also a ghost follower, fighting like a necro / assassin. she's deadly and
summons atronachs if she can't raise dead bodies...

- An awesome Castle Player house to earn at the end...Fully navmeshed and optimized,
7 roombounds with portals to keep a good FPS and 6 soundboxes with different moods
and soundtracks.

- I used near ALL KIND OF TRAPS in this mod, to give you some fun, even some you can activate
at will in your castle house... to punish your followers...and once again, for the fun.

------------------------------------------------------THE CASTLE-------------------------------------------------

A real Dovahkin castle. Designed in a dark and noble ancient Nordic style.
To tease you it notably contains:

- A dining loft with a bar you can lean on,
- the kitchen has its bakery,
- a royal bedroom and a follower one,
- a lot of secret doors and 6 traps you can activate at will,
- 5 differently designed underground ecosystems,
- a forge,
- 3 laboratories
- a treasure room,
- an impressive 100 feet long armoury,
- 2 entrances,
- a stable, with a spawning horse marker.
- a jail and a torture room....with traps !
- a bathroom with a waterfall and a diving area.
- Dozens of weapon and shield raques and plaques, all kind of display cases,
many mannequins and 10 bookshelves ...
- a specially created tracklisting, with 2 intros and 12 of the best Skyrim soundtracks,
for more than 90 mins of pure sound....
- so many details to enjoy like an eagle flying above the main tower.

---------------------------------------IMPORTANT NOTES & FAQ-----------------------------------------

- This version 1.1 is boss checked, TesV cleaned, and tested by my friend Foaman.

- This mod package includes NPCs Face gen data exports in separated folders.

- Everything here is about a detailed design, so Please take a moment to look around,
don't rush waiting for something to happen as all my work is about designing some new
interactive environments to investigate, without any directive line.Don't look after any quests
here, it's just a brand new open environment leading to the discovery of a new beautiful
castle player house, with enemies to beat, chests to loot and a storyline to discover.

- Yes it is fully compatible with DAWNGUARD, HEARTHFIRE & DRAGONBORN
but not requested.

- Yes it is voiced, but no "new recorded" dialog, and It works in all languages.

- I'm French, no one is perfect, so I apologise for any grammar faults or else.

----------------------------------------CRASHES AND CTD------------------------------------------------

This mod is clean and works perfect for thousands of ppl, but some encountered CTDs
first time arriving the zone. actually there can be 2 reasons, and 3 solutions :

1 - mod conflict : check those affecting the same area,the factions, the wilderness, etc...
and make sure this mod appear 1st on your mod list, if its your last download.

2 - it's a greedy mod in RAM and Skyrim only cleans your memory cache every 10 mins so :
-Turn your gfx from Ultra to was enough to fix it for some users...or :
- Fast travel to the Thalmor checkpoint, make a save, quit the game to clean your memory
cache and reload.

3 - cool down a bit your gfx settings ;-)

- thanks to Foaman for helping me with cleaning and testings.

- thanks to Brodual for his nice videos of my mods.

- thanks to Itsmetoo for creating his "Blades vs Thalmor" mod,
using my serie "Fignt against the Thalmor".

- Merci à "La confrérie des traducteurs" pour leurs traductions de mes mods en Français.

-For all the work done here, Please rate ! comment ! give a thumbs up !


Thanks to all my suscribers.
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LeKhajiit Nov 8, 2018 @ 4:54am 
les dlc sont obligatoir ?
sisterdecadence Oct 6, 2018 @ 11:01am 
Just want to say I tried what was written above to fix my CtD and it worked. Try this, if you're having problms.
"Fast travel to the Thalmor checkpoint, make a save, quit the game to clean your memory
cache and reload."
sisterdecadence Oct 2, 2018 @ 4:48pm 
CtD every time I get near it. This happened with another mod you made (Vinewood) but I went and got a file download that stopped that from happening as well as made my log-ins smoother. The download helps when you have many mods. But this one I cannot get to work. Crashes every time.
Tannws Sep 30, 2018 @ 4:59pm 
Oh, if you use SMIM go to your mod file in Steam and delete it's esp file. You will still get the benefit graphically of using it just not the glitches it causes. If deletion does cause problems. Just unistall then reinstall SMIM and the esp file will be back.
Tannws Sep 30, 2018 @ 4:55pm 
also, I ran it on Ultra Grahics
Tannws Sep 30, 2018 @ 4:51pm 
I ran it with 120 plugin's. Most are immersion, graphic and bug fixes. Plus, Organized Bandits, Immersive Creatures, High Level Enimies, Deadly Dragons and a few character generation mods.
Tannws Sep 30, 2018 @ 4:43pm 
First could not get to the Thalmor checkpoint except by fast travel, it crashes otherwise. Cleared the Thalmor out and the woods. Got the player home (Castle). Was disappointed with your handeling of Nelacar. He's a traitor. Shouldn't he be on your side and vice versa? Plus, is there more to do than what I mentioned. You state hours of game play. I walked through it in less than an hour of real time. Are you suppose to be able to open the gate? If so, it isn't working. Otherwise, killing Thalmor is always enjoyable. Just was expecting more from your description.
jvtourinho Sep 27, 2018 @ 12:00am 
Keeps crashing on me when I get close to the places.
dboy705 Jun 21, 2018 @ 6:51pm 
does it need harthfire? i have dawnguard and dragonborn and it doesnt work
Jimichan Apr 2, 2018 @ 4:02pm 
I agree with Tronexodus! I cleaned out the guards at the frontier, went to the tower, and killed the rebel. Now what do I do? At least I got about 40 minutes out of it ...