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Iris Retextured
Created by Linny
Someone asked for more colors :)

These are retextures of eye-iris-blue.

If u want to use it, u should download VTFEdit first.

How to use these retextures?

put files into:

"Observer" Spy Prop Pack 1
Created by Astute
This is the first of hopefully many prop packs that I will be releasing alongside my workshop submissions. I made a fair number of props to help cultivate the atmosphere I was going for with my renders. Due to the number of props I have, I decided to relea...
"Observer" Spy Prop Pack 3
Created by Astute
This is the third prop pack, featuring large props and structures. I made these structures several months ago as part of a effort to make my own SFM maps for filming/rendering. I wanted a sort of film noire rainy-day european city feel to my shots. Essenti...
"Raincatcher" Spy Hat
Created by Astute
A wide brimmed fedora for the Spy.

I made this based on user suggestions that my "Observer" Spy set needed a hat. It was made as a compliment to the "Wetworker" raincoat. It's fairly similar to many of the other fedora's in TF2, though I do like how i...
[FIX]Ruby Rose - RWBY: Grimm Eclipse
Created by Frac-
Fixed the Ruby Model Mirabeau originally ported over.
-Fixed the Spine Root and Pelvis
-Something else, I forgot.

Use this IK Rig


RWBY owne...
"Wetworker" Spy Raincoat/Jacket
Created by Astute
A slim raincoat/trenchcoat for the Spy.

An SFM-friendly verison of my raincoat submission for TF2. It was originally made on a whim, as a 5th entry in my "Observer" Spy set. At this point, it is likely the most overblown item in the set, having 2 revi...
"Wetworker" Spy Raincoat/Jacket Rig Script
Created by Astute
A rigging script to help manage the hwm_pose coat that comes with the "Wetworker" Spy Raincoat/Jacket submission.

It is highly recommended you grab this script if you plan on posing the hwm_pose coat that comes with the other submission. It's nightm...
'75 Souvenir
Created by Black Eyeliner \m/
After the explosion of Mother Base in 1975, some metal frags remained inside Venom Snake's body, the biggest one sticking out of his head.

This is a "hat" for the TF2 sniper. Fits great with the 'Fifth-Month-Shadow'-beard.

    'Counter Ops Package' Set
    Created by donhonk
    Heres a quick upload of my 'Counter Ops Package' set, please check it out in the TF2 workshop too!

    'Mann of War' Set
    Created by donhonk
    Heres a quick upload of our Mann of War set, please check it out in the TF2 workshop too!

    'Scout Pilgrim' Set for SFM
    Created by donhonk
    Heres a quick upload of my 'Scout Pilgrim' set, please check it out in the TF2 workshop too!

    And if you liked this set, it would be a huge help if you showed your support by voting on the set. Maybe it will get added to TF2. Thanks!
    (Almost) HWM Aperture Scout
    Created by Pte Jack
    I received a request to redo the Aperture Scout I posted a while ago. To make it so the pack was removable and that his hat was the colour of the original scout. So after some revamping I decided to go one step further and tried to make the head meet HWM s...
    (Extra Voicelines) Heavy Sings "Bohemian Rhapsody"
    Created by TheSpyCrap
    All credit goes to "Gary Schwartz" (The voice actor for the Heavy Weapons Guy) All I done was convert it to a ".wav" file and put it on the workshop.

    Be sure to subscribe if you are interested or if you think this might help you out in future videos!

    (Not) Venice The Map
    Created by Triiodine ✇
    Yes that's right, you saw the title. It's not the actual Italian city of Venice, it's just some weirdo town with canals. Cool right?

    This is a work in progress so if ye've got things to say, things ye want, or find something that's broken make sure to c...
    *UPDATED 25/10* Lara Croft Model [Tomb Raider 2013]
    Created by ClinterinoM0 | C:
    A Tomb Raider 2013 Lara model with full face, eye and hair posing.

    - Fixed deformities on corner_puller

    16/10 Update:
    - Reworked double sided flexes for cheeks, lip corners, eyelids and eyebrows (with the exception of lowerer and brow_raiser). Rew...
    10 different sirens
    Created by FictionSource
    Reupload, the sounds should work now

    From Police to Ambulance.
    10 different sirens!

    I will upload more sound effects in the future,
    while waiting you can look at my youtube channel:

    11:59:59 - The Spytech Clock Animated
    Created by Pte Jack
    This one was quick and simple to do, so I thought, "What the heck"!!!

    1941 Packard Super 8 Sedan
    Created by Astute
    A TF2-styled Packard "Super 8" I created for some of my TF2 workshop promos.

    It's usually seen in old 1920-1960's Spy movies and other film noire flicks. It comes
    with a full interior, fully rigged doors, wheels, and other doodads. I modeled it with...
    1962 Gretsch Country Gentlemen Guitar (Read the desc.)
    Created by Gallup
    This is Cake Face's Gretsch from Gmod. I take no credit in making this model, I just wanted to be able to allow others to get this wonderful model without the conversion. If the model does not work, let me know!

    Please, make sure to check out the origin...
    2.35 : 1 widescreen cinematic camera guide overlay
    Created by Revzin
    Camera overlay for those like me who just can't figure out where the center of the screen is.

    This overlay's development costed $400000 and a Saxxy-nominated video was produced to test it!

    For 2.35:1 (1280x546 hd-based / 1920 x 818 fullhd-based) 'ci...
    2016 Gravestone
    Created by Astute
    "You will not be missed."

    Did anyone else have a bad year? At first I thought it was just me, but as the year crept on, things just seemed to get worse for a lot of people. Quite a few people I know have had plenty of hardships this year. I've ...
    2fort Dark
    Created by Rapine Davier
    I saw that alot of people wanted this and since removing lights in a map doesn't take to long I decide to supply what was not being supplied! Any who the map is mostly the same but I removed the sunshafts inside the spawn barn (because they looked kinda we...
    3 Modern Sonic The Hedgehog Poses
    Created by Fanic
    3 known Sonic poses now in SFM! More coming soon! Request them here !
    - You must use ApocHedgie's Modern Sonic model for it to work!

    3D Source Filmmaker Logo
    Created by Cmp™
    I modeled this for personal use, but figured someone else might be interested.

    Modeling, Texturing, and Testing: Cmp

    Logo origin: Valve.

    I realize it's not gold quality, but for my first model outside of tutorials, I'm happy with it :D
    4 Poseable Rooms
    Created by MrShlapa

    They're .mdl instead of .bsp, so don't look for them in maps!

    Red Menace - porting
    MrShlapa - preview images
    50's table Microphone [ColorSkript] [Rigged]
    Created by Snowmad
    Basic table microphone with a bunch of movable stuff. Make sure if you want it to move with it to parent everything together. Should be self expanitory. If not just ask and I will update the description with an easy to read guide.

    9MM [Killing Floor 2]
    Created by omgwtfbbq

    9MM from Killing Floor 2

    Original Model by Tripwire Interactive.

    A big simple room for simple things.
    Created by PrincessJunJun
    The title says it all.

    A Brush with Death (fall2013_medic_wc_beard) - Materials Repaired.
    Created by Pte Jack
    This is the material only. It will install to your Workshop folder and will not replace the original material unless you have given the workshop folder a higher priority than your TF folder in the Gameinfo.txt file.

    If you're still having problems, see ...
    A Delicate Tea Set - REVISED!!! Added Saucers, and a Basic Skin and is paintable.
    Created by Pte Jack
    Pinkies up, Boys.

    REVISED!!! Added Saucers, Rescaled the Tea Set, realigned the bones to the World!! A MAJOR overhaul!

