Dota 2
It's Chippy!
Heroes: Ogre Magi
Slots: Head
Non Hero: Wearable
Utility: Imported
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Aug 2, 2012 @ 7:06pm
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“Two is the loneliest number.”- Aggron Stonebreak

The life of a two headed ogre is a lonely one. All ogre magi wish to have someone who is permanently attached to them -preferably just a head to keep them company- but it seems as though they must live alone together forever.

One day though the Ogre Magi woke up with a new friend nailed to his head. How it got there remains a mystery but thankfully the nails only went through his brain and missed all Aggron’s important muscles like the tongue (the strongest muscle in the ogre body).

Thankfully for Aggron, Chippy is capable and willing to be stuck to the ogre for an eternity. Sometimes Aggron might have trouble talking over the chatty Chippy but thanks to their mutual love of killing everyone and opening portals to hell the two find it easy to get along great!

But beneath Chippy's unassuming appearance lies a creature of demonic intentions. Born in the nether world, forged in the seas of blood, and imbued with the souls of cute orphans; Chippy’s sole desire is to wreak havoc, destroy the living world, seek revenge on termites, and enslave “those Ed boys”.

In the right hands Chippy is capable of feats of pure evil. In the wrong hands there’s nothing stopping him.