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By mrowmrif2
For players looking for info on all things Multiplayer in FF Mobius... To preface my thread: I have been a Mobius FF player since November 2016 and am multiplayer rank 99, player level 124 and currently and have thirty-FIVE (35!) 8* jobs:

Defenders: Paladin, Knight, Warrior, Scholar, Heretic Knight, Monk, Unbroken Hero, Moogle Suit
Attackers: Rogue, Mystic Knight, Mystic Sage, Pugilist, Soldier 1st Class, Thief, Ace Striker, Judge Magister, Occultist, Highwind, Dark Knight, Black Mage, Knight of Etro
Breakers: Mystic Ninja, Ranger, Assassin, Viking, Grappler, Hermit, Thief of Tantalus, Last Hunter, Dragoon
Healers: Devout, White Mage, Bard, Tonberry Suit, Dancer

I have five supreme cards: Unbreakable Bonds, Neo Exdeath, Minwu, Duncan and Yiazmat... didn't reroll for any of these, just got lucky/spent a little $$$... too much really. Seven if you count my first mule who got Ragnarok during ffxiii event and my second mule that I rerolled Xezat on just for kicks, both mule accounts are max deck level and fully functional with at least 1 job for each role in MP :)

I have played multiplayer as Defender (LOVE Heretic and Monk...), but I have completed all 4* battles as Breaker, Healer and Attacker roles. Breaker is my new favorite (Lightning skin is really fun on any ranger + duncan grappler!)... I farmed Ultima Weapon (uw) with my main account and only AI with no death runs... I have beaten 4* battles in under 1 minute with a flawless/deathless runs using all healers in my group, duo'd them with my mule rag bard + neo bard... I have beaten them in 25 minutes with raises galore... I have seen the good, the bad and the oh-so-ugly. I have been great and I have sucked so hard (I have even one-shotted the boss in a 4* carelessly without killing guards... super embarrassing). So I've seen it all. I am creating this guide out of a thread in the discussions forum by popular demand... I hope it is helpful to everyone who reads it! Please feel free to comment and correct me on anything you feel is inaccurate - I am open to suggestion and willing to update my guide accordingly!

This guide is to enable players looking to get into FF Mobius Multiplayer to be valuable group members by understanding their roles and how fights progress. **Updated 11-10-2017.**

Rule #1: Do not attempt 3* Sicarius fights (and do not even think about 4*!) as anything less than 8* jobs maxed out card levels with 220+ level decks. Just don't. That means no starter jobs, no cards that arent close to maxed out (with story mission 5-2 finished, 5* cards are max 74, 4* are 66 and 3* are 50... even with 4x 3* cards maxed you should be 200...) and no one hoping that the group will carry you through... everyone in a 3* fight has to contribute or you waste time. DON'T waste people's time - don't waste your own stamina! It won't matter how good your team is, how elite the other 3 players are... you may have to raise a bunch of times each and it will take forever... if you can even win, because it is likely you won't be able to consistently break and damage the boss enough after the guards are gone, and therefore its break bar will keep resetting after he oneshots all of you every 2 turns. Be patient, do your 1* and 2* fights and farm better cards, seeds and xp – and knowledge! One exception to this rule would be defender... I've seen a defender with a deck level < 175 take on 4* battles and do very well - because they performed their role! drives + debuffs + attacks to generate orbs. (credit: Talako)... anyone else showing up to the party better know how to dance and have a deck level that represents at least 4* cards.

Rule #2: Do not come to multiplayer without damage card ability level 6+ and without all available extra skills unlocked... you will basically be a detriment to the team and frustrate everyone. Just put the time in soloing until you unlock your extra skills and your cards are at least level 45. If you don't know what an extra skill is... sigh. (the little boxes under your ability level that tell you what your card can do in addition to its activated primary ability...). Farming some fractals to add Auto-Abilities is also a great way to boost a card's power... however, you can only really apply Auto-Abilities to cards that are 4* with some exceptions, because these depend on available slots that open up as you augment cards to the next tier. So work on augmenting your cards!

NOTE: Every new "Presence" (meaning change of primary Sicarius Boss, which is on a schedule), you have access to be able to complete quests. Initially, you get to complete all of the 1* battles as well as one each of the 2*, 3* and 4* battles... Once you complete your 1*, 2* and 3* quests, you can still form parties to fight bosses at that level but the quests are forever complete. Each new presence, though, you can complete one of the 4* fights for that new Boss; rinse repeat every new presence. Running a quest that needs completion gives your group members (people who are "helping you"), 20 magicite! Alright! Magicite for all! This is currently the ONLY way to farm magicite in the game... Enjoy it. Run your quests, share the magicite.
Job Roles
Now... onto MP roles!

HEALER ROLE: required cards are BARRIER and HASTE. after that, CURE/REGEN are useful for people starting out in MP to keep your group alive, but later on aren't necessary, as you heal sufficiently with higher level buff cards alone. Alternate buff cards you can include to round out your deck would be Boost, Faith, Wall or Snipe effects... Knights of the Round "Ultimate Boon" (KOTR) grants brave, boost and faith and is a staple of healer decks right now. Multi-Buff cards are great but typically cost 3 orbs, so you need good life/prismatic orb generation to be able to sustain 1 buff per player round for consistent healing. Your primary job is TO HEAL AND BUFF. You are not supposed to be dealing damage or breaking... you shouldn't have to. Haste > Barrier > everything else for buffs. Haste is sooooo important for the group. CURRENT IDEAL HEALER DECK (without aerith): Undying (snipe, haste, drain) + KOTR (brave, boost, faith) + Hell's Gate (barrier, wall, regen) + Legendary Dragonlord (quicken + 30% ultimate generation). if you drop dragonlord and have a lifeshift, you have to use black mage's Truescale Staff or thief's Tyrfing weapons with Prismatic Starter +3 panel... this allows you to start with enough orbs to use lifeshift and then all your buffs at once.

BREAKER ROLE: required cards are BOOST, HIGH BREAK POWER + BREAK DEFENSE DOWN + ENSPELL OF THE RIGHT ELEMENT. Trying to be a damage dealer is gimping your group... stop trying to kill things as the breaker - let the attackers do that. Your job is to BREAK. In 1* and 2* fights, sure... have a single damage ability that will do over 9999 just to have in your back pocket in case you get a gimp group that can't kill things in under 3 minutes. But in 3* &4* fights it may not even be feasible to have on your bar unless it has auto-abilities that add increased break power % or resistances to the boss element...

Enspells are ability cards that give you the basic "attacks deal XXXXXX damage" effect - and that is what you want in order to either target weakness or use your strongest element bonus to increase the break damage you deal with your attacks. As of July 2017, there are summoned cards that replace the Pupu cards and can be augmented 5*. The magic damage applied to your attacks against an enemy weakness damages break bars way more than standard physical attacks do. Monks get enspells added by their monk cards of various elements (I prefer the AOE versions of sicarius cards for the cleaving as well). Cleaving is huge for a breaker, and there are many options to get that nowadays.