    But for those that have already used the original in projects, no worries, the original is still here. You can blend the new into you ...
    A Glass of Wine
    Created by Revzin
    A glass of wine. Has flexes to adjust the wine. Unrelated to the popular Linux program for closeted Windows sympathizers. Apply rim lighting before use.

    A Head Full of Hot Air (aka invasion_a_head_full_of_hot_air) Material VTF Fix
    Created by Pte Jack
    This download ONLY includes the VTFs to fix the paintable areas of the Misc Item. If you find that the helmet is invisible, (as it was in my case using a AMD RadeonHD Grafics Card) go to your

    a rose
    Created by episoder
    who rigs a rose?!? x)

    original model/textures by drdean. gmod.

    additional $color skin.

    Created by Quin
    Please, don't ask why i made this map. im not sure myself.

    If you got problems with wierd lights at the reflective surfaces (Like the glass) type in "mat_specular 0" (without the ")

    ACR hood reskin (paintable!)
    Created by Linny
    Texture reskin.

    Can be fully painted using the color script. (For me paint rig works only on skin0)

    To use - replace the original file with this one. (Better make a copy of original if you'd back to it.)

    Hope you like it :)

    Afro Samurai 2 - Afro Samurai
    Created by NotTryHard

    - Face and eye posing via bones
    - 2 skins !
    - Jiggleboned body parts
    - 8 different bodygroups (check the picture above)

    Original models and game : Redacted Studios
    Second skin and lightwarp:HEAVY SHTOPOR
    After School Club Room
    Created by STBlackST
    Model of the School Club Room with stairway and hallway.
    Door and Furniture inside the room are posable.

    Original models by Tofu Soft


    Model was originally scaled for hl2 models!
    You can change the scale by adding "Scale Control"
    Created by Maestro Fénix
    Created by Alcor and ByNEET, I got the permission from they to port them into Source.

    Alcor created originally the EVA models for Unreal Tournament 3, and ByNEET the MP EVA, the Spear of Longinus and the Ooku for MikuMikuDance.

    The models (EVA 00 to...
    Alien Isolation - Motion Tracker
    Created by Lt_Commander
    This is the Motion Tracker from Alien: Isolation, it includes two skingroups (on/off), and bodygroups or the number of dots and the top clip.
    Individual buttons and toggles are rigged to bones, as are the dots. Have fun animating them!
    The model also featu...
    Alisa Bosconovitch - Tekken 6
    Created by JTeghius Kittius
    Alisa Bosconovitch from Tekken 6 in her "national dress".

    model has hair, eye, face, finger, skirt, and "leg jet-booster" posing.

    All Father Fix
    Created by Patrick Jr.
    If this does not work, edit your gameinfo

    Game tf_movies
    Game workshop
    Game tf

    Make sure workshop is above tf.

    If this gets enough likes/subs or whatever, I could fix more and upload it :D

    All Love & War items FIXED
    Created by Naizuri
    Before you install, you have to download the models from the upgrade here:
    Love And War Update Models (Read Description First)

    If you want to fix a hat for yourself:
    Almost Water
    Created by 6000 ANGRY BEES
    It's sort of water, but not really. And also it's a standard model so it can be placed anywhere!

    Skin 0: Scrolling water texture with fancy refraction effect and envmap.
    Skin 1: Same as above, except envmap is tinted to a water-y colour
    Skin 2: No refract...
    Ammo Bandito
    Created by Jukebox
    Saving Private Intelligence

    Workshop Link!


    Amy - Soul Calibur 4
    Created by KagiSFM
    This is a model of Amy from Soul Calibur 4

    Animals - Far Cry 3
    Created by Red Menace
    So yeah, some animals from far cry 3.
    have fun.
    some work with ik rig valve 3 spine.
    Model porting : Red Menace(that's me)
    Weyland Yutani:Extracting models.
    SuperCheater5: Fixing normal maps.

    Red Menace\FarCry3\Animals\asian...
    Animated Computer Lights [Ambience]
    Created by мяFunreal
    Various Computers from Team Fortress 2, edited for ambience purposes.
    This pack contains several computers that now have animated lights, that way the environment seems livelier. this was originally designed as a TF2 mod, but works just as good in SFM
    Animated Forcefield
    Created by Soldier
    A glowing bubble forcefield model with 5 skin colors.
    Update: Improved texture and added scale control.

    Animation from TF2
    Created by 8Yaron8
    Animation from TF2 from SFMBOX

    never gonna stop.dmx
    party hard.dmx
    pimp walk.dmx
    Animation Helper - Valve Biped
    Created by Mickyan
    Meet Sir Andy Helpington, he loves waterskiing and making your life easier!

    Andy is compiled with every single animation contained in Half Life 2.
    Mix and match sequences from different HL2 characters and then transfer the motion to your character of ...
    Anime Lightwarp
    Created by 9joao6
    Ever wanted to make your characters look more kawaii desu nyaa~, whatever THAT means? Well now you can, with our latest advancement in technology, the ah-nee-meh lightwarp!

    To apply to a model:
    1. Right-click the model > Add Override Materials
    2. Right-cl...
    It's finally here.

    Version for Gmod :


    Bodygroups :

    1 - Apple
    2 - Apple bite
    3 - Apple cut
    4 - Apple half
    5 - Apple slice

    0 - Leaf
    AR15 [Killing Floor 2]
    Created by omgwtfbbq

    AR15 from Killing Floor 2

    Original Model by Tripwire Interactive.

    Arceus V2
    Created by Syntax
    ------------PLEASE READ------------

    This is V2 of my original addon - I tried updating the original, however Workshop decided it had enough of my sh!t (even though I never gave it any in the first place) and, instead, broke the addon.
    So I've uploaded ...
    Arctic Uniform
    Created by Rotzlöffel
    After I noticed that this item can't be accepted to the game, I decided to upload it to the SFM workshop. Some people may be very interested into this item. Please credit me and write down the link of my steam page to your puplished movie which is using th...
    Arizona Green Tea
    Created by [HG] saintblue52
    Everyones favorite, Now virtual.

    Skull Dinosaur: Red King
    Created by UltramanUltimo
    You can let the Corn jokes fly free cuz I know that's what he looks like (Ultraman Kaiju in general are very weird looking). truth be told, those folds are actually armor plates that make up alot of his body. Red King lacks any supernatural powers beyond e...
    Army Truck
    Created by Jukebox
    TF2 Emporium Vehicle Map Pack Competition entry.

    Includes 10 skins


    Arno Victor Dorian - Assassin's Creed Unity
    This model was extracted from assassins creed Unity.
    the model is not final
    i still need to work on skinning the shoulder area better, and adding face bones.

    works with default valve ik rig.(note: for some reason it only works if you rename the ani...
    Arsonist's Emotion [Multiple skins]
    Created by Sync.
    Original item by DMY
    Tweaked for multiple skins, paintable.

    Arsonist's Emotions
    Created by Pearl Jammies
    Some eyes for your Pyro!


    Original item by DMY
    Ported and Reuploaded for use in SFM

    Assassin's Creed - Altair
    This model was extracted from the game assassins creed.
    The skining on around the hands is off and will be fixed sometime in the future

    does not have any face bones(will add them in the future)

    IK rig here----->
    Assassin's Creed - weapon pack [updated]
    I got most of the models from here: and other websites
    I rigged the models and skined them using 3ds max 2012 and used wallworm to imported them to sfm.

    All credits belong to the people of ubisoft who made these models
    more cr...
    Auto-Rigger v1.9 for Biped Models
    This script is used to help with creating the ik files for biped models. took about three days to write.

