Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Relive World Wars
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Feb 25, 2017 @ 2:11pm
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Relive World Wars

Special Thanks to all the Civfanatics community
(especially JFD, Janboruta, Sukritact, Toussaint, Leugi, Deliverator, Pouakai, Lees, Gedemon, Snafusmith and many others)

***To make sure the MOD is stable DO NOT use any other DLC or MOD***

Relive World Wars is a Total conversion mod, so there is not a lot of other mod who can work with.

The game has many change like:
A new tech tree from 1850 to 1950
A new civic tree
New Units (with 272 new units models)
New Buildings
New Districts
New City-states
Some new policies
Complete new Promotions that fits units type (Infantry, MG, Mortar, Sniper, Artillery, Light Tank, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, etc...)

Every Civ you play has a unique way to be played. Since not all civ has the same background history. For exemple, Germany, United States, USSR have many more units then Brazil and China. Another exemple is that France has really powerful Tank during the Roaring twenties and the Great Depression, but her power goes in decline afterward.
But there is still some generic units with a bit less power to help civilization like Brazil, Norway and China compete against powerful civilizations. Also those generic unit are use by City-States.

I've been inspired by many civfanatics members and mods.
CivFanatics Thread:

Wilhelm II
Adolf Hitler (JFD)

United States:
Teddy Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
Franklin D. Roosevelt (JFD)

United Kingdom:
George V
Winston Churchill (JFD)

Nikolai II (JFD)

Joseph Stalin (JFD)

Taisho Tenno
Hideki Tojo (JFD)

Georges Clemanceau (JFD)
Charles DeGaulle (JFD)

Victor Emmanuel III
Benito Mussolini (JFD)

Alfonso XIII
Franciso Franco

Yuan Shikai

Republic of China:
Chiang Kai-Sek
Mao Zedong

Haakon VII

Pedro II
Getulio Vargas (Leugi)

Canada (JFD):
Mackenzie King (JFD)

Finland (Toussaint):
Mannerheim (Toussaint)

Republic of Poland:
Jozef Pilsudski (JFD)

Franz Joseph

Ottoman Empire:
Mehmed V (JFD)
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