ATTACKER ROLE: required cards are 1. HIGH DAMAGE + 2. HIGH BREAK DAMAGE/CRITICAL RESIST DOWN... a maxed out 5* Trance/Berserk, maxed out -Force or -Shift card and/or just something with an elemental bonus of the same element as your primary damage ability. Your primary job is to kill things... your secondary job is to help break the yellow bar... if you can ONLY kill things, you are a waste of space on a team. If you try to do too much and be a breaker or self-buff a lot, you are a waste of space on a team. However... If you show up to a 3* or 4* fight as an Attacker role and do not have a single ability with the extra skill unlocked giving it access to over 9999 damage... you are terrible. An Attacker that can't do its job - deal damage - is the worst member on the team. Attackers can't break well, they can't heal anyone or use drives on anyone... the best they can do is debuff a little and get the yellow gauge to help the Breakers... beyond that you need to be able to KILL. Have a 4* or 5* card with 9999+ unlocked or please... please... do not bother doing 3* or higher Sicarius fights unless you are completing your quest and giving the other group members who are carrying your butt through the battle some magicite.

ALSO!!! so important... STOP TRYING TO OMG I HAVE TO KILL THE GUARD ASAP all the time... pay the F*CK attention to the dynamic in the group. If your breaker can break the guard in one round by himself, just be patient... let the guard get broken, help take the break gauge down on the boss a bit... wait for the boss to break or be close to breaking and THEN kill the guard. give your breaker a chance to lock the boss up with a break or someone in your group to apply a 2 or better action stun/slow combo to the boss so that the guard's death doesnt reset the break bar and cause you to start all over again with the yellow break gauge. That is just stupid, and as someone who plays a breaker... I have to say that is the MOST frustrating part of playing multiplayer in this game - stupid people who are obsessed with getting the kill. The purpose is to WIN as a GROUP in the shortest amount of time possible........ just do your job, but do it smart. And don't waste people's time.

DEFENDER ROLE: Required cards are 1. Some form of stun and slow... 2. Another debuff: weakness > debrave/curse > debarrier/unguard... 3. BDD or CRD break power card and 4. a Taunt See the Job/Roles Notes section The taunt cards released in May 2017 have at 4* ability level 5 something called a hexagonal Enhanced Ailments extra skill... this means that when you use the taunt on an enemy it will remove even the most powerful buffs! Ultima's Break Defense Up buff is an example. If you do not own a taunt card, do not be discouraged; there are plenty of debuff cards to use that will add value! A break power card is a very nice to have; I typically use Flame Fury (fire bahamut card), Earth Fury (titan earth card) or Punishing Wind/Ice (odin wind or ixion water cards)... This allows me to help break yellow bar and deal 50k+ damage per use against a broken boss, which can be pretty important at the end of a Sicarius battle. Your primary job as a defender? Believe it or not... DRIVES. USE DRIVES! Some jobs are healed by drives of various elements, and all are buffed with elemental resistances by drives... and all of your drives will intrinsically be spread to each of the other group members. This is a fantastic way to grant elemental resistances, buff and HEAL (use your life orb drive!) your group... sort of like a classic paladin heal/tank from many MMOs. See my discussion on debuffs to understand more about affects on damage:

TRY TO GO LAST IN THE ORDER. Especially when the breaker can't attack because they need to drive or use a BDD to get yellow gauge (sad, because that means the attacker is garbage)... you can go 3rd in the order if the breaker is consistently attacking each round and you can take advantage of the opportunity to drive or debuff/BDD/CDD and replenish orbs. You should be attacking every round at least once, usually two to three times... you will be the primary source of orbs for your group apart from the breaker who attacks to break the red gauge. The group doesn't need your break bar damage, and they shouldn't NEED the yellow bar damage from you (the attacker should be able to assist with that... you are secondary - only if you have the orbs for it and the group is stable)..

Another really important note about being a Defender in MP: equip a weapon with prismatic orb generation (reunion on Blood Anchor or Masamune if you have them is best in slot, but Dragvandil is free from MP shop and has good panels for defenders)! Having prismatic orbs allows you to have flexibility to use any type of ability or drive for resistances or healing - really critical for a defender to generate life or prismatic orbs consistently.
Job/Role Notes
Some basics... Look at your cards. You see the symbols that are a staff or cane, sword, dual-wield swords/daggers, 3 diagonal lines and the person with the raised arms? Those are card types, and only certain jobs can utilize them to their fullest effect. It took me a month of playing before it clicked for me... The Staff symbol cards are used by mages (white mage, red mage, black mage, scholar, etc.); the Sword cards are used by fighter types (dark knight, knight, warrior, mythic knight, samurai, etc.); the Dual-wield cards are used by ranger types (Ranger, Hunter, Thief, Viking, etc.); the 3 diagonal lines are monk cards; finally, the raised arm cards are used by anyone and represent buffs, heals and enemy debuff cards of various elements ("support" cards). Many damaging cards of any type and element have additional effects that debuff the enemy or buff you upon activation and are useful utility in MP... Cards also have different Attack and Break Power numbers... high Attack cards typically have low Break Power and a high orb cost; high Break Power cards typically have low Attack and low to moderate orb cost... area of effect abilities typically have a higher orb cost than single target attacks. Please be mindful of all of these things when choosing cards for your MP deck! A good deck takes into consideration cost + additional effects + elements aligned against your target + role purpose. This is true for single player and MP, but it is especially important in MP. Being able to use abilities quickly and when needed is super important, and you want to be able to accomplish with each ability activation the most effect possible.

There are always exceptions to the above... For instance, some Legend jobs and most monk jobs tend to have access to two types of cards - an example is the SOLDIER 1st Class job everyone seems to want (Cloud fanboys!). It has access to both Warrior and Ranger cards, which is neat for creating a truly useful deck and utilizing some of the cool event cards you can get of either type and still be effective. Just be careful you don't spread yourself too thin when building... Since SOLDIER is an Attacker job, you should still be focused on that role in MP... don't screw around with break, support and debuff cards just because you can use them... Build your deck right and help the group! Sicarius cards offer a moderate Break Power while having a very high Attack Power as well as a low cost. Not to mention their base Extra Skills and Auto-Abilities are especially beneficial against Sicarius bosses and their guards... As an Attacker, you should almost always have one Sicarius card (maxed out 5* ability level 10, fully unlocked...) in your deck. Healers... no... Defenders... maybe use one after your buffs/debuffs/taunts are loaded and you want a card to help break yellow gauges and don't have one of the various AOE BDD or CRD cards (each of which are better options and should be your goal). Keep your eyes open for new events that have unique cards available and save your summon tickets for them! Sometimes there are some real gems (FFXV Gladiolus was an AOE earth taunt + curse debuff card... that dealt damage... was a support card with quick cast... insane for defenders with access to earth), and you don't want to miss out on the limited time availability.

