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Yet (not) Another Maps Pack
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Feb 25 @ 5:36am
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Yet (not) Another Maps Pack

In 1 collection by Gedemon
Yet not Another Map Pack
15 items
Maps with True or Culturally Linked Starting Location and custom options.

- Enormous (128x80 = civ5 huge), Giant (180x94) and Ludicrous (230x115) map sizes for all map scripts
- Allows to set game with more than 50 Civilizations on the advanced setup screen
- Largest Earth (230x116): An upscale and rework of Genghis Kai's GEM)
- Giant Earth (180x94): a conversion of Genghis Kai's GEM (Hormigas version)
- Play Europe Again (108x98): a conversion of NiRv4n4's Europe (Hormigas version)
- Greatest Earth Map (104x64) : a conversion of djvandyke's map with large upscale of some regions
- City Map (True location corresponding city names option) for Play Europe Again and Giant Earth (W.I.P.)
- Culturally Linked Start Locations for all maps scripts
- True Starting Locations for the Real World maps


The Ludicrous Size for map scripts and the Largest Earth Map REQUIRES 6+GB of video memory and will take 5+ minutes to load.

If you have less than 8GB of video memory, you'll have to disable Leaders animations.


rock_and_ride (City Map)
brick623 (City Map)
tomaltachpaulson (City Map)
guidemwit (City Map)
wevertonj(City Map, Brazilian translation)
Genghis_Kai (G.E.M. for civ4)
NiRv4n4 (Europe for Civ4 )
Hormigas (G.E.M. and Europe for Civ5, TSL table)
djvandyke (Greatest Earth Map)
justinsy (Poland DLC)
ulsterbrit (Vikings DLC)
civcrashed (TSL table)
Fakoleon (TSL table)
Horem (TSL table)
Imij (Japan extension on Giant Earth)

All contributors on GitHub

and everyone for testing, commenting, suggesting, ...

Important note about upgrading from pre-steamwork version

If you are using the steam version of my mods, you must delete the old version in the Mods folder "\Documents\my games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods" (or the games folder if you installed it there) they will conflict with the steam version.


If the game starting without your civ on the map, make sure you have at least beta 2 (see "Note about upgrading from pre-steamwork version" above) and no other mod activated which is replacing AssignStartingPlots.lua

If you use "More CS for Europe" or "More CS for the World", make sure that you have upgraded to the Spring Patch compatible version either on CFC ( or in the YnAMP collection

If you want to report a bug, don't do it in comments, there are too many to follow a problem here, make a new thread in the mod's discussion section following the instructions here:


- Bugs have been reported with CQUI, neither CQUI author or myself understand what could cause an incompatibility between a Map mod and an UI mod.
- Linux version is not working, see :
- Other mods replacing AssignStartingPlots.lua won't be compatible, that's the case with Seven05' "Larger Worlds" mod

Mod development

Maps :
City Maps :

About the screenshots

- They were made using the Farther Zoom mod:

- The map featured in the screenshots is the Giant Earth (180x94)

- The flags visible in the screenshots are part of the unreleased "50+ simple modern Civilizations" project, you can follow its developpement here:
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Glemt 20 hours ago 
Is there a way to change "- Greatest Earth Map (104x64) : a conversion of djvandyke's map with large upscale of some regions" so that Australia is connected to Papua New Guinea? It is completely isolated now, yet if you look on satellite images it really shouldn't be. Also, it's really hard on the gameplay when you're so isolated, making it so that a lot of bonusses and interactions with players can't be had until you research Navigation (I think) where you get the ability to cross oceans. I had to beeline to it when playing hotseat, or I'd be entirely useless and desperately lagging behind the rest : /
Jim-Da-Blob Jun 22 @ 2:28pm 
You click subscribe

Mrmonste Jun 21 @ 4:48pm 
how do i download mods, i want this one
buick_225 Jun 21 @ 4:44pm 
This is an amazing mod! Id love to see you guys release an IGE mod i love just setting up big armys and having AI's fight it out! I heard the person from the old IGE mods wont be doing them anymore
Frank Underwood Jun 20 @ 9:14am 
Love the work, great job! However, I love playing Australia, and I'd really like if some of the cultural resources were sheep so there's synergy with the special ability.
Woerkilt Jun 19 @ 6:59pm 
Hello and thanks for the mod work. Heads up though--I am unable to generate Inland Sea maps with YnAMP. Game crashes to desktop every time. No other community mods installed. Haven't tried disabling official mod content or running logs. Pangea map script seems to generate just fine.
Hoshi Jun 19 @ 8:41am 
Cannot start game. i have civilization and natural wonders mods plus the take your time tech and cult. nothing that changes UI. When i choose the map Play Europe Again it starts loading then comes a black screen with "start game" on it and it just goes back to game initial menu.
Sergeant Alpha Jun 18 @ 8:30pm 
Ran into an issue where i can not continue beacuse i must choose a pantheon yet there is no reamining belifs with 35 players
Spunky Poptarts Jun 18 @ 3:20pm 
for me it's showing a blank map too, I already uninstalled the first one and installed the steam version but it is still giving me a blank map
KimmiKammi Jun 18 @ 1:28pm 
Any word on when Suri's Fuji mod will work with this? If not, does anyone know how I can add it myself. I tried copying what I saw of his lake wonder, but it didn't work.