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Faction Unlocker Submod - Mixed Factions
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Feb 18 @ 8:18am
Sep 20 @ 2:55pm
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Faction Unlocker Submod - Mixed Factions

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This is a submod of Crynsos' Faction Unlocker+ and will make these factions available:
⚫ Middenland
⚫ Wissenland
⚫ Kislev
⚫ Border Princes
⚫ Estalia
⚫ Tilea
⚫ Karak Azul
⚫ Karak Kadrin
⚫ Karak Ziflin
⚫ Kraka Drak
⚫ Azhag'z Waaagh!
⚫ Skullsmasherz
⚫ Skull-takerz
⚫ Mousillon
⚫ Horde of the Ever-Watcher
(New Faction, Limited unit variety without the Chaos Warriors DLC)
⚫ Skaeling
All Mini Campaign Factions
(Requires the related DLCs)

Furthermore these DLC factions can be played without owning the related DLCs, but will have limited functionality (like being unable to recruit units) and thus serve as a preview for those races:
DLC 03 - Call of the Beastmen:
⚫ Warherd of the Crowfather
⚫ Warherd of the Shadowgave

DLC 05 - Realm of the Wood Elves:
⚫ Torgovann

More Faction Packs (Don't use all of them at once)
Faction Unlocker Submod - Vanilla Factions
Faction Unlocker Submod - Bretonnia & Wood Elfs
Faction Unlocker Submod - Dwarfs
Faction Unlocker Submod - Empire, Kislev, Southern Realms
Faction Unlocker Submod - Greenskins
Faction Unlocker Submod - Vampires, Chaos, Norsca, Beastmen

Thanks to Beornvig for his help with lore-accurate faction refining such as unique faction & faction leader traits, starting units and descriptions.
Thanks to Cataph for his help with various things, such as new feature ideas, lore-accurate faction and lord effects, descriptions and much more.
Thanks to Dindi for his help with Norsca & Chaos script fixes.
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Owedevil Nov 3 @ 1:06pm 
I see you cannot use all of teh faction packs at once. Which ones can I use at teh same time?
Crynsos  [author] Oct 11 @ 1:16pm 
Because you lack the Wood Elf DLC.
b.dillahay Oct 11 @ 10:33am 
Hey so why is it when playing either of the wood elves factions that I can neither upgrade buildings nor armies???
Crynsos  [author] Oct 9 @ 11:42am 
Simply choose less faction submods to be active.
PrimeX Oct 9 @ 11:10am 
how do i fix the issue wehn all armies are on and i cant click play beacuse the armies are blocking me to click on it
Jimmy Sep 14 @ 5:42pm 
Hopefully. If you don't mind me asking , did you change anything about any of the factions (other then names and maybe start locations(?) because i find it odd greenskin savage hordes also can't raid. Regular greenskins raid when encamped but these hores just have regular encamp and no regular raid stance. Really enjoying it though even though it's limited.
Crynsos  [author] Sep 14 @ 4:13pm 
Maybe it will extend a bit with Warhammer 2, as the New World Greenskins seem to be mainly savage.
Jimmy Sep 14 @ 4:00pm 
Very nice , i've been wanting to play a horde greenskin faction for a long time. Shame their roster is so limited
[RoC] Spooky Boi Sep 7 @ 1:49am 
Yes, I get that, I've read your mods. I was just wanting to make sure if this mod simply unlocked the factions or added more, and I can see now that they add more. So I'll probably work on figuring out what mods to get and all that once I've slept some. Lol
Crynsos  [author] Sep 7 @ 1:47am 
Just because my Unlocker includes some campaign changes, that doesn't make them bad or vanilla-unfriendly. In fact, my changes are geared towards improving a vanilla campaign slightly by improving lorefulness in various ways, enabling greater moddability for other mod creators and especially the Southern Realms get massively improved, due to giving them a real city-state like starting situation, as they are meant to have.