    This script supports 1-4 spine bones.

    IF your model is not a biped or is more complex then use one of my other IK-scripts :
    Automatic Pistol SMGs
    Created by [N-cognito]
    Automatic Pistol SMGs

    Original mod for Team Fortress 2 (made by yours truly):

    Has Clip and Slide Bones!

    Aviatrix Lara Croft Model [Tomb Raider 2013]
    Created by ClinterinoM0 | C:
    Similar to my previous port, just a different outfit. Original model (before port) by o0Crofty0o and Fear Effect. Original model design by Crystal Dynamics.

    Facial bones may seem hard to deal with at first but you'll probably get it eventually.

    Baby Turrets
    Created by JohnMcB
    Baby versions of the turret (0.2, 0.4 and 0.6x scale), as used in The Turret Anthem by Zachariah Scott.

    Used this in your own films? Drop a link below, I'd love to see what people have done with it!

    Direct download & rigging script available in http://...
    Back To The Future Delorean
    Created by Ted Wong
    《the model belongs to tale tell games , I exported it to sfm》

    HI it's me , Brandon l , I noticed some amazing animations using this model, I'm very happy to see that my upload is being used by amazing animators (my favorite is "DeLorean" by gm kaiser ) ...
    Backfire V2
    Created by Astute
    This is the SFM version of my TF2 workshop submission: The "Backfire"

    It's a wire-taser inspired miniature hand-held sapping device. It's designed around various retro spy gadgets found in old school spy movies. It features that tan-gray metal/plastic t...
    [D2SFM] HD Crystal Maiden - Arcana Model
    Created by ClinterinoM0 | C:
    High poly version of Crystal Maiden's Arcana model from Dota 2, with 2k textures.

    Staff (included) is required to be spawned as a different model and attached.

    Update: Fixed certain double vertices.

    Pupp(e)y not included (may work on later).

    [BO3] Perk a Cola Machines
    Created by ThatAverageJoe
    Perk Machines from Call of Duty: Black ops 3 Zombies
    Speed Cola
    Quick Revive
    Double Tap Root Beer
    Deadshot Daiquiri
    Mule Kick
    Widow's Wine
    Perk Bottle - Contains Bones for the Bottle and the Bottlecap, use the Roottr...
    [BO3] Perk a Cola Jingles
    Created by ThatAverageJoe
    Perk Machine Jingles from Black ops 3
    Contains the Original Jingles, Jingles from Shadows of Evil, The Pack a Punch Jingle and various other sounds.
    Made to go with this addon -

    [Bioshock Infinite]Weapon Pack
    Created by nikeon
    Some Guns from Bioshock for SFM

    includes RPG,Snipe,Pistol and Carbine

    [Bioshock Infinite]Crossbow from Episode 2
    Created by nikeon
    Liz`s Crossbow + bolt from Ep2 for SFM

    [Bioshock Infinite] Booker DeWitt
    Created by nikeon
    Simple XnaLara Model Port of Bioshock`s Booker DeWitt for Use in SFM.

    No Face- Posing yet.Might work on that later.

    Bacon Strip
    Created by SUIJIN ▽
    Makin' your SFM more delicious!

    emt props\baconstrip.mdl
    Created by Patrick Hunt
    Saxxy Notice:
    I'm not sure about these models since they are based on work of IO Interactive. "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" was published by Eidos in 2007. Eidos is now part of Square Enix and here's [url=
    Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) [Arkham Knight]
    Created by SD Justice
    I hope you guys appreciate this model. Too many textures. There are breast bones
    -Bone eye and face posing
    - Rig_biped_simple support. FINALLY!
    -Bodygrouped belt and cape

    Batman Arkham Knight - Scarecrow
    Created by MrShlapa
    Model comes with 6 skins & animated toxin on vest

    Original models and game : Rocksteady Studios
    Providing files and doing vmt stuff : SuperCheater5
    Porting:Red Menace
    Preview pics: P0nyStark,MrShlapa

    Model had orig...
    Batman Arkham Knight: Classic Harley Quinn
    Created by MrShlapa

    - eye posing
    - Face posing via bones
    - rig_biped_simple support!
    - 2 weapons props

    Original models and game : Rocksteady Studios
    Adding Eyeposing : Patrick Hunt
    Main porting : SuperCheater5
    Batman: Arkham Knight - Harley Quinn
    Created by Neverstops577
    Specialy includes it's bat!. BAM!!


    Yes it's already face posable

    This is my very first SFM Addon!

    Credits :

    Rocksteady Studios for the original models.

    Neverstops_ 577 for porting mode...
    Batmobile (Batman vs Superman) [Arkham Knight]
    Created by Scrubby
    "Tell me...Do you speed? You will!"
    The Batmobile from the upcoming blockbuster movie, Batman vs Superman
    Uploaded by Willi Miner

    Model by Rocksteady
    BAYONETTA 2 - Bayonetta
    Created by Sundown
    So after a couple of years and then some with fucking around with the model and sitting around waiting for nobody, I decided to finally release Bayonetta. Originally it was going to be before the end of 2015. That didn't work.
    Now we have Bayonetta! Only ...
    BAYONETTA 2 - Bayonetta Outfits
    Created by Ageha
    It's extra outfits and weapons excluding the Nintendo ones. What?


    Alternate SFM Download:

    GMod Workshop Download:
    Bed Side Table
    Created by The4thaggie™
    A simple table model that can be used as a night stand for a lamp or something like this where a character could prop their feet up.

    bed-side table.mdl
    Beep Man Texture fix
    Created by _sahass
    I tried a little bit fix on vtf, it's paintable now

    Bench and Grand piano
    Created by Folkye
    -Split bench and grand piano;
    -Each note has a bone and can be animated;
    -52 of white notes and 35 of black!

    Remade by Folkye;
    Promo made by Majora | Squid Week;

    Fixed rotation and connection bones;
    New 3 bones on t...
    BG-011B Build Burning Gundam
    Created by Mirbo
    Two Gundams ported in less than 24 hours! Woohoo!

    Here's Build Burning Gundam, a Gundam that, according to the director of the show, has absolutely nothing to do with the original Burning Gundam! Despite the fact that it punches stuff. And has fire-relate...
    Big Idea
    Created by hostilePacifist
    A recent TF2 hat submission of mine featuring a fedora for the engi.

    if you would like or wouldnt like to have this item in Team Fortress 2, you can vote for/against it here:

    this is my fir...
    Big Simple Room
    Created by GS96|GamerChick
    This is just a simple HDR room with a few lights I made as a test in Hammer. Use it as you wish, it is quite large. Maybe it will be good for showing off some of your items, or for random stuff.

    It has no additional requirements, all you need is SFM. ...
    Bioshock Infinite Props
    Created by IL a m Ib d a
    Props from Bioshock Infinite

    blood8407\sceneries\Bioshock Infinite\Barchair\barchair.mdl
    blood8407\sceneries\Bioshock Infinite\Bed\bed.mdl
    blood8407\sceneries\Bioshock Infinite\Cabine...
    BioShock Infinite Songbird Version 3 - Revised with 4 Sizes, Folding and Unfolding Wings, Animated Idle, Walk and Wait Sequences
    Created by Pte Joe
    Well I guess this will expose one of my other UserIds to the world... Pte Jack Here!!!

    I was playing around with some XNALara files and wanted to see if I could get one into SFM before I started a tutorail on how to do it.

    This was the result.