Healers can cast support on other people in the group, Defenders can use drives on others. Breakers and Attackers can only affect themselves and enemies with buffs, but their attacks or abilities can charge the group's ultimate gauges.

You can also tell what you are able to do on a given job, what their elemental affinity/damage bonus is and what their starting orbs and automatic latent buffs are if you go to the Decks menu and click the tiny blue "Auto" box under the job picture on the left... this will display all the active bonuses applied to your character based on cards, custom skills, job abilities, etc. Note: in MP you have additional passive bonuses (look at your job card, scroll to the right to your active abilities... note at the very bottom the 2 bonuses). Example:

Ranger (pulled job not neophyte garbage starter job): clutch boost, clutch drain, clutch regen, enhance wind +150% (!), resist wind +45%, elemental starter +16 (max orbs right from the start), extended break 4, avert stun +50%, avert action loss +50%, job change shift: wind, job change recast: 4 turns, area ultimate charge: normal attacks, break power up +50% (!)

So you'd choose a ranger if you are fighting Hashmal as your preferred breaker... they have boosted break power, have a bonus to wind damage (which affects wind pupu/wind force additional damage... which affects breaking even more against the weakness of an enemy such as Hashmal, an earth elemental!)... it also means that you don't want any elemental starter+ extra abilities on your cards because they are a waste... AND ranger has access to earth, so they are able to drive earth if the defender in the group cannot... so they die less easily.

Paladin/Knight/Warrior you will see "area element drives"... white mage, devout, red mage, dancer you will see "area heals and boons"... so defenders get area drives, healers get area buffs/heals. Use them wisely!

EDIT: having started this guide more than 6 months ago, I just wanted to add one more thing (probably reiterating from some other area of the guide... needs to be said though): It is fun to get the killshots. We all love getting the killshot on an enemy and making the big boom that is so impressive... but if you want that killshot, PLAY AN ATTACKER. Stick to your roles... please. The goal is to win a battle, right? And when farming, the goal is to win FAST, right? If everyone sticks to doing their roles and does them well, that is what happens. If you are a healer, buff people and heal them... if you are a defender, use drives and debuff the targets... if you are a breaker, break (i.e. normal attacks, buffed with pupu and boost)... if you are an attacker, kill with high damage, high magic. Don't try to do other people's jobs.

EDIT (3/8/2017): I firmly believe taunts for defenders to be optional in MP now with all the debuff options. Now some may argue that a taunt prevents others in the group from taking single target hits from the boss and Guard A... and I counter with "how about stun and slow preventing all damage?" Can you slot stun + slow + taunt? Sure! But what is your 4th card slot in your deck? Debarrier, Unguard or an AOE Critical Defense Down (CDD) attack that is the boss weakness so you can help get the yellow gauge for the breaker? When i play my Knight in 3* battles no one dies but the occasional glass cannon, and if they do i raise them myself with a phoenix down if it was my fault... if it was the healer's fault for lack of ability to generate life orbs, well... i will just keep doing my role and let them figure it out. Taunt is very useful, but I sincerely believe that on every defender's bar there needs to be a Slow and Stun ability because they affect both guards on every boss, essentially nullifying their ability to act for 1 to 4 rounds... stun limits a boss's ability to act for 1 to 1.5 rounds (meaning that extra 1 on the end of a 3 action loss prevents their single target attack action the round it can act again and it will only its aoe spell)... and if you are up against Odin and can't affect him with stun, you can with slow! and that allows you to stun Guard B so it cannot Esuna or buff the enemies! Stun + Slow are the essentials...If you keep your drives up, heal and debuff sufficiently you are actually helping the group more than if you slotted 2 taunts... I see a significant time reduction in fights that I'm acting defender with a balanced setup (and no crazy supreme cards making it super easy) compared to when I am breaking or attacking for another defender who has 2 taunts. 1 good; 2 stupid.
Mrow's Deckbuilding Strategy
This section is just to highlight how I like to build my role decks in MP... Lots of strategies of course, but these are my favorites that I find most effective.

Attacker (2 builds):
...Build 1, single element focus - target boss weakness
-Force card (of same element as your primary damage card)
-Event card / ST multistrike / sicarius 5*
-Break card (of same element of your primary damage card; currently I prefer an AOE CRD)
-Susanoo (berserk... 50% damage bonus, +15% damage taken... be careful!... ignition on both abilities and ultimates for another +50% damage on next attack!) OR Trance for your job type

*The strategy here is to use force and then drive out your bad orbs... then use break power card to get rid of the yellow gauge for your breaker. that leaves the same element orbs available for your main damage ability. If it is available during Break, use Susanoo/Trance to empower your first attack or (if no orbs) your ultimate. The basic strategy is to be able to 1-round kill boss when it is broken and have plenty of orbs available to do it.

...Build 2, flexible/multi-element well-rounded
-Shift card (of same element as boss weakness damage card)
-Event card / ST multistrike / sicarius 5*
-Break card (of different element of your primary damage card)

*Strategy here is to use both orb types to reduce boss break gauge, then Shift to your damage element when broken and spam away. Alternately, if you shift in one round and don't kill boss but have orbs for Susanoo, you can ignite an ultimate or another ability. Shift grants a x2 ignition (+100% damage) to your next ability... so shift + ability is huge damage if you are already berserked... if not, shift will remove all orbs, including life and prismatic.
Breaker (2 build options), try to have +4 Job Change Recast on your cards total.
...Build 1, event card optimal.
-Regalia (life orb starter, Job Change Recast x1 + 1 fractal slot for another JCR or break power +5%)
-Piercer (if you can use wind, this card is OP... see why below!)
-Knights of the Round (Boost, Brave, Faith for 3 rounds)
-Utility slot... for this slot I use something that will break the yellow gauge, can be either CRD or BDD AOE card depending on what you have available... unless you are a Duncan grappler. That goes here.

*Strategy of this build is to leverage the Extended Boons extra skill of both Regalia and KOTR support cards to extend the life of your healer-granted buffs as well as Piercer snipe + boost buff. I usually open using an AOE BDD + Piercer + Regalia... this extends the boost and snipe 1 round buff out into the next round, not to mention gives me Quicken buff for more actions going into round 2 as well... that is huge. As long as your attacker is helping get the yellow gauge, you now have on the target BDD (if applied with your break card before Piercer, should be 4 round duration... otherwise 2 rounds from Piercer) + 2 round CRD from Piercer + this and next round of snipe and boost + significant yellow gauge damage... and depending on how many drives and attacks you used first round after your buffs, you might have damaged the red gauge a bit, as well! Essentially means that you will be able to break in the second round if the gauge is red, because you should have 6-8 actions ready to go with haste up from healer in round 1.

