Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book

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Let's Synthesis 999-Quality Materials
By Okamiroy
Let's make everything 999-quality!
1. To Prepare
1.1. A 6*6 Expert Caldron with effect 'Rotate'

1.2. Some traits
a) Super Quality = Pro Perfection x Well Made
b) Pro Perfection = Quality Up + x Quality Up ++
c) Quality Up ++
d) Jumbo Size
e) Size +

1.3. Some large size(>=5) gathering materials

1.4. Full alchemy level

1.5. All the recipes

1.6. A lot of Money for dunplication

1.7. Your patience
2. Something You Must Know
2.1. With Expert Caldron, filling one grid means +3 quality

2.2. Fullfilling the caldron will give you another 20% quality bonus based on the sum of average quality of materials and grid quality bonus., no matter the caldron's size is.

2.3. The product's size is the average size of all the materials(rounded to the nearest integer)

2.4. Four materials of 9-size can easily fullfill a 6*6 caldron

2.5. If something is 999-quality and 9-size, I will call it a 999-9 thing

2.6. The general ideas are:
a) Try your best to fullfill the caldron
b) Your target is 999-9
c) Fix the trait 'Super Quality', and then set quality up traits if it lacks quality, or size up traits if it lacks size

2.7. I will only list some key materials. I think you can synthesis other 999-9 things with them by yourself.
3. Alchemic Clay Cycle
You can get clay, elixir, neutralizer

This is the easiest cycle:
a) Synthesize Alchemic Clay with quality up or size up traits
b) Duplicate it
c) Synthesize Neutralizer Y with Alchemic Clay
d) Synthesize a better Alchemic Clay with Alchemic Clay and Neutralizer Y
e) Loop util you get 999-9 Alchemic Clay and Neutralizer Y

I recommend you to prepare 3 kinds of 999-9 Alchemic Clay:
a) Super Quality, Pro Perfection, Quality Up ++
b) Super Quality, Pro Perfection, Jumbo Size
c) Super Quality, Jumbo Size, Size +
4. Water Cycle
You can get water, ore, fuel, metal

This cycle is a bit difficult, because it needs more gathering materials of large size.

a) Synthesize Dusk Drop with 999-9 Neutralizer Y, ensure 9-size

b) Duplicate the 9-size Dusk Drop

c) Synthesize Neutralizer Y with 999-9 Alchemic Clay and 9-size Dusk Drop, get a 999-9 product with 3 quality up traits

d) Synthesize Apcol with Dusk Drop, ensure 9-size

e) Duplicate the 9-size Apcol

f) Synthesize Mineral Extract with 9-size Apcol, 9-size Dusk Drop and 999-9 Neutralizer Y with 3 quality up traits. Maybe you can get 999-9 Mineral Extract here. If not, duplicate this and remake a better Dusk Drop

g) Duplicate 999-9 Mineral Extract

h) Remake a better Apcol with 999-9 Mineral Extract. The product should around 500-9. This is used to make a 999-9 Mineral Extract without any quality up or size up traits

i) Remake a better Dusk Drop with 999-9 Mineral Extract and 999-9 Neutralizer Y. Among the gathering materials (1 Suspicious Liquid and 2 Fairy Poison Grass), you need over 15-size and over 360-quality in total to get a 999-9 product. If it is difficult, ensure 9-size first, and the 900-9 product is OK.
5. Flame Powder
You can get fuel, gunpowder

a) Synthesize 999-9 Zettel with 999-9 Mineral Extract and 999-9 Neutralizer Y

b) Synthesize Ramel Flour with 999-9 Dusk Drop and 999-9 Zettel. Ensure 9-size, and the product shoult be over 700-9

c) Synthesize Flame Powder with 700-9 Ramel Flour and 999-9 Neutralizer Y. Among the gathering materials (3 Kaen Stone and 1 Black Orb), you need one 4-size and one 5-size Kaen Stone to build up a 3*3 square, and the last one Kaen Stone and one Black Orb should be over 10-size in total. Ensure 9-size product, and if you can't get 999-9, just duplicate it and remake Flame Powder with Flame Powder.
6. Sun Drop
You can get water, secret power, fuel, neutralizer

a) Synthesize Pure Water with 999-9 Mineral Extract and 900-9 Dusk Drop. Ensure 9-size, and the product should be over 800-9.

