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GSRI - Groupe Spécial de Reconnaissance et d'Intervention
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Created by acemod
Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3)

ACE3 is the collaborative efforts of the former AGM and CSE teams, along with many of the developers from ...
Created by CBATeam
CBA: Community Based Addons for Arma 3
Current version: 3.4.1
What does the name Community Base Addons mean? It is a system that:
  • Offers a range of features for addon-makers and mission designers.
  • Aims to have community wi
L3-GPNVG18 Panoramic Night Vision
Created by Teeha
L3-GPNVG18 Night Vision Goggles are specialized to give their operator a wider Field of View by extending the the number of image intensifier tubes from two to four.
This extended FOV will give any unit operating at night a significant advantage working ...
[MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird
Created by sykoCrazy
All content released by myself(sykoCrazy) and Diesel5187 fall subject to the Arma Public Share-Alike (APL-SA) License, unless otherwise specified.

Exceptions to this license are made in the following, with stipulations regarding use -
Any persons or en...
TF47 Launchers
Created by BlackPixxel
This modification contains the M3 MAAWS, M136 AT4 and MK153 SMAW unguided anti tank launchers. Each of them have a working zeroing, so that they can be used to precisely destroy enemy armor or infantery even at longer ranges.

CBA_A3 is required!...
Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion
Created by Kex
Add-on description:

First of all, I want to thank to Anton Struyk for his Ares Mod[] which expands the Zeus real-time editor with valuable features.
No one would argue t...
Created by LAxemann
Mainly, it's a mod for all the other enthusiasts out there.
One thing that always bothered me was the way your character _instantly_ aligns the sights perfectly straight.
Also, when looking through your sights, it always felt really stiff because your ...
Created by taurus
This pack adds 37 new faces to your game and also unlocks faces from campaign.

BIS Thread:[]
Armaholic Lin...
Created by P R E T M A N G E R
"The most badass mod you've ever used."

Adds various elements of gore to ArmA3 such as blood splatters, blood sprays, blood pooling, bleeding, gibbing, and other misc details.

For Multiplayer: Servers and clients must run the addon....
Created by LAxemann
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What is Immerse?
Many people told me to make a...
Incon Effects Mod
Created by Incontinentia

Inspired by the legendary Opticalsnare's hilarious Blastcore Physics and Lao Fei Mao's cool Blood Mist mods, here's my take on Arma 3's effects. Rather than go for comedic effect, I figured I'd aim for a bit more realism.

So far I'v...
Created by LAxemann
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What is Suppress about?
Video games generally ...
Advanced Sling Loading
Created by duda
SP & MP Compatible. Full replacement for in-game sling loading.

Completely optional, but if you want to give back for any of my addons, I would greatly appreciate [url=
Created by DerZade
BackpackOnChest is a mod, which adds the functionality of carrying an extra backpack on your chest.
- Various modules and functions for mission creators (wiki)
- Implementation through ACE-SelfInteractionMenu
- TFAR compatibility (radio settings are pre...
VSM All-In-One Collection
Created by (4SFG) jarrad96
This is the VSM-All-In-One Collection, that contains all VSM Mods in a single download, for easier management.


-M81 Woodland Pattern

This classic Woodland camo has existed in some form or another since the 1960's and it's use is i...
KA Rebreather Fix
Created by KICKASS
Current version : V 1.1 ----- By : KICKASS

This MOD can make vanilla rebreather visible on land , and added three kinds of diving goggles (Diving goggles can visible on the land , but cannot use in the water) , and added three kinds of Su
3CB BAF Vehicles
Created by 3cb.mods
Vehicles of the British Royal Marines Commandos and other UK Armed Forces.
By 3 Commando Brigade[]

If you're over 17 and would like to try these mods on a MP server, our public server is open ...
Vehicle Door Actions
Created by Flax
Vehicle Door Actions

This small addon adds the ability to open and close compatible doors and ramps on Arma 3 Vanilla vehicles. More vehicles will be added over time. Currently a few of the vehicles have visual issues which I will raise tickets...
Created by DJO
HAFM NH90 Helicopter by Aplion

-- DISCLAIMER -- This mod doesn't belong to me, all credits to the actual author of the mod. Link below
Created by Red Hammer Studios
# Release 0.4.4: RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Russian Federation armed forces brought to Arma 3 in full glory! Dozens of vehicles of every variety, units and weapons, all modeled and textured to the finest details and packed with features...
Created by acemod
ACEX package. This is a mod aimed at adding in extra and optional modules on top of ACE3.

At the moment ACEX is focused on gameplay that the ACE team considers added value, but does not properly fit within the main project itself. The initial release co...
ACE Compat - RHS Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Created by acemod
Adds compatibility between ACE3 and RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation...
Created by [SeL] Belbo
My community and I had a serious problem with the way ACE handles its CPR.

If you're playing with ace_medical_enableRevive=1 you might have found out that CPR practically does nothing as long as your patient has no pulse (i.e. is in the revive state). ...
Advanced Towing
Created by duda
Adds support for towing vehicles using ropes. Works in both SP and MP. Watch the video for directions.

Completely optional, but if you want to give back for any of my addons, I would greatly appreciate [url=
PLP Containers
Created by poolpank
Everyone loves Looting.

This Addon will add dozens of Containers, both in static and useable Versions.
See a list of the available assets in the classnames.xls , that should be included.


Thanks Auss for helping me ...
Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!)
Created by Dedmen Miller
This is the ONLY official upload of the TFAR 1.0 beta builds on Steam workshop.
Discord server for latest updates and support:

This is a beta release! Please keep in mind that Bugs...
6 x 6 All Terrain Vehicle
Created by Neddles
6 x 6 ATV with M224 60mm Mortar
The 6x6 ATV is used by many of the Worlds Special Forces. Perfect for these operations due to it's small size yet large cargo capacity.
- 3 Unique models
- 3 Different paint schemes (cam, desert...