...Build 2, standard breaker deck, nothing special
-Enspell of boss weakness element
-Trance of your job type
-AOE BDD, preferably targeting boss weakness
-Artemis (boost, 5 round duration + attack ignition at 5*)

*Pretty standard defensive + break power focused. Using Artemis to ignite your ultimate is also a pretty nice way to guarantee a full break on a boss (if your job's ultimate is good for breaking... most breakers' are except for Mythic Ninja, which is damage and utility focused... I would still use ignition for its ult on a broken boss for 400-500k damage, full bar of prismatic orbs and then prepare for the next round's actions). If your attacker is running AOE CRD and getting the yellow gauge for you, the boss should have CRD + BDD and be broken in 2-3 rounds pretty easily with the right rng luck on life orbs for boost and a decent healer.
Healer (many build options):
...Build 1, event card deck (I will mention Aerith, but if you have one I hope you don't need my guide...)
-Undying (Snipe, Drain, Haste, 1 life starter)
-Legendary Dragonlord / Aerith / Lifeshift
-KOTR (faith, boost, brave, 3 round duration)
-Hell's Gate (Wall, Barrier, Regen)

...Build 2, standard deck (works fantastic, even if it is super simplistic)
-Hermes (haste)
-Fat Chocobo (barrier)
-KOTR (faith, boost, brave)
-Alexander (wall)

*This standard deck makes me super happy when I see it on an MP healer, especially when there is a defender with debuffs in your group... it means I get a guaranteed 5 round haste and barrier that costs a net 2 life orbs total (activate haste = 2, refunds 1... activate barrier = 2, refunds 1)... which means KOTR is coming soon after for a net 2 more orbs (costs 3, refunds 1)... and then wall after that for net 1 orb (costs 2, refunds 1)... I mean cmon... you need a total of 5 life orbs to generate all 4 buffs, and the cooldowns on them are super short, meaning you'll easily have orbs to keep them up 100% of the time after recast. Super easy healer deck.
Defender... so many build options, and really they change based on the boss immunity and element... so here are a couple examples of my preferred defender jobs/decks vs the bosses:

Odin boss = heretic > knight
-wind taunt
-stun (for guards, odin is immune)
-Earth Fury (titan card, AOE BDD earth damage)

Shiva boss = scholar
-debrave/biggs ffvii event card
-water taunt
-Firaga Impulse (ashura card, AOE BDD fire damage)

Hashmal/Hecatoncheir boss = heretic > knight
-slow (for guards, bosses are immune)
-earth taunt
-Punishing Wind (odin card, AOE CRD wind damage)

Ifrit boss = heretic knight > knight > monk > scholar
-slow... debrave/biggs card if on scholar
-fire taunt
-Earth Fury (titan card, AOE BDD earth damage)... Blizzaga Impulse (leviathan card) if on scholar

Ultima boss = monk > paladin
-slow... debrave/biggs card if on paladin
-light taunt
-Earth Fury (titan card, AOE BDD earth damage, if on monk)... Punishing Ice (ixion, if on paladin, AOE CRD)
-Anima sicarius (if on monk, high break power + endark!)... Debarrier (hecatoncheir fire card, if on paladin)

Anima boss = heretic > monk
-stun (if on heretic)... ultima sicarius card (if on monk)
-dark taunt
-Earth Fury (titan card, earth AOE BDD)

*This follows my preference of Heretic > Knight > everything else as far as defenders go... Why? Heretic has a fantastic AOE high break power ultimate that applies curse debuff to all enemies... In a 4* battle, I typically have my ultimate charged by the time the second wave main boss starts, meaning I can AOE break both guards at the beginning of the round if the yellow gauges are gone, leaving only the main boss as a target for any breaker... essentially allowing us to 1-round break all 3 targets and then AOE damage blow them up next round for super efficient, optimal gameplay. Knight has great elements, with access to wind for stun and earth for slow, but its ultimate is just not as good, making it marginally less effective as far as utility goes... Just not a fan of the others for element combos and utility.

Since the release of the "legendary" debuffs, we now have AOE versions of these to add into the mix!
Mrow's Deckbuilding 2.0 (11-10-2017 update)
So the past few months we have had releases of some cards that change the game a bit, so I wanted to offer some deckbuilding strategies that take these into consideration for the truly high end builds... Some notes first:

Trance cards: these cards represent the pieces of Aerith that everyone loves... if you are a warrior job, you use the warrior trance card for a massive bonus to everything you do... increases normal and ultimate attack and break power and increases ability magic power. If you are a legend job or monk with a Lore ability (for instance S1C with ranger lore), you still use your JOB TYPE trance card (S1C would use warrior trance)... this will still benefit your lore abilities! *Thank you @Viktor*

Attacker: yolo damage build
-Trance card
-Susanoo/Orphan (berserk)
-Damage focus card (sicarius cards work as well)
-Force card (of your damage card element)

*Strategy here is ideal for a second attacker in a group made up of Attacker-Attacker-Breaker-Healer... you have zero value other than generating orbs and killing things... you can only run this build if the other Attacker or the Breaker have a deck capable of debuffing the targets with BDD and/or CRD + removing the yellow gauge. If not, revert back to one of my standard builds in the previous section of this guide.

Breaker: breaknasty build!
-Trance card
-Artemis or KOTR (boost)
-BDD card (preferably AOE)
-Monk Sicarius card... (for cleaves + enspells + break bonuses)

*The difference between this and my event deck in the previous section is that you do not have something that adds Quicken... which is unfortunate. Hopefully your healer has Regalia or Garuda or even Aerith to give you more actions... I think it is super important for breakers running this build to be loaded out with Job Change Recast on your cards to maximize the number of your actions in the first round... Your weapon speed also directly impacts that number; so having a highly modded weapon with a high speed + several JCR auto-abilities will ensure you get 7 or more actions in the first round of combat... if you have the orbs to power every card in your deck, you WILL break just about any boss in that first round (all but the BDD card are 0 action buffs, so you'd have so many attacks to damage red gauge)... really nasty. Really ideal to pair this with a solid attacker using a break card to conserve your actions to just normal attacks...

Defenders and Healers probably don't need the trance cards, as there are obviously more cards to slot that are better utility... I will say that my Heretic is going to love the new FFXII event card Ashe that does AOE stun/unguard and is powered by earth orbs... I can pair this with NeoExdeath or even replace it when I switch to fire mode, freeing up a slot for Debarrier and giving me more flexibility.
My Decks
Just to illustrate the principles above for attackers and breakers, here are my best builds leveraging all the neat cards I have accumulated/augmented and been lucky enough to summon. (just assume 5* because I don't bother running anything not maxed out).

