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CrossFire - War Game
Number of Players: 2, 3, 4
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Feb 22, 2017 @ 9:21am
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CrossFire - War Game

In 2 collections by royal with cheese
CrossFire - WW2 WarGame
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CrossFire - WW2 Wargame Scenarios
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30.11.2018 Update: added 2d tokens for all units and terrains
Now you can play crossfire both in 3d and 2d

The choice is completely yours


Historical Wargames Discord:
Learn and play CrossFire with others on Discord !

Operation BattleStorm:
CrossFire Persistent Organized Campaigns !


The game is now using One World System by TattleTale!
Meaning all scenarios and army lists are going to be in the same place and players can also expand and include their own scenarios to the mod

All units are using scripted states for Pin and Suppress states, again thanks to TattleTale!

CrossFire is a fast-paced simulation of shifting tactical initiative, where the action unfolds like a film, highlighting the critical events of a battle.
CrossFire offers the player dozens of critical decisions to make every game, and each one may decide the battle.
The game focuses of a company-level, Infantry operations by stressing three interrelated features: movement, firepower, and terrain!

The game is very simple and brutal! And it only use just a few d6 dices!

All pieces have tooltips, so no need to look things up!

How to play
Check out the videos added there

Crossfire (commonly abbreviated as CF) is a tabletop miniatures wargame designed by Arty Conliffe and first published in 1996. Crossfire was originally designed to allow for company-sized battles and World War II scenarios.
It employs an innovative rules system eliminating the need for a ruler.

No rullers Required! No fixed game turns!

Realistic Military Simulation
The game makes use of most kind of weaponry and vehicles used during WW-II, letting you to deal with artillery, fortifications, barbed wire and even digging foxholes on site!

Enourmous variativity
The game system allows you to simulate any scenario you could possibly imagine
Want to annex Finland? Here you go, Tovarisch!
Good ol' D-Day? Good luck invading, Capitalist!
You can recreate anything you can imagine and more! The rules are easily adapted for Vietnam and even Modern conflicts!
10+ types of Infantry, 20+ types of custom model terrains!

You can currently play as
United States, Germany or Soviet Union

The game includes new-player introduction Scenario by Steven Thomas @ 2005[]

Amazing Scripts by TattleTale
Miniatures Game Rules & Tables by Arty Conliffe 1996
Video Introduction by LindyBeige
Workshop mod by "royal with cheese"
Awesome unit models by Baryonyx
Great double chess clock mod by dzikakulka
Hit the Dirt Expansion by EastLizard
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royal with cheese  [author] Nov 30 @ 9:15am 
30.11.2018 Update: added 2d tokens for all units and terrain
Now you can play crossfire both in 3d and 2d

The choice is completely yours
Baryonyx Nov 29 @ 2:27pm 
Mostly, yes, but there are also other vehicles like armored cars.
royal with cheese  [author] Nov 29 @ 2:02pm 
you mean tank models, right?
Baryonyx Nov 29 @ 12:39pm 
Maybe you can update the vehicle models some time? Most of what you need already exists, so you don't have to use substitutes anymore.
royal with cheese  [author] Nov 25 @ 4:58pm 
26.11.18 Reinforcement Normandy!
+New scenario creted by =TUF= Mr.coolgamer and LUCKLEO !
royal with cheese  [author] Sep 7 @ 8:47am 
@Vans Pebble, you just have to wait untill all the models are downloaded and then restart the mod if necessary
Vans Pebble Sep 6 @ 4:48pm 
i cant see the modals
royal with cheese  [author] Aug 6 @ 2:56pm 
Update: Hit the Dirt added!
All credits goes to EastLizard

Big props mate!
royal with cheese  [author] Jul 31 @ 4:19am 
try again, all the models and images should be working
aT.Quest!.Gaming Jul 31 @ 2:18am 
a bunch of stuff isnt loading for me :( I get 30 or so "custom model" popup screens that only go away when I close them, is there something im missing?