    Black ops 2 Perk Machines
    Created by ThatAverageJoe
    These are the new Perk machines featured in Call of Duty: Black ops 2 Zombies.
    This pack includes:
    Tombstone soda
    Who's Who?
    Electric Cherry
    Vulture aid Elixir
    Double tap 2

    -Update 1.1 (The Mob of the Dead Update)-
    For this addon the perks now ha...
    Black Ops III - XR-2
    Created by Jacob_LHh3
    "3-round burst assault rifle. Strong damage with a fast burst cycle rate." - In-game description

    Just simple export into Source Engine.

    Posable bolt, barrel, trigger, clip and few more elements.
    Clip can be disabled.

    Richtofen (and others) from h...
    Blacklight: Retribution Weapons Pack #1 (Updated)
    Created by ArcaneCadia73
    My next set of models from me to you guys, this time, it's from the game 'Blacklight: Retribution'. I stumbled across some of these models while on DeviantArt and thought "Hey, why not post some of these models on here when I get the chance?" And boom! He...
    Created by Tyrexchip
    This 999999999999% very horrible bleach will satisfy your taste buds

    Model Made By Me

    Model Ported By Me


    Update 1.0:
    Added 1 new skin

    Update 1.5 "The Malohn Crash"
    wut... update again hope it will never crash maybe.
    p.s ...
    [Avengers] Black Widow
    Created by nikeon
    Simple Port of Black Widow from Marvel Heroes for use in SFM.

    Just the model for now.No Face posing.

    Zone-Tan (Original)
    Created by Anfrien

    * Model and Textures designed by TDA, Anfrien, and Company
    * Revised by Anfrien (WinterMyth)
    * First render by Cpt. Sourcebird
    Zone-Tan (Filia)
    Created by Anfrien

    * Model and Textures designed by TDA, Anfrien, 1337gamer15 and company
    * Revised by Anfrien (WinterMyth)
    * Hairpin Blade by An
    Zero from Drakengard 3
    Created by Suigintou
    XNA convert by ArmachamCorp
    SFM convert by me

    copyright : Square-Enix and Access Games

    jigglebone for breasts

    this is the first edition of the model, more will come with alternative color, attached weapon and jigglebone for cloth and hair.

    As the XNA ...
    Zelda: Twilight Princess Pack
    Created by ian
    These models were models I extracted from Garry's Mod

    This includes a lot of things from Twilight Princess.

    These charcters belong to Nintendo, not me. I did not create these models.

    Z-Fighter II Game Console and Cartridge
    Created by donhonk
    Comes with rigged buttons so you can meme with the best of them.

    Cartridge by zobot
    Superb Beepman texture by NeoDement
    Rest by donhonk

    YouTube Play Buttons
    Now you can have your very own diamond play button!!

    And of course don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so i can get the real one. :3

    Version for Garry's Mod : http://steamcommunity...
    Xmas model pack
    Its Christmas time.

    Version for Gmod:


    Xmas tree
    lights - animated
    ornaments - paintable
    egnogg carton
    gifts - customizable size and paintable

    Xmas tree is b...
    XCOM - Plasma Weapons
    Created by Blobinet
    The default plasma weapons from XCOM - Enemy Unknown

    Contains the Assault Rifle, Light Assault Rifle, Heavy Plasma, Pistol (+Sectoid version), Plasma Sniper and Blaster Launcher (Plasma Rocket Launcher))

    Includes a couple of bones for moving parts
    XCOM - Human Weapons
    Created by Blobinet
    The default human weapons from XCOM - Enemy Unknown

    Contains the Assault rifle, Sniper rifle, Shotgun, LMG, Rocket launcher, Pistol, Medkit, Arc Thrower, Smoke grenade and Battle scanner.

    Includes a couple of bones for moving parts

    Don't hesitat...
    XCOM - Exalt Weapons
    Created by Blobinet
    The Exalt Weapons from XCOM - Enemy Unknown

    Contains the Assault rifle, Heavy MG, Sniper rifle and their laser counterparts

    Don't hesitate to message me if anything is wrong / you have a way to improve it !

    X-01 Power Armor - Fallout 4
    Created by HardlySeemsFair
    Here is the Enclave X-01 Power Armor from Fallout 4
    Works with IK rig (Valve 3 spine)

    - Bodygroups for each armor piece
    - Jetpack
    - Paint jobs
    - Toggleable glowing eyes

    Textures: Smug Bastard
    Previews: Smug Bastard, Kenway, ...
    Working Projector Model
    This is a fully rigged version of the projector found in the Source Filmmaker beta files.
    It comes with turnable reels (including an automatic turning animation), moving film, a toggleable light, pushable buttons and a posable power cord.

    ~~~How to u...
    Working dispenser screens
    Created by Pumkin
    Just a simple model of a dispenser screen to place over your existing dispensers. Just lock the origin bones in place and you're set. Includes a rotatable arrow.

    Fixed issues with lighting and screens appearing in front everything.

    To attach to a dis...
    Wooden Castle Front
    Created by bakscratch
    A Small set of a wooden castle.
    Its perfect for any sfm images or small animations.


    Winter Woodsman - Texture Fix
    Created by defski
    As requested by Pte Jack, this is a fix for the broken all-class hat, 'Winter Woodsman', aka 'hiphunter_hat'. The default Woodsman shows up w/o its tartan pattern. This version basically fixes that issue.

    Wine Glass Prop
    Created by Arby
    This is my first model I've ever created so feedback is welcome.

    So, I thought that it would be nice to share this thingy with others. I hope it will be useful. Sadly, my modeling skills are VERY limited because I just started to learn it, so for now th...
    WIM Miku [MMD]
    Created by Amine Izumi
    World Is Mine Miku model with face flexes, and controls for the skirt and the hairs.

    I SUGGEST MAKING THE "UNKNOWN" GROUP UNSELECTABLE. (since there are A LOT of bones for the skirt and the hairs )
    Wijaya Katana
    Created by fug4life
    Forged an age ago...

    Adaptation of Didik Wijaya's Katana Tutorial:

    Wijaya Katana Sword Model.
    Wijaya Katana Sword Saya Model.

    Please note:
    If you have subscribed to more than one of my workshop items for...
    Wii U Gamepad
    Created by Shippiddge
    The black controller for the Wii U.

    This is a prop. The buttons do not work, and it doesn't have shoulder buttons or a detailed backside.

    White Rooms
    Created by NumeriChunk
    This map has five rooms with three "inside" rooms and two "outside" rooms.
    I will add other environments on next upcoming updates.

    If you have an idea for a room, post it on the discussions section.

    Western Town Map
    Created by ✨SediSocks✨
    A TF2 styled western town. Includes Saloon and Jail with interiors.

    Now includes a night version by Hideous.


    Manual download[]...
    Bleach V2
    Created by Tyrexchip
    Tyrexchip's Masterpiece.......In V2..

    Model and Ported By Me


    Blockland Bedroom
    Created by Misterlegodude
    A map created from scratch by Marcem that's a recreation of the Bedroom map from the game Blockland (pre-shadows and shaders update)

    The windows are b...
    Blood,bullet,explosion decals,blizzard and fire embers
    Created by Dankvs Memvs
    Enhanced version of my old mod,now with more blood decals,small blood decal to simulate blood stain on characters,fire embers and a blizzard storm (including snow mist)!
    EDIT:a blood decal and wood bullet hole got this weird texture because my pc was glit...
    Blow Your Own Horn (or Trumpet) - Now in 2 Flavours, The Original (2 skins) and The Bellowing Bell (4 Skins)
    Created by Pte Jack
    Someone requested a trumpet with working tone valves. Well this one has flexing tone valve and the spital valves work as well.

