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Faction Unlocker Submod - Mixed Factions
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Apr 24 @ 3:01am
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Faction Unlocker Submod - Mixed Factions

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The structure of how this mod works was changed, so please also subscribe to Crynsos' Campaign Overhaul & Faction Unlocker to keep using it!

Details on what changed and why can be found here.
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This is a submod of Crynsos' Campaign Overhaul & Faction Unlocker and will unlock these factions:
⚫ Middenland
⚫ Wissenland
⚫ Kislev
⚫ Border Princes
⚫ Estalia
⚫ Tilea
⚫ Karak Azul
⚫ Karak Kadrin
⚫ Karak Ziflin
⚫ Kraka Drak
⚫ Azhag'z Waaagh!
⚫ Skullsmasherz
⚫ Skull-takerz
⚫ Mousillon
⚫ Horde of the Ever-Watcher
(Limited unit variety without the Chaos Warriors DLC)
⚫ Skaeling
All Mini Campaign Factions
(Requires the related DLCs)

Furthermore these DLC factions can be played without owning the related DLCs, but will have limited functionality (like being unable to recruit units) and thus serve as a preview for those races:
DLC 03 - Call of the Beastmen:
⚫ Warherd of the Crowfather
⚫ Warherd of the Shadowgave
DLC 05 - Realm of The Wood Elves:
⚫ Torgovann

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Thanks to Beornvig for his help with lore-accurate faction refining such as unique faction & faction leader traits, starting units and descriptions.
Thanks to Cataph for his help with various things, such as new feature ideas, lore-accurate faction and lord effects, descriptions and much more.
Thanks to Dindi for his help with Norsca & Chaos script fixes.
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Mar 22 @ 8:10am
Mousillon - Krell's Skeletal Steed missing
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GanjaKillzillAzn 5 hours ago 
Beastmen - when I play them they cannot construct a Tier 3 Settlement is this a bug? It goes from T1 T2.... T4 T5 and I cannot produce troops nor play this faction at all. I have the required mods and tried reinstalling it as well but seems like nothing is working. If you got any suggestions please feel free to reply back to me :) I like your MOD's !
Michael [UG] 6 hours ago 
You guys are not even russian?...
USA 10 hours ago 
You could not add Russian? I will be very grateful
Dinty Gadget Jun 23 @ 10:13pm 
You could not add Russian? I will be very grateful
I AM BUBU Jun 20 @ 3:35pm 
forget that part sorry, haven't read the change log then, so i thought i give you every information i have, but seems pretty irrelevant now.
Crynsos  [author] Jun 20 @ 2:28pm 
Well, I can see how it might potentially crash due to the Wood Elf confederation (though I really expected the bug to not happen with the main factions), but how is this related to the bit about Karak Kadrin that you said?
I AM BUBU Jun 20 @ 2:24pm 
I checked your Change log and found the issue: Please add "AI controlled Argwylon can't confederate other factions"
you already did it for 2 others, the crash also happens with Argwylon. Thank you!
I AM BUBU Jun 20 @ 12:20pm 
I am using Faction Unlocker + and this mod.
I AM BUBU Jun 20 @ 12:19pm 
Just had a new game, it still doesn't work. Talsyn got confederated by Argwylon and the game crashed on the loading screen at Karak Kadrin.
I AM BUBU May 28 @ 10:40am 
Going to check it as soon as possible. thank you so much! :D