b) Synthesize Spirit Tears with 800-9 Pure Water and 999-9 Neutralizer Y. Among the gathering materials(2 Silver Crystal and 2 Crystal Shard), you need over 21-size and 900-quality in total to get 999-9. 999-Quality is difficult, so ensure 9-size and get the product over 700-9.

c) Synthesize Sun Drop with 900-9 Dusk Drop and 700-9 Spirit Tears. Sun Powder over 90 quality is OK.
7. Snowflake Crystal
You can get metal, gem

a) Synthesize Snowflake Crystal with 999-9 Mineral Extract and 999-9 Sun Drop
8. Golden Thread
You can get metal, thread

a) Synthesize Golden Thread with 999-9 Mineral and 999-9 Zettel
9. Crimson Stone
You can get animal, gunpowder, elixir, neutralizer

a) Synthesize Crimson Stone with 999-9 Flame Powder and 999-9 Alchemic Clay. You can use one 3-size Dragon Bloodstone and one 5-size and one 1 size Star Powder to build up a 3*3 square
10. Philosopher Stone
You can get metal, elixir, secret power

a) Synthesize Alchemic Clay with 9-size materals, and wait to the time up when synthesizing, then you will get a 9-size Failure Ash.

b) Synthesize Philosopher Stone with 999-9 Crimson Stone, 9-size Failure Ash, 999-9 Alchemic Clay, 999-9 Snowflake Crystal. Maybe you need 3 quality up traits.
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Solatic May 8, 2020 @ 6:19am 
999 quality isn't a problem, I was having issues getting size 9 without using a size trait. However if it should use jumbo instead of quality++ then I have what is described. Still I'll try checking dlc area for size 8 or 9 fairy poison grass / suspicious liquid. Also, I think you're talking about the Wonder Stimulant, I'll try using that when I look. Thank you very much!
Okamiroy  [author] May 8, 2020 @ 4:46am 
Check the last item in Chapter 4. Water Cycle. Your one liquid and two grass should be over 15-size and 360-quality in total. Or your product won't be 999-9. The final traits should contain jumbo size. You can go to dlc map to find some better materials, or use that item to increase quality of gathering materials (I forget its name)
Solatic May 8, 2020 @ 3:29am 
Hey, I know this is a bit of a stretch, but do you remember how you got size-9 Dusk Drop with quality traits? I'm using size 9 water & neutralizer, as well as jumbo size (size 7) suspicious liquid & fairy poison grass. The result is always size 8 dusk drop, so I have to use one of the traits as jumbo size instead of quality++. I tried farming for a while to see if I could find a suspicious liquid or fairy poison grass with both jumbo & size+ but couldn't find anything.
Okamiroy  [author] Apr 26, 2019 @ 9:46am 
I played this game so long ago that I've forgotten many details. What I still remember is that you should use synthesized material if it is possible, and can enlarge your material size if category value is not enough. And, Alchemic Clay is white, right? I'm not sure.
dynastystar Apr 25, 2019 @ 12:49am 
Question, how do I get it so that my Expert Cauldron is a 6*6? The highest I've ever managed to get it is 5*5, and I think I lucked out on that one because I only got it once. Like is there a particular ingredient I need to get that gives me a high enough category value? It seems that I need to go with white materials, since the Cauldron's category value is white, and Forgotton Part's Category Value is white(which is the highest category value I have, and I can't skimp on that since its the category value for the rotate).
James with the Games Jul 17, 2017 @ 6:25am 
@cowteats in general your goal is to make stuff 999-9 without quality up or size traits since then you can get 999-9 materials and you can stick other more useful traits on them, for example in the end what you should be trying to do is make all these items without any size traits and at most pro perfection. Then add in other traits (for weapon/armor/accessory/item synthesis) and boom all of a sudden everything you make can have 999-9 quality.
Godling Jul 5, 2017 @ 8:39am 
Thank you!!!
cowteats Jun 9, 2017 @ 8:13pm 
"This is used to make a 999-9 Mineral Extract without any quality up or size up traits". Is there any reason why this Mineral Extract should have no traits?
riceball Mar 16, 2017 @ 5:04pm 
This is really well researched! Thank you for putting this together! I really appreciate it! :D