    So, my trumpet model will now have 2 flavours, the original called trumpet.mdl and this one called trumpetbb.mdl (the bb st...
    BluStation - Console, Controller, Jewelcases and Discs
    Created by HTML_Earth
    Made for this:

    Console, controller and reciever modeled by Kattejuice

    The rest by HTML_Earth

    Bonk! Sugar Frenzy
    Created by Gadget
    Bonk! Sugar Frenzy

    This is a remake of my very first workshop item.

    o Scout Lunch Box Item
    o Tweaked mesh proportions
    o Jiggle boned slush and straw
    o New textures
    o Bodygroup for ...
    Borderlands 2 - Claptrap !
    Created by Blobinet
    Fully posable claptrap model.
    Contains some sequences.

    Borderlands 2 Loaders
    Created by STRλFE
    The awesome robot nuisances from Borderlands 2 are now available for your use in Source Filmmaker! Includes parts and skins for GUN, SGT, WAR, RPG, Badass and Super Badass Loaders. All skins are available for all parts, so you can create your very own Ori...
    Borderlands 2 | Angel + Siren Collar [LR]
    Created by LowRider
    Angel, straight ported from Borderlands 2 and into SFM. She comes with her default face bones and my Face Flexes that I've added so you have the option to use both. Her IK rig is called rig_biped_LR_Borderlands (download link below) and works with other Bo...
    Bottle of Wine prop
    People currently banned from using this SFM model: This-Is-Singy (unless you remove me from the blocked list)

    A simple bottle of wine, made in Pavia and brought to you in SFM
    Made by me, FULLY!

    Don't forget to credit us for this editing and to subsc...
    Bread Models Imported From Team Fortress 2
    Created by 9joao6
    The new bread models that rarely spawn from teleporters, now in SFM! Enjoy!
    Thank RedMser for that beautiful showcase picture!

    British Pillar Box (Mailbox)
    Created by Pte Jack
    As requested by Warmcanofcoke...

    Model was designed by johnny83 and is available as a free download from TurboSquid in .max, .obj and .fbx format.

    I converted the .obj format to valve compilant format and added the "Post Office" bump and a single bone t...
    Bubble Gum
    Created by Crash #TSTJ
    A pink bubble gum model from an earlier SFM beta. It is no longer included in SFM so I'm reuploading it for easy access. Includes sliders to blow up and flatten it. Perfect for your mouth and feet respectively.


    Originally created by Valve.

    Build-a-Boss [Possibly Outdated]
    Created by MixedUp
    "Cool guys don't look at explosions." - Saxton Hale

    Ever wanted to show off your character with mass massacre and giant explosions in the background? No? Too bad. Now you can, with the Build-a-Boss Source Film Maker session!


    Just open u...
    Butterfly knife opening
    Created by BlackFire644
    Animation for the butterfly knife aka spy's melee weapon.

    This is my first upload ever and i'm not the best animator so any suggestions or advise would be much appreciated.

    Instructions: Watch video

    If you use this in a video please send me the li...
    Captain Falcon
    Created by Sundown
    The famous pilot of the Blue Falcon, Captain Falcon has arrived!

    Animations are absent in this model, however it does include some bones.

    * Super_Smash_Bros_U\Characters\Fighters\Captain_Falcon\captain_falcon.mdl
    * Super_Smash_Bros_U\...
    Car Props (Consumer Pack) v0.51
    Created by Rush_Freak
    Consumer car props for scenebuilds, filming, and mapping.

    Many of these are scratch-made models. More will be created eventually.

    Models included:
    - 1995-1999 Pontiac Sunfire Sedan
    - 1996-2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager...
    Cassette Tape
    For all your Mixtape Needs.

    Version for Garry's Mod :


    4 skins:

    If you use this model in a video o...
    Casual Heavy and Medic Models
    Created by Doctor Birdbrain
    EDIT 10/16/15: Reuploading these models (which appear to be loading properly into SFM after I subscribed to my own content for some reason) in the hopes that it will fix the problem with the invisible textures. Let me know if they're still broken.

    My cust...
    Cat Rosalina
    Created by lilrobot

    Hold your appaws! The Cat-Princess of Space, Rosalina, is here to whisker you away!

    - Dr. LilRobot: Porting into Source, animati...
    Catwoman AC animated skin
    Created by Deus ex Nihilo
    Catwomans "animated" skin from Batman Arkham City.
    -face-, eye- and fingerposing
    -skingroup for normal and leopard skin
    -valvebiped standard joint names, for easier posing
    -Rocksteady Studios: original model
    Cessna Style Plane
    Created by Ruskeydoo
    Static map prop.

    There are some issues with the compilation. Seems to work on some maps and not on others. If you know how to fix this let me know.

    Created by Chaofanatic
    Created from scratch as a modeling excercise for my own practice. Took a lot less time to make than I thought it would.
    For the time being, you need to download this to make the envmap work properly.
    Civilization V Leader: Wu Zetian
    Created by Mr. Festive Dude
    The Chinese leader from Civilization V. Skeleton does not support the "rig_biped_simple" script.
    But it does fit this one


    No Face Flexes, but there are bones for his face that shou...
    Claire Redfield RE2
    Created by RELov04
    Enjoy! :3

    Face by me (^~^)

    * Face Flexes
    * BodyGroups
    * JiggleBones


    Claire Redfield RE7 MESHMOD
    Created by RELov04
    Enjoy! :3
    Model ported from XNALara

    * Face Flexes
    * BodyGroups
    * JiggleBones


    Claire Redfield REREV2
    Created by RELov04
    Enjoy! :3
    Model ported from XNALara

    * Face Flexes
    * BodyGroups (Accesories)
    * JiggleBones


    Clapper board
    Created by Snowmad
    Very basic clapperboard model with an extra skingroup for your own writing.

    Download the psd file HERE:

    Class Lineup
    I was bored so I made a simple class lineup. You might wanna change their eye position manually, and faces, if you want. And you can add hats too.

    Class lineup Session (Meet the Team)
    Created by Mio

    This item was not created by you (see below, I did not create it either), so you should not be using this for personal profit.

    classroom props
    Created by episoder
    sorta anime style... ofc.

    not much to tell. just a dump. i did those for someone's novel idea. but... well... it never happened.

    yes... inclusive. ryuko is now a prop. :D

    ryuko model credits: kio & win100

    Clementine - The Walking Dead Season 2
    Created by Slynch
    A non-facepose model of Clementine from Walking Dead Season 2.

    Credit to TellTale for the actual model.

    Colors corrections / filters
    Created by YoshiPoland
    Warning! subscription does not downloading files !
    Link to download is here:

    Colors filters
    Created by YoshiPoland

    Step 1: Create new folder and call: "colors filters"
    Put all files here

    Step 2: Go to SFM and make new Materials Overlay Effect

    Created by Christoffer395
    Catch up with the latest post-modern "art"!

    This is a map only suitable for post-processing chroma keying. It is a medium sized box with a solid green backdrop that can be changed to other colors if desired (see images). Everything inside the box can al...
    Colossatron (SFM Session)
    Created by 8Yaron8
    Colossatron - character based on Mobile Game

    sessions\test\test_collosatron.dmx - The Chestburster - Because You've Waited Long Enough
    Weapons Case Key
    Created by [N-cognito]
    This addon adds a custom weapons case Key based off the key from the Gun Mettle update.
    It's not exact, but it's pretty similar.

    Weapon Case
    Created by nano393
    A metal case made for promos during the Arms Race Competition.

