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Draconis Race(Humanoid Dragon Race)
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Feb 19, 2017 @ 8:19pm
Jan 6, 2018 @ 1:25pm
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Draconis Race(Humanoid Dragon Race)

Adds a race of half dragons.
Special thanks to the following:

AnTi for the hair pack,
Cutebound for the colors, (and wing inspiration)
Skittles' basic race pack
I also was inspired by the Munari race A.I

I originally made this mod for myself so I could play as a cool race. I didn't intend on uploading it, but then I realized that "hey someone might like this" so I did.
If anyone can figure out why the icon in the character creation menu won't show, I would really appreciate you telling.
Here is the chucklefish forum post for more info.

Content and stuff
Most of the unique items are located under the hellforge crafting station. The station can be crafted at an inventor's table.
The flesh synthesizeris functional, but needs more content.
Flesh weapons give special effects
Frackin' race support is hopefully less buggy.
I finally fixed the character selection icon bug. Yay.
Now added the begining of a new complex crafting system for the flesh synthesizer. It is still unfinished, but it will include amino acids and protein synthesis, which will result in items with special effects.
Removed frackin' races effects. I will make a seperate addon. So no more invincibility glitch
No longer requires frackin' universe.
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Skeleboner Mar 22 @ 12:47pm 
Whenever I can
Maro Mar 22 @ 9:56am 
nice, it'd be neat to have updates regarding the mod you guys are working on in there too whenever possible
Skeleboner Mar 22 @ 1:00am 
I made a discussion titled "community update" where people can suggest features and improvements
Maro Mar 21 @ 8:40am 
unless that's already there and I'm just blind .w.
Maro Mar 21 @ 8:40am 
It'd be nice to document the progress of the updated mod in a discussion rather than the comment section, as well as suggestions, ideas and all that
Nihil Mar 20 @ 6:37pm 
(Part 2) But a good start would be to break down the recipes into smaller sub-components and making sure that all the numbers required round nicely into the amount produced (no left overs, or if there are, have them match nicely with other recipes). This would make the recipes not glitch the UI as I showed in my patch (I did a simple lazy fix). But honestly replacing like half the amino acids with other organic vanilla (or modded) substitutes would help as well, or combine their production and use (so the ingredients for two amino acids are made as one, and the use of that one is shared).
Nihil Mar 20 @ 6:37pm 
As long as the files are formatted properly, the race creator (the template) is not needed. Though they might need cleaning up as they almost feel like they were made in a standard notepad and not one with format controls, although that is nothing against the creator, I've made websites in notepad before. The biggest issues is the typos, exploits, and rough nature of things. Everything feels well done but half finished, the draconis outpost is set up like it was suppose to have quests/vendors other than the basic ones it has. That armor bug is blatant, and the recipes are... un-optimized. I didn't have the heart to made them simpler in a patch because I felt that was the point of them, as a lore element to show the intelligence/complexity of the equipment, and to also add a different type of difficulty in getting them. (Part 1)
Maro Mar 20 @ 5:32pm 
I haven't really touched the game lately and have literally no experience modding, so, other than pointing out what people have said before, I can't help a lot, sorry
Skeleboner Mar 20 @ 3:12pm 
The biggest things that seem to need changing are the menus and some of the weapons, among a few others

for example, i would like to make the progression path a bit clearer, and give the armours new, more distinct names, and fix the clutter in the various crafting menus

another thing would be fixing some weapons, such as the gatling gun, staves, and at least the rainbow tome

i can't currently think if anything else that needs changing
Z'uldiss Mar 20 @ 11:16am 
Ah, I guess it does need updating, right. People are mentioning bugs and things in old messages.

Maro, Skeleboner, since you two seem like you might be working on things, what if you tried remaking it using Skittles' advanced template? First, you could create the base of it and make sure you can see the unmodified template race in selection, then put the Draconis images and other files (or edits of the template files with data from Draconis files to be sure they're up-to-date) in place and test it out periodically while you work to make sure there are no errors.

I'd of course suggest keeping the mod's name the same, at least in the metadata file's "name" field, for add-ons people make, like re-skins and whatnot.