Last Hunter (with Lightning Skin... 2400 break power + 6 JCR gives me max starting actions):
-Ranger Trance
-Belias/Bahamut/Famfrit sicarius monk card

Knight of Etro: Light mode
-(Noctis) Warp Strike
-Susanoo/Warrior Trance
-Bahamut Zero (Light Fury)

Knight of Etro: Wind mode
-Susanoo/Warrior Trance
-Odin (Punishing Wind)

Mythic Sage: Fire mode
-Ifrit Sicarius
-Fatal Stonega/Aeroga

Grappler: ...pretty much vs any boss, even Ultima.
-Famfrit/Bahamut sicarius monk card

Thief (with Lightning Skin... using Orichalcum weapon for ultimate generation in 2 rounds, able to wipe second boss wave of 4* solo no breaker help):
-Titan FFXIV
-Warrior Trance

Pugilist 1 (for group play): again vs any boss, even Ultima... I just kill her with my ultimate not Duncan :) ... apply NE debuffs, drop Witch's Kiss for unguard, shift and spam Duncan to oneshot.
-Witch's Kiss

Pugilist 2 (more balanced, gets the yellow gauge for breaker):
-Alexander FFXIV
-Monk Trance

Highwind: Dark mode
-Unbreakable Bonds
-Darkforce/Odin FFXIV
-Warrior Trance

Thief of Tantalus (Lightning Skin)
-Ranger Trance
-Famfrit/Adrammalech sicarius monk card/The Knight
-Wind Cutter/Ice Spur/Fire Spur

Bard: main heals (using Tyrfing with 3 prismatic starter unlocked)

Bard (Lightning Skin + Orichalcum): offheals
-Legendary Dragonlord
-Legendary Dragonlord

Heretic (basically don't bother swapping much and even use this on Ultima bc she doesn't get to act, so I don't care if I don't have light drive for defense):
-Slowga (moogle event card)
-Gladiolus/Elemental Taunt
-Ardyn/Unguard/Earth Fury/Highwind (unguard if I have a supreme or FFRK damage card in group, Ardyn for break power if I'm not fighting Anima... Titan for AOE BDD if I am fighting Anima... Highwind for a wind orb dump if I am in fire mode and need a stun to complement Ashe)

-NeoExdeath / Taunt
-Ashe (or hecatoncheir/bahamut sicarius card to help with yellow gauge)
Auto-abilities and Extra Skills
Some critical bonuses you get from cards that you slot in your builds include Auto-Abilities and Extra Skills...

Auto-Abilities (scroll to the far right on your ability card to see a list) can be added to locked slots using Fractals (obtained farming Pleides Lagoon on the different days of the week depending on the element). "The Best" auto-abilities to unlock on cards are... (the % scale from 1-5% so I listed only 5% as best, and I listed the abilities in order of what I think is most useful for each role)...

For anyone (generic best in slot):
*Job Change Recast (this is interesting... it adds extra actions during the first round of combat, and you max out at 8 total starting actions so +6 from this at max...)
*Auto-Charge Ultimate

For healers:
*Prismatic Draw
*Job Change Recast
*HP +5%... dead healers don't heal.
*Barrier Starter
*Regen Starter
*Veil Starter
*[Element] Resistance +5%

For breakers:
*Break power +5%
*Job Change Recast (I suggest putting 2 of them on Artemis so you always have the extra actions no matter which breaker job you are using...)
*Prismatic Draw
*HP + 5%... breakers be squishy.
*Magic +5% (helps with ability break damage on yellow bar)
*Boost Starter

For attackers:
*Magic +5% (for ability damage)
*Attack +5% (for ultimate damage or for Duncan/Yiazmat builds)
*Elemental damage bonus +5%
*Faith Starter
*Berserk Starter
*Snipe Starter
*Brave Starter

For defenders:
*Prismatic Draw
*HP +5%
*Break Power +5%
*Resist [element] +5%
*Magic +5%

Extra Skills, on the other hand, come along with upgrading your card ability levels... and then need to be unlocked over time and usage.

Unlocking Extra Skills on cards - being efficient and effective:
So (mostly for the new people starting out, but also for vets looking for a neat trick i just figured out after 3 months of gameplay.../facepalm), you look at a card and see the Ability Level and then Extra Skills listed under that in icons that might be darkened... meaning not unlocked yet. The way to unlock these is to use them in combat until you see this burst of light around that ability icon that persists through the end of the battle and even stays there if you job change! That indicates that at the end of the fight when you are getting your XP reward a little window will pop up and show the next auto-ability on the list being permanently unlocked! in order to get them to unlock, hold your cursor/finger (for mobile users) over the extra skills on the card to see what the required ability level is... if you have reached that ability level, you can possibly unlock it! So load out your primary and sub job decks with cards that need to be unlocked with at least 1 support skill to heal yourself and go go go!

So how do you actually unlock them efficiently... it costs stamina to do it in mission areas on the map and you end up with a bunch of crap cards you have to sell or augment and dont really need... and you dont really want to go unlocking important extra skills in multiplayer because you will be garbage until they are unlocked (for instance, quick cast on support cards... or 9999+ damage on damage cards... you have to have them unlocked before you go into 3* or higher MP because you just be taking up space on the team and have to be carried by others... which isnt fair.)

Here are my tricks for doing this efficiently:

1) Use BOTH decks, main and sub, to your advantage! if you swap decks (or your AUTO swaps decks on you), you can unlock sub job slotted card auto-abilities as well! The glowing aura around the ability stays if you swap back and forth between jobs during the fight... ALL of the abilities that get triggered (yes you can unlock more than one in a battle).

2) Slot the ability you want unlocked closer to the top of your deck... the way the game is coded, the AI when using AUTO will always prioritize the top ability of an element type as well as that which needs extra skill unlocks... so ensure the card you want used the most is above others of the same element in your deck.

3) Read this thread in the forums... lots of theories as to how it works, but this guy did a ton of research... and it is quite possible what my numbers show below align with his researched data as a perceived method, and indeed i'm looking into my numbers as I type this... but for a good reference look at his research here or on reddit:
I did a ton of my own testing to debunk/prove his theories and I have to say, pretty darn accurate method... basically

So let me quick translate his guide into my own table:
#times to use it PER NODE OR MP BATTLE ability level skill# (attack / support) #battles 2 1 1 / 1 10 to 15 4 2 2 / 1 20 to 30 6 3 3 / 2 30 to 45 8 4 3 / 2 50 to 80 10 5 3 / 2 50 to 80 10 6 3 / 2 50 to 80

if your card needs ability level 2 skill unlocked (the first skill), you need to use 1 once per battle for between 10 to 15 battles.

