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Dino Pick Up Mod - v1.31
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Feb 23, 2017 @ 3:29pm
Jan 11 @ 9:44am
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Dino Pick Up Mod - v1.31

*** All items and features in this mod are additional. The mod should work with every new version of Ark and stack with other mods. Doesn't require a clean save file. ***

This is a simple mod that adds a *Dino Pick Up* item into the game. You can learn the engram at level 10.

*Dino Pick Up* is an item which lets you pick up pretty much any dino. With this you can easily pick up your favorite dino on your shoulder and go exploring by foot for a change or ride with another creature while still carrying the other dino on your shoulder. Why limit yourself with useless Jerboas and Monkeys when you might as well take a Rex or a Raptor as your "parrot".

How to use: Simply craft the *Dino Pick Up* and remote use it in your creature's inventory. Then select "Pick Up" from the dino's radial menu. Dinos with built structures on their platforms can't be picked up.

To throw the dino off from your shoulder you must double tap the "F" key or the "Reload" key (default "R") if you are riding another dino.

Config Settings:


Known Issues: Giganotosaurus and Rock elemental constantly move and "shake" the camera when on shoulder. Also picking up dinos with platform saddles is not advisable as the structures on them usually block your character and prevent you from doing anything (or can cause other collision bugs).

Admin cheat ID:

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoPickUpMod/DinoPickUp/DG8_PrimalItemRelic_DinoPickUp.DG8_PrimalItemRelic_DinoPickUp" 1 0 false

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Mod ID:870709781
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CamyMonster Jul 13 @ 1:38pm 
Doesn't pick up Tek Rex
MDK Jul 7 @ 7:34am 
can you pick up a giga and take it in the boss fight
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Featured your mod in my latest video :)
Angelcide Jul 2 @ 8:33am 
its not showing up or working on my server
Jaegar331 Jul 1 @ 9:44am 
Can Confirm That Picking up Rock Drakes, and indominus rex's from Primal Fear mod, then throwing them down will cause a crash for the server.
Enticer Jul 1 @ 9:27am 
I've tested and it seems picking up or more likely putting down Rock Drakes on Ragnarok is crashing our server. Love the Mod though and want to keep using it!
Sirbum69 Jun 27 @ 4:32pm 
anyone else have this just stop working after the last update. none of my dinos show the pick up in there menu any longer. doesnt matter if i craft a new one or not. Gonna unsubscribe and redo and see if that fixes it
GrumpyChair Jun 23 @ 5:18am 
@bartvanschaijik2 double tap F
DeGekkeMan112 Jun 23 @ 4:22am 
how to drop your dino when you picked it up srry for bad english
🦖R4ZZ🦕 Jun 20 @ 8:35pm 
i sadly have to report that when picking up the indom rex it crashes the server same with drakes