    Water/Blood/Liquid Droplet
    Created by caseytube
    A simple liquid drop with 3 skins, one for you to customize for your own purposes. Comes with a couple flexes to deform the model when it's falling, landed, etc.
    Water is a blue, slightly translucent, reflective material, blood is a phong based reflective ...
    Water Bottle
    Created by λoghurt
    It's important to stay hydrated on those long runs so here's something that should help you with that.
    With Red and Blu skins

    WatchTower Night
    Created by JustSavage05

    Hello and welcome to the second day of my six day upload of different maps that I have "Nighted".

    Sorry for the unusal upload times! My SFM has been super buggy with the recent update. I downgrade...
    WARFRAME: Mirage
    Created by Fuzz
    Mirage model from ©Warframe.

    Works with rig_biped_simple IK rig.


    Models belong to ©Digital Extremes


    If there are any problems with the m...
    War Update Soldier Poses [READ DESC]
    Created by Bootiful Duk
    Sometimes the models will disappear after applying the animation to them. This comment I left a while back should help:

    "Follow this exactly as it shows you:

    The model will fly out of the shot somewhere, yo...
    War Update Demoman Poses [READ DESC]
    Created by Bootiful Duk
    Sometimes the models will disappear after applying the animation to them. This comment I left a while back should help:

    "Follow this exactly as it shows you:

    The model will fly out of the shot somewhere, yo...
    Wall / floor pack
    Created by zombiller
    Includes 12 models:
    1) wall.mdl................. have 32 textures, all textures have normalmap
    2) wall_iron.mdl......... have 32 textures, all textures have normalmap
    3) wall_tile.mdl........... have 32 textures, all textures have normalmap
    4) wall_woo...
    Connor Kenway - Assassin's Creed 3
    This model was extracted from the game ac3.
    There are two models of connor because i could not fit all the skins in one model

    if you need weapons for connor---

    ik rig here---------> h...
    Conveyor Belt
    Created by Populus
    Conveyor Belt Seen in the Robotic Boogaloo SFM short

    Includes a basic animation sequence.

    Cork Board and multicolored thumbtacks!
    Created by Snowmad
    Hi, we all like to pin stuff up on corkboards right?

    thumbtacks have different skingroups for different colors!

    Corvalho's Fempyro Beta
    Created by Corvalho
    A fempyro model I've beebn working on, figured some people would enjoy having it on the SFM workshop as well

    It includes some of the full body miscs such as:

    - Sub Zero Suit
    - Steel Sixpack
    - Scorched Skirt
    - Lunatics Leathers
    - El Muchacho
    - Se...
    Cover animations
    Created by TheFrozenMonkeyKing
    This is abandoned thanks to glitches, low FPS and lack of interest. If you want to make anything or fix anything for this pack, be my guest.
    Ever wanted that merc to use cover properly, instead of just standing there in a default pose?
    This pack contain...
    cp_degrootkeep without lights
    Created by Sgt. Sweetheart
    It's degrootkeep without environment and prop lights.
    ( only left 1-2 in unnecessary places. )

    Mainly for SFM use.

    Crescent Rose
    Created by BlueFlytrap
    I wasted over 2 weeks of my life working on this. It's still as useless as it started out as.

    A largely oversized and greatly re-worked version of 3DCustom Girl's original model. Complete with actual uv maps and animations.

    Includes mock up bullets...
    CS GO Halloween Masks
    Created by Joe Salad
    All CS GO Halloween masks. They in include TF2 spys masks, golden masks, Payday masks and masks only found in CSGO.

    Enjoy and rate If you like.

    CS GO Weapons and Knives
    Created by Joe Salad
    All of the weapons and knives from CS GO. They also have body groups for the silencers and the magazines.

    Rate if you like.

    They are in the weapons file and are easier find if you change the mod filter to workshop.

    Five Nights at Freddy's - Bonnie Model
    Created by regular germany
    Credit goes to I6NIS (I think?) for creating the model.

    Five Nights at Freddy's - Bonnie's Guitar
    Created by Opticle - Michael
    This is Bonnie's guitar from Five Nights At Freddy's.
    Don't expect too much this is one of my first models.


    I removed the old guitar and updated it with a new one.


    This guitar is probally not big enough for the newer FNAF mod...
    Five Nights at Freddy's - Chica Model
    Created by regular germany
    Credit goes to I6NIS (I think?) for creating the model.

    Foxy is not possible for me to upload until the OP (belived to be I6NIS), updates his files.

    Five Nights at Freddy's - Foxy Model
    Created by Expanix
    Here is it! A Foxy model for Source Filmmaker!
    This model isn't mine, I only extracted it from GMod.


    - Jaws Fixed

    - Eyepatch bone added

    - ...
    CS:GO PISTOLS (best version,over 40 bones per model)
    Created by Assassinated Bear

    subscribe to my account for more!

    works the best with my cs go weapon collection!

    some of the bones (most are for arms!)

    CSO2 Tr-militia Mila(LE)
    Created by Magyeong
    Model & Texture - Nexon

    covert - me

    ----- ENGLISH -----
    Mila has been involved in the civil resistance organization, penetrating into all cities. She usually disguises as ordinary citizens to perform the task. When fighting on the battlefield, she w...
    Custom Cubemap Pack
    Created by Hyperchaotix

    If you're a content creator like me, you know creative freedom is a wonderful thing.

    So I made some custom cub...
    Cut/Faceted Jewels Pack
    Created by Pipann
    Beautiful little shinies for all those shiny needs.

    Now on Gmod!

    Cute Suit for Fempyro
    Created by RedMser
    Yeah yeah, this is a super specific upload to put on the Workshop, but I can't be bothered to sort out all the different files to upload anywhere else.

    Hope you guys can put this to use! :D

    NOTE: The zipper is from the fempyro model itself, you have ...
    Daft Punk Models
    Created by TheBlueChristmasKid
    Models were uploaded to and then gmod workshop.. so then why not here??

    anyway credit to who made the actual models.. i couldnt find the maker's name though.

    Dante Sparda
    Created by Tommy Charge
    Dante Sparda from Marvel vs Capcom and wepons(DMC4)

    rig valve...
    Daria Morgendorffer (Beta)
    Created by Medusa
    LA-la-la la-la

    One smart girl from old good MTV show. This is my first model made so it is have many problems with rigging and faceposing.

    Дарья. Персонаж из старого сериал на MTV. Это моя первая модель, поэтому в ней полно косяков со скелетом и фейс...
    Dark Coldfront
    Created by Christoffer395
    Only 301 days till Christmas, might as well get ready for christmas evening movies!

    This map was edited by request, all lights has been removed, all self-illuminating props has been removed aswell, and most cubemapped props has been edited or removed, so ...
    Dark Hightower
    Created by ✨SediSocks✨
    Hightower with no lights.

    Darksiders: The Mercy Revolver
    Created by ArcaneCadia73
    And here's the second release, The Mercy Pistol from Darksiders. Since I don't have much knowledge on this weapon, or the franchise as a whole, I can't give too much detail for it; nevertheless, I do hope the lot of you enjoys the prop!

    Warning: Unfortu...
    Created by nikout13
    Deathclaw's models from the game Fallout 4 developed by Bethesda Game Studios.
    Pack contains 4 variations of deathclaws met in the game.
    Default Deathclaw model has 5 skins.

    Deep cover operator [Paintable Fix]
    Created by _sahass
    I tried a little bit fix on vtf, it's paintable

    Defective Personality Turret
    Created by Rantis
    Its naked :3

    This turret has riggable legs, movable eyes, eyelids and other things!
    Use it with the rig provided:
    Just stick that in the game/platform/scripts/sfm/animset folder.