4) Use Improved Skill Unlock bonuses! For every +1 bonus you gain 50% stackable bonus to reducing the number of battles you have to use a card in to unlock it. If I am using +4 skill unlock bonuses it gives me a +200% bonus effectively... so if in the chart above you need to use a card in 10 battles, 100% (base) + 200% (bonus) = 300% total unlock bonus... so 10 battles / 3 = 3.333 battles. For every +2 skill unlock bonus you divide the total battles by and additional +1... I know that is confusing, but focus! with the MP improved skill unlock weapons granting a base of +3, you can add +1 on a fractal for a total of +4... which means take the number of battles in the list above and divide by base 1 + 200% of 1 (2)... total of 3... so battles / 3 = final number of battles. So in my example of 10 to 15 battles for an ability level 2 unlock you instead need to use the card in 3 to 5 battles (really 3.333 to 5, so 4-5 battles)... and you only need to slot the skill unlock bonus weapons and cards with fractals in your MAIN deck, then fight only using your sub deck... use the card the minimum number of times per battle... finish the node... rinse repeat. Card unlocks. If you have questions about how that works, ask me or ask @Blue Aurora, author of that post (also posted it on reddit). Thank you Blue! fantastic work.

5) Finally, if you burn all your stamina in the world mission areas, feel free to spam 1* Sicarius boss battles... since they are so easy, other players won't care if you are gimping it up... use that to your advantage to unlock your extra skills. Once you have them unlocked, then go after the 2* or even 3* fights to farm seeds and drops.

Group Setup
There are 2 basic strategies I like to use when building groups... you have the standard balanced group and then the attack-focused advanced group. I will list examples for 4* battles.

Standard group (Ultima + Belias... light and then fire)
-Defender (paladin > fire mode heretic > knight > warrior > scholar)
-Healer (bard/devout > dancer/tactician > white mage > red mage)
-Attacker (Occultist > S1C > others... water + dark damage are great here to exploit weaknesses)
-Breaker (grappler... light/dark/water elements are perfect > hermit/assassin/mythic ninja > others)

*Without supremes, defender actually goes first and uses taunt card to remove Ultima's BDU buff... Attacker gets yellow gauge for breaker... Healer applies haste and/or barrier... Breaker applies BDD debuff and attacks yellow gauge. Ideally breaker is able to then break ultima in 2 rounds, but 3 is sufficient if the defender is running sufficient debuffs (slow, stun, taunt, etc.)... attacker should be able to kill ultima in 1 round with 2-4 attacks, ideally dark element. On belias, since buffs should already be up from the previous ultima wave, healer goes first > attacker gets yellow gauge > defender debuffs > breaker attacks. In a perfect world, this second wave is broken in 1-2 rounds, the attacker again clearing all broken mobs during that first break.

Advanced group:
-Attacker (yolo build, dark or water and lots of self damage buffs)
-Attacker (balanced build, dark and water elements)

*In this group you have the standard attacker from that first group setup coupled with a heavy hitter instead of a defender... in this group we assume that the healer is able to sufficiently keep people alive through the 1-2 rounds needed for the breaker to break, and that the attackers are able to do their job effectively. in this case, the yolo attacker may just oneshot the boss and that's all he does... the balanced attacker would assist the breaker. This is more risky of the two setups, but you will see more supreme users and high end builds preferring this for speed of runs over smoothness and safety.

Either way, the battles should not last more than 7 minutes. You tend to see 3 minute battles using the aggressive strategy and 5-6 minutes on average with the standard strategy... very little difference unless you are sitting on your PC for hours and hours grinding sicarius fights... then speed becomes attractive. If you are just casual farming, go with the standard group setup and relax :)
Sicarius Battles
Now... Sicarius Battles! (I won't bother talking 1* and 2* fights because they are basically the same as 3* but easier... 1* only has the Boss; 2* has Guard A + Boss... so essentially take this below as a baseline for how fights progress and follow the same strategy.) Note: in 1* battles you start with 4 actions; in 2* you start with 3; in 3* you start with 2... This is incredibly important for application of debuffs, buffing, use of abilities and drives and attacking – be as efficient as you need to be for the strategy to work. Obviously, in the lower tier battles things are a little easier. 4* Sicarius battles are essentially a modified single boss at 3* first wave, then another full 3* boss with guards in the second wave. These bosses WILL oneshot your group (defender included) with something called "Ultimate End" if you break them 3 times or more... they will do this every 1-2 rounds and wipe your group... this is precisely why you come prepared or... don't show up at all.

To give you an idea of how a 3* Sicarius fight usually goes, here is a round by round sort of rotation:

Player Round 1: Healer buffs, empties bad orbs with a drive/attacks to recover some orbs; Attacker uses ability to damage yellow gauge of GUARD B (the healer guard) and likely drives and attacks once each to clear up orb inventory; Defender uses debuffs/taunt, resistance drive and attacks; Breaker uses boost and/or a pupu as orbs are available (and because if the extra skills are unlocked, free actions to activate!) and then attacks the red bar to damage break gauge. Note: defenders applying debuffs... with a stun of 2+ actions, the boss will do nothing the following enemy round. So any debuffs applied will have a wasted round in which the boss wouldn't even be doing anything anyway... save your other debuffs for the next player round! Slow is the only exception... stun + slow actually stack, so the next round 1 slow + 1 stun action will be removed.

Enemy Round 1: Guard B (healer) will likely not be broken yet (usually takes 2-3 player rounds to get there), so it will either add a buff to the enemies or use Esuna to remove any debuffs added (this includes break damage debuff, so pay attention to that if you used one of those the first round... i recommend waiting until Player Round 2 to use that debuff to ensure you get the maximum break potential and to ensure the enemies do not receive an immunity to that debuff... which would slow you down); Boss will attack twice (hopefully attack the Defender twice if there was a taunt applied in player round 1) and then -aga attack the group, damaging everyone significantly... at least 2000-3000 damage even with an elemental resistance drive up (newbs under 3000 health are dead instantly); Guard A will also -aga the group for another 2000~3000 damage to everyone unbuffed... this could end up killing people with 5000 health to start... that includes most 7* players and some 8* jobs even... again, no newbs should be in 3* Sicarius fights for this reason. A dead player is a useless player.

Player Round 2: Healer will heal/buff + attack to recovery orbs; Attacker will use only 1 drive to clear orbs, gets yellow gauge and then attacks 1-2x (haste should be up at this point from the healer since it is priority 1... otherwise you have a bad healer or bad luck for lack of life orbs); Breaker breaks Guard B (unless they don't have boost or a pupu up... then you may end up into round 3 breaking); Defender uses debuffs, a heal and/or elemental drive and attacks last as many times as possible to generate orbs for everyone.

Rinse repeat this until Guard B is broken > Attacker kills it while Breaker switches targets to BOSS/Guard A... Rinse repeat until Guard A is ALMOST BROKEN... then focus the boss. DON'T KILL GUARD A YET!! You can afford to not kill Guard A and break the boss... Just keep Guard A debuffed with stun/slow so it does not attack... killing Guard A will send the Boss into its rage mode, upping its defense and attack, resetting its yellow break gauge... Altogether making things an exhausting effort and extending the fight by another 3-5 minutes or more.

