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Tomatekh's Historical Religions
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Feb 23 @ 9:24pm
May 14 @ 12:47pm
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Tomatekh's Historical Religions

This mod adds additional historical (pre-modern and indigenous) religions to the base game. Leaders previously lacking a religious preference (Aztec, Greece, etc.) are updated to prefer an appropriate historical religion. Several additional generic icons are also included and the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox symbols have been updated.

I will continue to add new religions and expand the mod with future updates.

Included Religions:
For a list of the included religions, please see:
Forum Thread[]

Configuration File:
The mod includes a configuration file ("HR_Config.sql") which may be used to toggle the included denomination packs and/or enable a "light" version of the mod.

On a PC the default Steam mod folder is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\289070\

With Historical Religions usually found in folder:

However, these folders my vary based on your individual install settings.

Note: If using the mod in multiplayer, all players need to have identical settings in the configuration file.

Denomination Packs:
Open the configuration file and edit the individual value entries to 1 or 0 to add/remove denominations for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam & Protestantism and Andean, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Mesoamerican, Mesopotamian & Polynesian religions. All packs are toggled on by default.

Historical Religions Light:
Too many religions? Edit the included configuration file to enable a "light" version of the mod; Historical Religions will load with only a minimum of new religions to represent the officially included civilizations.

Adding Mod Support:
At the moment, any mod civ (whether it is using only a default religion or an HR religion) must include support for HR in order for a religious preference to show up when the civ is used alongside the HR mod. For instructions explaining how to add support to a custom civilization, please also see:
Forum Thread[]

Previous Version:
The previous version of the mod can be downloaded at:
Dropbox Link[]

To revert to the previous version, place the downloaded file in your ~/documents/my games/civ vi/mods folder. The game will use the version of the mod in that folder instead of the one in ~/workshop/content/289070 folder (if it doesn't do so automatically, temporarily unsubscribe to the mod here). When you are ready to update, delete the downloaded version from the mods folder.
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drew_west Jun 16 @ 12:00pm 
Love this! love historically immersive modes!! could you make a 'historical wonders mod'? one that makes the wonders civ specific to the correct civ/culture? would be awesome
ianandsue5 Jun 5 @ 9:15am 
Can you list them?

The African DLC sounds interesting. Is anyone Planning to add Mozambique as a Modded Civilization?
Tomatekh  [author] Jun 5 @ 8:58am 
Civ VI will probably follow the same model as V; a bunch of little DLC right after release and then two expansions packs later. They've already announced that there are at least two more DLC for the near future (featuring an African and a SEA civ).

Malagasy beliefs would be any belief that focuses on community, ancestor worship, burials, and a connection between the living and dead.
ianandsue5 Jun 5 @ 2:29am 
In Sid Meier's Civilization V, what set of Beliefs and Pantheon would most accurately Represent Razana, the Indigenous Malagsay Religion?

Do you Think there might be Expansion Packs for this Gmae in the near Future or will it be Downloadable Content?
Tomatekh  [author] Jun 3 @ 5:26am 
Thanks! I'm always happy to hear someone enjoys the mod!
Error Jun 3 @ 2:24am 
I love this mod and can not play without it now. I've always been really interested in theology and this mod really completes the religious part of the game for me. Amazing work and thank you, Tomatekh!
Tomatekh  [author] May 28 @ 10:18am 
It’s likely a conflict caused by another mod you are using. I can’t really narrow it down further without knowing your mod list, but the conflicting mod would have to be editing the pantheon or religion values in some way.
chestotoys May 28 @ 9:55am 
It may be just me, but this mod prevents me from selecting pantheon early in the game, so I can't progress. Do you know of anyway to fix this?
Mazzini May 19 @ 11:07pm 
greetings. does people feel it would be fine a Mod add, to pre-build religions, so that each denomination is filled with its own "historical" building (ex. ebraism-sinagogue, islam-mosque, christian-church).

If you want then you could also, if possible, add a pre-build denomination depending on the prophet (so that simon pietro founds christianity, and go on), this is not about more religions.
Domestic Tourism May 19 @ 4:30pm 
I love how everyone assumes the Atom symbol is Atheism