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Guide to TGTGamer
By ム TGTGamer ム and 1 collaborators
Find out all of TGTGamer's Rules and Regulations, plus all his tips on specific games & much more!
Heya Guys. If your looking at this, it either means you went to my profile and found the link, or you got very bored and found this guide. Either way, this guide is aimed at informing people about my rules, opinions, Reviews, and game advise.
---------- Section 1 -- About TGTGamer ----------
Username Copyright Information & History

I have been playing online under a few usernames. The first and most well known was on console named "NHEP N00bHunter". Under this account I began to play competitively on console in team based games. On the 13-06-2011 I joined steam under the username "jojon12" and started to play simple computer games on my laptop.

On the 03-05-2012, my name changed to "sjonathan". This name was easier for my friends to identify me with and was the username which I started to use on many different PC gaming platforms including Minecraft.

On the 09-09-2013, officially changed to "N00bHunterPro". This username was a silly little name which I used on both Xbox and steam. It was well known within the BF3 & BF4 Communities.

In the late 2014/early 2015, I formed a group called "The Game Testers", which was abbreviated to "TGT". I continued to use my old nickname until I matured and decided it was time to change. On the 11-03-2015 "TGT GAMER" was used for the first time.

Shortly after, on the 17-04-2015, I removed the spacing and changed the capitalisation, to form my current username, "TGTGamer", Varients of this username are now used on all my social media and online profiles.

The information in this history is correct within reasonable accuracy. All the dates are according to If you believe to have been using this username before me or which to debate any information listed, please leave me a comment below.

Variations I use?

Everyone uses variations of there username on different media platforms. Its rare to find a completely unique username. The following are Variations which I have been known to use on my profiles. If in doubt about a profile, please check my links section bellow.

  • TGTGamer
  • TGTGam3r
  • ₮ɢ₮ ǥαოєṟ
  • TGT Gamer

Username History according to SteamID
14 Jun 2016 3:32am
TGTGamer |
14 Jun 2016 3:30am
☣ ₮ɢ₮ ǥαოєṟ ☣
10 May 2016 11:12am
10 May 2016 10:51am
🐺 ₮ɢ₮ ǥαოєṟ 🐯
15 Sep 2015 8:05am
╠══ ₮ɢ₮ ǥαოєṟ
15 Sep 2015 8:05am
🐺 ╠══ ₮ɢ₮ ǥαო
15 Sep 2015 8:04am
6 Jul 2015 1:14pm
6 Jul 2015 12:17pm
6 Jul 2015 7:53am

Copyright Confirmation

On the 17-04-2017, I did a search for the username "TGTGamer" on steam. Out of 6 profiles which showed up, I had access or owned 5 (See screenshot below, Beastlybates showed up because I was ranking up his account and my username was within his BIO)

On the 17-04-2017, I did a search on Google in Chrome Incognito for "TGTGamer". I did it in incognito to avoid cashed viewing effecting the search results. Out of 9 results on the first page, 7 accounts were mine, and only one of the other two matched the username (A Youtube channel).

My Friend Kubs did the same search on Bing using Microsoft Edge, His results where similar, 9 results showed which pulled 7 of mine, and two "Sololearn" links to a user who was using a similar nickname.

I have recently signed up to a few different sites which track usernames. Please check out my listings here:
Adding TGTGamer
Adding TGTGamer is a simple process, but comes with many rules and regulations which you need to know about. The following sections will explain everything you need to know about when adding TGTGamer to your friends list.

Rules For Adding TGTGamer
  1. You must be rank 1 or above
  2. You must have at least 600 days since your last VAC Ban
  3. You must be over the age of 10
  4. You must be polite and mature(ish)
  5. You must have a good sense of humour
  6. You must have a want to play with TGTGamer
  7. You must be respectful to all players
  8. You must be using your main account
  9. You will not be added for the following reasons:
              - Impersonate another person
              - Have a inapropriate name
              - Have a name which changes too much
              - Have not been active within the 12 hours of me looking at your request
Trade Rules
Trading with TGTGamer has the following rules and restrictions which apply.
  • TGTGamer only trades in Keys
  • TGTGamer only trades items he does not require / want himself
  • TGTGamer will advertise all items he wishes to trade
  • All trades must be fair on both users
  • All trades will be negotiated and completed within 24 hours
  • All trade requests must be done in a polite way
  • All trades happen at the same time
  • Any person who attempts to trade scam or disobeys these rules will be blocked instantly
---------- Section 2 -- CSGO ----------
CSGO Boosting for keys
TGTGamer is offering Boosting Services for any rank below GN3. As he gets better at the game this service max rank will increase.

To participate in a boosting, you must be willing to allow TGTGamer Temp access to your account to play the required number of games to rank you up. The suggested way in doing this is changing your password. You will be able to dictate when he can play on your account and how long for. You can also disconnect him at any time by changing the password back to your personal one.

This service is going to be cheap as I can make it. However all prices vary depending on your current win/loss streak & the rank at which you are when requesting the boost.

Loosing Streak Prices

Are you currently on a loosing streak? But you really want to rank up. This is the prices for you...

Rank                Per Rank

Silver 1             2 Keys
Silver 2             2 Keys
Silver 3             3 Keys
Silver 4             3 Keys
Silver 5             3 Keys
Silver Elite        3 Keys
Gold Nova 1      3 Keys
Gold Nova 2      4 Keys
Gold Nova 3      4 Keys
(Does not boost any higher ranks)

Winning Streak Prices
Are you currently on a winning streak? Have you got 3 wins or more in a row? But for some reason can't rank up. This is the prices for you...

Rank                Per Rank

Silver 1             1 Keys
Silver 2             1 Keys
Silver 3             1 Keys
Silver 4             2 Keys
Silver 5             2 Keys
Silver Elite        2 Keys
Gold Nova 1      2 Keys
Gold Nova 2      3 Keys
Gold Nova 3      3 Keys
(Does not boost any higher ranks)

How to order

Ordering is very simple. Send Trade request to one of the following accounts. This trade offer has to include a single key with your rank and current win streak status in the information.

(picture to be soon added)

If I am willing to do boost your account, I will add your account to my profile under "Official Smurfs & Boosted Accounts" and message you directly before accepting your key.

Trade Links

Main Account: TGTGamer

Main Smurf: TGTGamer | Boosting For Keys!


CSGO 1v1's
---------- Section 3 - Profiles & Artwork ----------
Profile Animation
Everyone loves animated Profiles. So I've started to teach myself adobe. Using this software i've begun to create some great looking effects profiles and I hope to be able to make more in the future.

I would love to do some custom work for people. I will charge a single CSGO Key for any animation & work.

For members of TGTGaming, we do a sponsored profile artwork which comes with custom name, colour and background. See examples below.

TGTGaming Gold Sky Side gif

---------- Section 4 -- Game Reviews & Guides ----------
Game Reviews
Sadly there are no game reviews to list at the moment...
Game Guides
Sadly TGTGamer hasnt released any Guides yet.

Upcoming Guides:
[CSGO] -=Warmup Server=-™ - Who are we & What we do
[User Communication] How to setup a perfect discord for your community.
---------- Links & Additional Information ----------
TGTGamer | Smurf
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