I truly recommend just waiting to kill Guard A completely until the boss is either freshly broken the first time or even down to 50% health... If you can get the boss to 50% and then kill Guard A, you basically ensure a cookie cutter process of heal up, buff, break, damage... rinse repeat on the boss with a piddly little Guard dropping some damage here and there. Just keep rotating debuffs and keep your buffs up, generate orbs and be patient and it will be a win. 2 guards up = painful... 1 guard up = not so bad... only boss? It actually hurts more having just the raged boss than with 1 guard, trust me. Every 2 rounds the raged boss will virtually oneshot people with its area damage ability... and when it does the X version of its ability, it can end up as a total party wipe, even when fully buffed with barrier and drive resistance... My 7000+ health 8* Ranger with +350 health boosted Rising Sun X weapon (with like 8 weapon boost modifications to it...) gets one-shotted by Ifrit's Hellfire X even with Barrier and fire element drive up... Ridiculous.

So while you SHOULD be able to just kill a guard > kill a guard > kill the boss... sometimes it just makes more sense to kill Guard B, damage Guard A while breaking the boss... Break Boss... Kill Guard A... Kill Boss. 2* Sicarius fights are similar, but you can scale down the damage... Bosses that are using their raged X ability will be doing around 3000-4000 damage unbuffed (killing most 6* and lower people)... but with buffs you can survive through them with a heal each turn. For 2* fights just kill the guard first and break the boss; ideally you'd want to practice the break boss > break + kill guard > kill boss strategy with a good group if you can. It all hinges on your Breaker being good and your Attacker(s) not being dipsh*ts.

Couple guidelines:
-1* and 2* Sicarius fights can be solo'd by any 8* job with a 200+ level deck and appropriate cards. Should take 2-3 rounds, maybe 4 if you have low break power. As far as groups go, a good group should finish 2* battles in under 3 minutes... a really powerful attacker + mediocre breaker can finish in 60 seconds duo... and a good, balanced group with a second attacker or breaker in place of a defender can take down 2* in under 90 seconds.

-3* and 4* Sicarius fights should take 8-10 minutes (2-3 rounds to kill Guard B, 1-2 more rounds to break Boss and Guard A... give or take 2-3 rounds if your team works together and breaks boss before killing Guard A so they don't have to reset him and rebreak); a very good group can kill in as little as 3 minutes... I've only been in a few groups that did that, though I've been in several that have done 5-7 minutes. These are balanced groups of Defender (me) + Healer (usually dancer but devout and white mage are good, too) + Breaker (assassins are best at the moment) + Attacker (as long as they can target weakness yay). A bad group (meaning a low damage/wrong element Attacker or a mediocre Breaker that takes a long time or doesn't have a pupu) can take 10+ minutes... that is a LONG time and feels like forever... but that can only even happen if you have a good Defender + Healer, otherwise you are dead as soon as the boss starts whipping out X versions of their main attack.

-Goals... I think everyone should work toward building a complete 4-man group of jobs (you + 3 AI) that can complete any 4* battles in under 10 minutes. That means slotting cards in the right order, appropriate debuffs and buffs, the right damage weakness cards... complexity and planning, effort and patience farming them over time. This means you can literally farm pugs as any role, and you intrinsically know what you are doing. Go! Do it!
5* Sicarius Strategies
Disclaimer: I assume that if you are looking at 5* strategies you aren't a newb. No offense, but if you do not have deck level 300+ and LEGIT decks, you should not be doing anything above 4*. 5* is for non amateurs... bring the pain or it is a graveyard. Also using common wordings not writing everything out because I'm going to assume you know what things mean.

Adrammalech + Guard B (light) + Guard A (water):

Defender (Heretic, Monk, Moogle Suit or Scholar... Scholar can drive wind and water, which is really nice)
-slow/slowga (Bismarck FFXIV or Powie Yowie card are preferred but Yasha is fine vs boss alone)
-WIND taunt preferable
-Curse/Cursega (or Gladiolus card if you have it)

Healer (Hall of Fame white mage or a bard/dancer with prismatic starter tyrfing or tactician/devout with prismatic starter truescale staff):
-Hell's Gate/Tyro/Lunafreya
(i prefer garuda + hell's gate + KOTR setup, but you could use my setup of Lunafreya + Cindy + KOTR if you have the FFXV cards available)... healer needs to have 1 wall, 1 barrier, 1 haste, 1 damage buff... and a method for getting them activated round 1... or don't heal in 5*.

Breaker (Ranger or Assassin Hall of Fame are the best fits, but Noel and ToT work well)
-Hecatoncheir sicarius monk card / Titan FFXIV (enstone + cleaves)

-Force/FFXIV odin/titan/bahamut card... need to have a way to control orbs FAST.
-Break card (CRD preferred, BDD works... combo works... must get 30-50% yellow round 1 or people could die)
-Damage focus card... need to be able to 1 or 2 shot the boss on demand... multistrikes preferred, but as long as you have good orb management, doesn't matter what you use here... should be same element as your break card because you'll be using force to manage orbs.

Round 1... both guards start off with total invulnerability... this means you cannot break them, you cannot touch them. Boss is immune to stun and debarrier. Healer drops all buffs instantly... this is risky because if you kill in 2 rounds you are fine but if it takes longer, you may not have wall available for final attack or any way to heal group after the first buffs are dropped until the cooldowns are up in 2-3 rounds... this means the defender needs to be dependably able to generate life/prismatic orbs to ensure people are full healed every round. Attacker gets 30-50% of boss's yellow gauge... if you fail to help break yellow the breaker may not be able to break boss round 1, making the fight much harder and longer... Breaker... break. If you can't first round break a 4* battle, don't even bring your breaker to 5*.

If boss is broken round 1, good things! Guard B will Esuna or faith/brave buff... Guard A will cast Blizzaga or Debrave... without wall or barrier + water drive, someone could die if they don't have over 10,000 HP. Blizzaga hits very hard. On the plus side, the guards' invulnerable status that only lasted 1 round at the start is gone! leading us to...

Round 2... if boss was broken round 1, then the easy task of breaking both guards is up. Breaker needs to be able to do this alone... get yellow + 1 tap each guard OR if you are using cleaves, 1-2 tap both guards at once... you have to break both guards right now or this run will potentially fail or at the very least go on for another 2-3 rounds... at which point you find yourself breaking boss and guards all over again. Healer... you are just managing orbs at this point because your buffs are all on cooldown... go last with taps if you can to give whole group orbs. Defender... HEAL DRIVE + WIND DRIVE... if you fail in this, someone will die to the final attack... Attacker. Kill all 3 enemies. If you don't, the breaker will have to break boss again next round and then both guards in 2 rounds after that and then boss AGAIN the round after that... clusterf*ck. IF the attacker kills all 3, the group needs to be fully healed with 10,000 HP each with barrier + wind drive 2 or better potency... if those conditions are met, no one dies to the final attack and you go home victorious in 2 rounds... well done.