    Degroot Keep Night
    Created by JustSavage05
    Hello and welcome to the fourth day of my six day upload of different maps that I have "Nighted".

    Sorry for the unusal upload times! My SFM has been super buggy with the recent update. I downgraded and now I am able to use it again.

    This is a map I p...
    Demoman Run Cycle
    Created by Spot on Steven
    My First Workshop Item!

    This is just a quick animation i did of the Demoman running. If you wanna use it in your videos, just credit me. Also, send me a link to this!

    sessions\The TF2 Run and Walk Cycle pack\demoman run.dmx
    DIO Pack
    Created by Critical Hit!
    Update 1: 2 more mouth flexes for Dio ( Small Smile and mouth irritated)

    Update 2: Rigged Steam Roller


    - Couldn't upload The World because of "unable to find mod path' error, go to the link here:
    Dirty lens
    Created by YoshiPoland
    Step 1:
    Right click on "Effects" next click "Add Clip to Track" and choose "Materials Overlay Effect".

    Step 2:
    Right click on "New Clip" and choose "Show in...
    Disco Ball
    Created by KamiXaqui
    Simple yet useful disco ball, for all your party needs.

    Original model [] by pnn32
    Texture and materials by me

    Dishonored - Billie Lurk
    Created by 64GIGS.exe
    Original model ©Dishonored ©Arkane Studios
    XNALara port by MrGameboy20XX

    Comes with a masked and maskless version.

    The rig_biped_simple IK rig works with this!

    Dishonored - City Watch Guards
    Created by 64GIGS.exe
    Original models ©Dishonored ©Arkane Studios
    Converted from .c4d files

    Both Elite Guard models and both Lower Guard models from Dishonored.
    Helmet and cap models included as separate models from the characters.

    The rig_biped_simple IK rig works wi...
    Dishonored - Corvo Attano
    Created by 64GIGS.exe
    Original model ©Dishonored ©Arkane Studios
    XNALara ports and rigging by MrGameboy20XX

    Included are:
    - Maskless Corvo
    - Masked Corvo
    - Corvo's mask

    His facial controls work, but as bones, not flexes/sliders. The rig_biped_simple IK rig works too!

    Dishonored - Daud
    Created by 64GIGS.exe
    Original model ©Dishonored ©Arkane Studios
    XNALara port and rigging by MrGameboy20XX

    The facial controls work fine, but they're bones and so don't act like sliders/flexes. The rig_biped_simple IK rig works as well!

    EDIT: Bump maps work and it uses ph...
    Dishonored - Empress Jessamine Kaldwin
    Created by 64GIGS.exe
    Original model ©Dishonored ©Arkane Studios
    XNALara port and rigging by MrGameboy20XX

    Her facial controls work, but as bones, not flexes/sliders. The rig_biped_simple IK rig works too!

    Dishonored - Granny Rags
    Created by 64GIGS.exe
    Original model ©Dishonored ©Arkane Studios
    Converted from .c4d file

    Granny Rags, the crazy (slightly cannibalistic) old witch from Dishonored.

    The rig_biped_simple IK rig works with this model!
    Face posing works, but as bones not sliders/flexes....
    Dishonored - Lord Regent
    Created by 64GIGS.exe
    Original model ©Dishonored ©Arkane Studios
    XNALara port and rigging by MrGameboy20XX

    His facial controls work, but as bones, not flexes/sliders. The rig_biped_simple IK rig works too!

    Dishonored - Overseer
    Created by 64GIGS.exe
    Original model ©Dishonored ©Arkane Studios
    XNALara port by lezisell on DeviantART

    The pious amongst you will enjoy this model. The heretics not so much.

    The rig_biped_simple IK rig works with this!


    (Now ...
    Dishonored - Teague Martin
    Created by 64GIGS.exe
    Original model ©Dishonored ©Arkane Studios
    XNALara port by MrGameboy20XX

    This includes a High Overseer skin too! Even though you never see it in-game, Martin did secure the position of High Overseer for a while, so it makes some sense.

    The rig_bip...
    Dishonored - The Outsider
    Created by 64GIGS.exe
    Original model ©Dishonored ©Arkane Studios
    XNALara port and rigging by MrGameboy20XX

    Everyone's favourite whale god!

    The rig_biped_simple IK rig works with this model.

    The facial controls work fine, but they're bones and so don't act like sli...
    Dishonored - Whaler Assassin
    Created by 64GIGS.exe
    Original model ©Dishonored ©Arkane Studios
    XNALara port and rigging by Mageflower on DeviantART

    The rig_biped_simple IK rig works with this!

    EDIT: Bump maps work and it uses phong shading!

    DJ Player & Mixer V5 Animated Texture Version DJ Prop
    Created by JDash
    UPDATE: Jogwheel + Jogwheeldisplay modified
    Model is not MLP/Pony themed!
    No Ponies included!

    A little guide is included in the preview above, to what skin setting does what, mimicking the real deal.
    Realife videos can help for reference.

    DJProps - DJ Booth
    Created by The4thaggie™
    This is a secondary model to my DJ Controller. It's a bit cartoony and not overly detailed Texture-wise.

    This is a complete reupload because I should have seperated the two models out and put them in a collection.

    Suggested use:
    I'd recommend thi...
    DJProps - DJ Controller
    Created by The4thaggie™
    I have recieved a good amount of positive feedback, favorites, and downloads on the version posted to my DA. I have decided to upload to the Workshop in case there was anyone here wanting to use it.

    This is a complete reupload because I should have seper...
    Doc's Biped Simple with IK fingers
    Created by Doc_ock_rokc
    Do your fingers tire you?

    Does flexing them all the time drive you mad?

    Do you really just want to poke things?

    Well you need psychiatric help...AND DOC'S BIPED SIMPLE WITH FINGERS!!!!!

    With this script SFM will make most Biped simple models h...
    Doc's Color Script Ver.Theta!!!: PhySide Edition!!!
    Created by Doc_ock_rokc
    Color your favorite hats! Color you least favorite enemies! This script works with almost all VertextLitGeneric textures!

    To use:
    Install script

    Apply with Rig Menu!

    Chose you color! from the autogenerated TF2 Paint colors to the custom Color picker!

    Doc's Improved Cloaking script!
    Created by Doc_ock_rokc
    What is that in the shadows?

    Is it a Ghost?

    Is it a Monster?

    Is it a French Madman with a Extreamly Pointy Knife?!


    With this script You can activate and color the cloaking process of ANY MODEL!!!**

    and i...
    Created by Mighty Night
    Dojo Made as a fighting arena.

    This is currently includes the main hall and a entrance way and outside area.

    You may require and content pack which the models, textures and partials need extracting into your usermod folder found in your sfm.

    Created by
    A freaking Dolphin. Picture here

    here's the Dolphins Twitter account


    Dome Shield
    Created by Soldier
    A Halo like bubble shield, with 6 skins and a flex for collapsing.

    Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden
    Created by Shinji85
    Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden
    Re-rigged and resized Dota2 Crystal Maiden model with Face, Hand, eye poseable. All items are bodygrouped. HD Texture with enanched vmt parameters
    This is only (with some changes due to sfm) a reupload of gmod model...
    Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Arkham origins)
    Created by Deus ex Nihilo
    -faceposing via joints
    -works with rig_biped_simple

    -Splash Damage: original model
    -Deus ex Nihilo: source engine port

    Dr. Schwaiger & Rita
    Created by Lt_Commander
    Here are a few ragdolls I've been working on, packaged together for easy downloading. Both models are built with L4D-era FACS controllers, so they are fully lipsyncable. They also use the valve biped skeleton and are preloaded with HL2 citizen animations, ...
    Created by Salad
    It's Dragan from PAYDAY 2. Rigged for Bill's animation set from Left 4 Dead 2, a modified version of which is included. Has seperate bodygroups for his mask and mask straps, in case you want to put a different mask on him. No face animations as of yet, sor...
    Dragon Age: Origins: Morrigan
    Created by Mr. Festive Dude
    Skeleton does not support the "rig_biped_simple" script.
    But it does fit this one ""


    No Face Flexes, but there are bones for his face that should do the job.

