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Space Scrapper
Genre: Action, RPG, Puzzle
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Feb 21, 2017 @ 12:48am
Apr 20, 2017 @ 10:31am
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The game is very much in production
Mac version and achievements!
Release date: Game is almost ready so probably as soon as it gets Greenlit
Have you ever played a match-1 puzzle before?
Although puzzles are only a part of this game we have decided to make them interesting. Match-3? No sir! Match-1 is far more interesting.

Dynamic space rouguelike with battle puzzles!

Created with the help of players
Thanks to our "consultants" initiative each concept in the game has been given feedback or even invented by players!

Anyone can become a consultant and there are still a lot of things to tweak.

Want to get involved?
Check out more details:

Game features:
  • Roguelike - every expedition is unique and the end is permanent but some resources will transfer
  • Match-1 - fast paced battle puzzles - simple to understand yet pretty deep
  • Asteroid fields exploration - old rocket launchers, precious minerals, Chlomels, moving asteroids, construction stations and much more awaits your discovery
  • It is all about your strategy - during every expedition collect, construct, upgrade, improve etc.

Have some feedback?
Talk to us! We want to create a game worth making. Even if you do not have time to become our consultant - drop us a comment, an email (, anything. We will be most greateful!

Letter from Uncle Billy
10 000 years ago a very advanced civilization called K'tadu lived in our galaxy. They were so advanced that all their work was performed by drones. One day all of K'tadu disappeared leaving everything behind.

Till today in many sectors K'tadu drones, drifting in space with no purpose, can be found. Most of them are mining drones hidden inside asteroid fields.
Such asteroid fields are called “K'tadu graveyards” and are considered very dangerous. Galactic Authority has hidden all graveyards' locations punishing all that enter with prison.

And what all of this has to do with you? - you may ask. Well my dear nephew, your mother told me that you just graduated Galactic Collage. I wanted to cangratulate you on obtaining your degree in ... was it "Turtle Maiting Habits on Omega 9? I believe you are open to any job opportunities.
As it happens, I, your beloved uncle Billy will soon retire and I am looking for someone that could take over my .... business.

I know your mother has never told you what my job is. I guess it may be a little embarrassing for her that I am a Scrapper. I assure you that this is a hard and moderately honest job and I am doing it for a long time.

So what does it mean to be a scrapper? I launch my unmanned ships on expeditions to “K'tadu graveyards” to collect and sell precious scrap. I always woundered who had named these places “graveyards” since all K'tadu drones are more or less active and their defense systems do not allow dismantling them easily.
Of course I always need to be one step ahead of Galactic Authorities and properly calculate what is profitable and what is not but except that this is a job like any other.

I was never able to achieve this but ultimate expedition goal is to find K'tadu Motherships Graveyard - all the riches ...and some answers... are there!

Enough talking! Let's go to my workshop and start to learn the craft!

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