IF THINGS GO BAD... here are scenarios:

Round 1 break doesn't happen... boss places immunity on both guards, potentially 2 rounds each. Breaker NEEDS to break boss Round 2 in order to buy time for buff cooldowns as well as the invulnerability to tick down on guards... healer has no buffs to heal with, so defender needs to cover healing for the group. Attackers/Breakers with heal drives are a boon here, in that you can self heal by driving. Rinse repeat break boss > break guards > break boss > break guards... until at least guards are dead or all 3 are broken at same time for total kill. Beware the final attack, make sure everyone is healed and defensive buffs up.

Round 2 total kill doesn't happen when all 3 are broken... at the very least kill Guard A. you need to take down the attacker guard to prevent it from killing the group with Blizzaga when it is back up... boss will invulnerable both guards when it is unbroken, so if you don't get either guard killed in Round 2, assume you are just managing orbs and helping breaker break boss for the next 2-3 rounds... Breaker, make sure if boss isnt invulnerable that you break it in one round every time... store actions, manage orbs... be ready to rock. If he is every unbroken, break him.

Lining up breaks on boss and guards is hard after round 2... it takes a tight group with good decks and skill to make it happen. If you are pugging and not on discord or steam chat... I would not enter a hosted room for a 5* without first deck checking every person in the room for their player level, deck level and builds - if even 1 person is poorly set up, someone is going to die.

Couple mechanics to watch for...
1) Dispelga DOES remove the immunity to debuffs the guards have, but it does not remove the invincible. so time legendary ghost for round 2 when boss is broken. Heretic is perfect tank for that strat. breaker breaks turn 1, heretic just orb manages... turn 2 heretic goes first with dispelga to remove the debuff immunity + gladiolus/slowga + legendary treeface for weakenga... breaker breaks guards and attacker kills all 3 a little easier with the debuffs added :)

2) If guards die round 2 but boss does not, on round 3 it is really important NO ONE TOUCH BOSS if he is below 80% HP already... just drive and heal, dont even debuff him. doing any actions to boss will trigger an instant invincible and wipe all buffs. then you have to wait another round. just let him use his ult and get buffs back up start of round 4, break and kill him. if he is above 80% HP, however, you CAN break him.

3) If you deal damage to boss before he is broken and he reaches 80% hp mark, he WILL trigger an invincible on himself. You have to break him before you damage him or risk wasting time/causing a wipe. You can actually take advantage of this as a supreme user (rag or UB) - @TheOppressed from my discord Dreamer Society uses a strat on his double aerith + UB 12* dark knight that is a no break strat @.@! Use UB round 1 to take him to 80% and trigger the invincible on purpose... he will NOT invincible the guards turn 2, allowing you to kill both guards with UB spam... then turn 3 he is already at 80% so you can just kill him no break style. Really interesting strat... not for the weak :)

I wish you luck! 5* is fun, and finally challenging MP is here! Sorta :P We still have monsters among us...

Much love to Platina Valkyrie and his OPness. Follow him on YouTube and look for him at the top of every battle tower event ranking - he is the real deal. Also a big thank you to The Dreamer Society, Robbie Dagger's discord - you guys are what make this guide and my skill possible. :swardpwr:
Dreamers with the all defender 5* run lulz
So... you can now be super effective in Mobius FF Multiplayer!! ...maybe. You still need to know what you are doing and pay attention... oh and have a good internet connection :P Don't be an idiot and play on 3g on your mobile phone... Use wifi or play on Steam with a wired connection - by having issues connecting, it lags you and makes you run on AUTO sometimes or just not attack at all most of the time. This is a huge problem when 3 other people are depending on you. Don't waste their time and yours by being lazy. Do SOMETHING every round, even if it is just use a drive and attack last. Every attack gives the group orbs, so it is valuable.

Come prepared, play smart - and GOOD LUCK! Welcome to FF Mobius!!

Please rate my guide, comment if you have questions/suggestions or add me as a contact and set up some multiplayer runs with me! I am happy to come any role needed to help teach or just win/farm.

Thanks for reading!
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goredrinker Nov 12 @ 9:46am 
Have to add later:
The condition when guards are dead and you dont kill broken boss, adrammalech regens his yellow gauge... ANY damage yellow or red will regen him immediately to 80%, wipe all debuffs except taunt and give invincible status
goredrinker Nov 12 @ 5:33am 
@7ype-ZeR0 thank you! It has been a lot of work, but I like it! I was told to spread it to reddit but... I don’t want to keep it updated in 2 places. Feel free to spread the word though :)
7ype-ZeR0 Nov 12 @ 3:29am 
Nice, comprehensive and updated. Thank you for your hard work, I hope people will read this. The more good players we become, the better the multiplayer experience will be
mrowmrif2  [author] Nov 11 @ 8:04am 
goredrinker Nov 11 @ 6:59am 
My discord is 2 round wiping him in 90 seconds... faster than most 4*
Xiphure Nov 10 @ 8:09pm 
Everyone who read this guide remember this. "Stop" Killing 4* and 5* adramelech first and stop tryinfg to hurt the Guardians is called perfect defense for a reason. On adramelech X kill and break guard A then Break and Kill Guard B then go strait for adramelech. 5* is not like for normal 4* also don't forget about that last breath attack. You will still win, but you won't the the garanuteed adramelech soul.
█▓░ JINARO ░▓█ Nov 10 @ 1:15pm 
nice and great job, too educative and nicely detailed. thank you for the effort kapu~
goredrinker Sep 20 @ 8:31am 
yeah any element is fine, just pay attention to which boss you are fighting - if you have the same element taunt it will draw in the aoe and you'll take more damage. as long as you have barrier from the healer and drives up (and debuffs locking up the boss anyway), you are fine.
Badgerlad Sep 20 @ 8:19am 
so any element with taunt because i have a loxley but gonna see if i have anything else
goredrinker Sep 20 @ 8:09am 
on your HK, go with powie for slowga and vampire for debarrierga. you are missing stun, so go with legendary belial if you have one, otherwise you can use aranea (4+ spammable stun wind card from ffxv) or even nekomata for single target stun. then you need a taunt. those 4 debuffs are all you need for heretic. if you are in dark mode, however, vampire is not usable because it is fire based, so you'd have to swap in something like witch's kiss anniversary event card or just use Amon aoe CRD card to help with break power. lots of options.

as for weapons, you should be using the MP weapon Dragvandil if you do not have masamune from the FFVII remake event. buster is worthless to you as a defender, and the HK weapon blood anchor without 100 mods is even worse. works for the time being, and in the spring when we likely get a return of FFVII, and we will likely have MP weapons with reunion on them and/or masamune back again.