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Genre: Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Russian
Players: Single-player
Feb 15 @ 2:09am
Feb 19 @ 1:54pm

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Две очень важные ссылки
Release date: When it's done

It's a experimental classic 2D shooter with horror elements, inspired by games like Doom, Silent Hill, Clock Tower and Quake, with monsters, violence, searching keys and non-linear levels. And ponies.

All begins just as experiment, when i learning, how to make games. Now it my first big project where i realized my favorite mechanics from my favorite games, and i like it. And i hope, you will like it too!

A powerful magician unicorn whose mind was enslaved by the darkness, dooms the world to endless torment. You need to find pandemonium, where lies the most terrible evil in the whole world, and stop him.

  • Non-linear levels.
  • The game contains many allusions.
  • Gamepad support.
  • 4 different player control schemes.
  • The mental state of the main character.
  • Random events on the levels.

You can already play short episode i created for New Year. But it contains only russian language. Download here.
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Public Alpha First Impressions - Trigger Warning (I will be VERY VERY negative)
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Lola Loud ITA 1 hour ago 
This game is based on a new creepypasta.

Veskaida 5 hours ago 
Animations when the zombie things die is actually pretty good. SFX are alright. Sprite work is really well done and I also love the LOD in the backgrounds.

The characters in-game look fine to me. Realy don't think there would be much of an issue over intellectual property about the game itself, but the project's icon definitely seems inspired by My Little Pony. Maybe if that got changed, the project would be a bit more artistically distinct?
Ice 7 hours ago 
Я буду делать упор на сюжет, надеюсь он будет найс.
Rabbot32 14 hours ago 
First off, Hasbro would sue. Hard. Furthermore, what's the point of it being ponies? You could do the exact same thing with humanoid monsters and come away a lot better. In fact, I would argue that it being ponies takes away from the spook factor. If you're doing something just to do it, why do it at all?
Second, this is an interesting concept. I like what you have going on. But you're trying way too hard to be dark and edgy. The jumpscare-on-death is just pathetic. OH NO A SCARY FACE AND SOME GENERIC ALIEN NOISE, AHHH.
Third, other than a moody atmosphere, this has nothing to do with Doom, Quake, Clock Tower, or Silent Hill.
Lastly, I'm sorry, but this is going to get slammed from 'go' because ponies. Steam is a cynical market. You have to be REALLY good to overcome that. And, I'm sorry, but it looks like you aren't.
[Lords]The Dark Lord 15 hours ago 
У игры большое будущее, даже сейчас выглядит круто, с нетерпением жду релиза!
Jordy 15 hours ago 
Though I like ponies, this just doesn't fit. This is too edgy and generic looking, but with ponies shoved into it. I'll pass.
Augtism Feb 18 @ 8:59pm 
The animation looks decent, but the sprites look very cheap. Some of the enemies like the boss at the end also didn't telegraph their attacks enough, leading to what looked like a cheap death, meanwhile most of the enemies at the start looked just to be 'trash mobs' which would never be able to hit a player who backpedalled away from them. I also think that it would be better for you to go with something similar but not exactly like ponies just so you can get around any IP issues by Hasbro. I like the atmosphere, but take a look at games like Enter the Gungeon for a good example of controls for a top down shooter.
Humanarian Feb 18 @ 5:02pm 
Couldn't place my opinion within a comment. So, I've left it in the "Discussions" section.
Pinkie Pyro Feb 18 @ 12:31pm 
looks promising i will give it a follow
Trixie Feb 18 @ 5:19am 
It dont look that Interesting to me, but good luck for everyone else who want that Game.