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Mouse Polling rate
By Iron
Polling rates are an important value of a mouse.
You might think that higher = better, like fps.
But this is not always true, like in R6 Siege.

Rainbow six siege is made for a polling rate of 125Hz, higher polling rates could cause mouse/aim issues.
What is the polling rate and why does it matter?

The pollingrate of a mouse, is how many times the mouse updates its position, sort of.
This means that a higher polling rate, will have a slower response time.

for example, a 125 Hz polling rate will result in a 8ms delay, and 1000 Hz will result in 1ms delay.
The image below might make you think that a higher polling rate is better.

A higher polling rate will mean a slower response time in games, kinda like how people still care about fps being higher then 60 because of the response time.
Why would i want to change my polling rate?
Because rainbow six siege is build for 125 Hz polling rates, 500 Hz could make visual distortions while moving the mouse quick.

Try moving your mouse very fast in-game, if your characters movement will at somepoint desync with your mouse moving, this can be caused by a too high polling rate.

So for rainbow six, ideally you want a polling rate of 125 Hz, besides 125 Hz is fast enough for any competetive experience.

Be carefull when changing your polling rate.

  • Your mouse can break if you set the polling rate way too high.
  • For older computers with a slower CPU, 1000 Hz polling rates can use up to 8%!
  • Your windows driver may break, causing your computer to be keyboard only until you fix it.
How do i change my polling rate? (WINDOWS; USB MOUSE ONLY)

To change your polling rate, somebody called SweetLow did some absolutely wonderfull work.
SweetLow made a program which allows you to change the polling rate of any USB mouse.

This is achieved by editing the mouse driver windows uses.

1) Check your current polling rate
Why would you change it if it is already at your desired polling rate after all?
Mouse Rate []
This program allows you to check your current polling rate, just move your mouse around
and view the current polling rate.

2) Download hidusbf, by SweetLow
SweetLow made this wonderfull program which allows you to change your polling rate.
This driver is officially singed by Microsoft which costed SweetLow money, please donate to SweetLow. you will also need to unzip the driver.

links updated as of 25 jun 2018

3) Install the certificate.
Double click "SweetLow.CER" and then press: "install certificate"

after that, spam "next" until it is correctly installed.

4) Installing the driver.
Open "Setup.exe", then click "Install Service" in the bottum of the window.

5) setting up your settings.
In the same window, you select your mouse, then in the bottum of the window, click
"Filter On Device". After that, Select your Polling rate of "125 Hz".

6) Restart your computer.
After your restart your computer, your mouse should be locked to the 125 Hz polling rate, you can check this using the program from step 1.
Disabling HIDUSBF
to disable it, simple uncheck "Filter On Device" in the setup.exe. and restart your computer.

If mouse stops working and disappears from the list:
Use tab and shift tab to highlight "mice only", press spacebar.
You will see your mouse again.
Use tab and shift tab to highlight your mouse.
Use tab and shift tab to highlight "filter on device", press spacebar.
Use tab and shift tab to highlight "restart", press spacebar.
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Iron  [author] Jun 21 @ 9:01am 
It should work on basically any mouse. If your mouse already has utilities to change the polling rate, such as razor's then use that instead.
it works on any mouse?
Joostar Mar 22 @ 2:57pm 
I tried HIDUSBF and as soon as I change the polling rate the USB port stops working and I have to reinstall the drives all over again.
Iron  [author] Mar 22 @ 1:26pm 
A quick google shows me that HIDUSBF has been updated (and can work in newer win10 versions), but will require you to disable secure boot to load unsigned drivers.
funfact: BattlEye will not let you play with unsigned drivers.
So this solution is incompatible with R6S anyways
Iron  [author] Mar 22 @ 1:22pm 
This isn't a problem for me anymore, it was solved after changing other components in my computer. I do not know of a solution for anybody who still has the problem and a generic mouse.
This said, I haven't searched for a solution either so there may be one.
Joostar Mar 22 @ 1:20pm 
So, any solution for us peasants using a generic mouse on Win10?
Iron  [author] Mar 22 @ 1:16pm 
Razers software tells the Razer mouse to speak to the computer in a said frequency.
Other mice don't speak razers protocol or have support for it.
Mgmabone Mar 22 @ 12:44pm 
When I switch mine to 125 I experience odd stuttering when I am looking around slowly at a consistent pace. Other than that I do not notice any difference whatsoever so I'm sticking to 1000. Thanks though.
Mgmabone Mar 22 @ 12:33pm 
I can use Razer Synapse to quickly change settings like that. There's an option to change polling rate and I'm on Windows 10. I'm not sure if it works without a Razer branded mouse though.
Joostar Jan 11 @ 5:04am 
Has anyone found a way to do it on Win 10?