    Eyeposing now available, so...
    Dragon ball Z: Sound Effects & Extras
    Created by Fruztal
    Hi, this is my first SFM Upload, and this pack is interesing because any person wants to make a sfm video with DBZ Effects like Aura, Explosions, teleport, etc... and here is the SFX Pack for earth special forces, a DBZ mod for Half-life 1
    And includes a g...
    Duke Nukem
    Created by MohawkADE
    Duke Nukem Forever Posable Model.

    Hail to the King Baby! Everyone's favorite VG badass voiced by the Burly sounding Jon St. John. Complete with all posable limbs and face.

    Originally done by SN1PE and later updated by VLSN for use within GMod.

    Dust from "Dust: An Elysian Tail"
    Created by Sire
    I recently got this model into a state that's pretty much usable for most things, so think of it as an alpha release. I'm still very much an amateur at this, so if you have modelling experience criticism would be much appreciated.

    - It does not...
    DVA - Overwatch [With Mech]
    Created by ✨SediSocks✨
    She plays to win, apparently.

    Has HWM and all that junk.

    Now includes the mech and pistol, though the pistol doesn't have the magazine battery thing.

    - UPDATED 29/01/17 -
    - Revamped materials (Thanks Majora and BlueFlyTrap)
    - All non legendary...
    Created by Soldier
    Earth model with animated atmosphere.

    Ebola chan (Unfinished)
    Created by Eirawa
    This is it, best disease.

    Not finished, lacks facial expressions ( coming soon(tm))

    Made by:


    Don't be a pussy and learn to love humour, I hope we can have a properly organised comment...
    Edward Kenway - Assassin's Creed 4
    This model was extracted from the game black flag.

    eye viewtarget
    beard bodygroup
    cloak bodygroup
    face bones
    2 rigged hidden blade
    cloth bones
    4 presets: HAND,VISEME,BLADE, and EMOTION

    get the ik rig right here---> http://steamcommun...
    Eevee (Pokemon from Smash 4)
    Created by Neo Kabuto
    My first port to SFM, hopefully I'll have time to do more soon. The rigging isn't perfect and there's no IK file, but here's the Eevee model from Smash 4! The original model had some smoothing group issues and I tried to clean those up where I could.

    Electronics Lab Equipment
    Created by Lt_Commander
    A few small lab props I made up a bit back, I figure they'll fit the new workshop quite well. They're just nice little background set dressing for a laboratory, and if you're an electrical engineer, you'll probably appreciate the accuracy of the models.
    Enhanced FNAF Map
    Created by 🎄Termishi🎄
    Its a Session!

    [PROJECT CLOSED] (No updates)

    You need this Map:

    - All Cameras, like the Game
    - Posable Foxy Curtain
    - Flashlights
    - Movebale Safety ...
    End Of The Line Props
    Created by Rebbacus
    What is End of the Line?
    Some nerd made a video about trains and cats in TF2 and Valve noticed. It got an official update focused around it. Pretty swanky.
    Here's some props from the video! Ooh, it's g...
    End of the Line Unusual Effects
    Created by GamingTaco
    That's right, you can have a flaming rubber duckie fly around your head in your SFM works, just like in real life Team Fortress 2!

    NOTE: The eotl_orbiting_burning_duck was acting wonky, so you have to use the three duck particle...
    English PhoneBox V.II (Not quite complete but enough to use)
    Created by Pte Jack
    As requested by Warmcanofcoke...

    Model was submitted to by 3dregenerator in .obj format. There were no materials and it required a lot of rework to get it into SFM. It is not quite finished, but I know of some ppl who really require something ...
    Enhanced Balloonicorn v1.1
    Created by EmperorFaiz.ogg
    Ladies and gentlemen, your beloved lovable adorable floating plushie is now a living majestic creature and ready to spread some love with extra unusual sparkles.

    -Now with bones. You can pose her around like one of your French girls.
    -More skins with e...
    Enhanced Default Scout Hat
    Created by ✨SediSocks✨
    - Higher poly
    - Cap peak is rigged so it can be animated.

    I made this because the normal one uses a total of 2 tris. (Also I know you people like things that can jiggle)

    This one doesn't include the headset, but it's more fa...
    TF2 Enhanced Female Engineer
    Created by Maxxy
    "Introducing the Enhanced Female Engineer!

    Whoever says women aren't meant for the battlefield has never had a run-in with this handy gal. She's more than capable of taking care of any threat you send her way with her own special brand of southern ho
    Enhanced Hydra
    Created by Rantis
    This Hydra model is fully compatible with sfm and features new textures with phong and rimlighting!

    Enhanced Ivan The Inedible
    Created by Taco
    This is an enhanced version of TF2's Ivan The Inedible, originally contributed by Ertz, ToxicWeasel, and Dim.

    The model is over twice the polycount of the original with extended bone support for facial and body posing. It also supports the Color Script,...
    Enhanced Mil MI-8 Helicopter from Ep 2
    Created by mlisty2
    Posable cockpit doors, side doors, rear doors, control sticks, winches, rotors, landing gear
    2 types of rotor, flight ready and folded
    Cabin interior

    Bug reports and suggestions are welcomed in the discussions section.

    Made landin...
    Enhanced MVM Bomb
    Created by Chaofanatic
    It's the mvm bomb! However this one has all the frills that the tank model comes with, a blue skin, and no holes drilled in the side. In addition to this, you are now able to move all of the cylinders used for the arming mechanism as well as move the littl...
    Enhanced Shooting Star
    Created by Daine Mustave
    The Shooting Star with a posable trigger and bodygrouped scope that can be removed.

    Enhanced Spy Items
    Created by мяFunreal
    Various items that belong to the spy, enhanced for film making.

    Knife and Black Rose
    • Arms posable (Blade is parent bone of both arms).
    • Lock posable.
    • "Helper" mesh to guide you in correclty opening/closing the knife.
    Enhanced TF2 Ambassador
    Created by R234
    Hi fellow SFMers! R234 here, with a request from Brodc2002, one with which I couldn't help but agree: the Ambassador! This one was a bit of a pain, but I think that's by far my best yet!

    Oh, by the by, I seem to have screwed up a tiny bit with the weapo...
    Enhanced TF2 Grenade
    Created by R234
    Hi fellow SFMers! R234 here, with a new enhanced TF2 weapon... sort of. Frag grenades technically ARE weapons, even though they're not used as such in TF2 :P

    Changes from the cut "W_" model:
    -Rigged lever (or spoon, whatever you wanna call it), pin a...
    Enhanced TF2 Bread Monster Jars
    Created by Taco
    The bread monster, and the jars he gets crammed in.
    High poly, extended bodygroup and bone support. TF2 idle animation included.

    Comes with Valve's original SFM 2048x2048 bread monster textures.

    Enhanced TF2 Jars
    Created by Taco
    Before/After gif:

    Enhanced models of Jarate, Festive Jarate, and Mad Milk.

    Polycount is upped to about 2.5x the default, and each model has extended bone and bodygroup control for caps, corks, and the content...
    Enhanced TF2 MVM Bot Models
    Created by NeoDement
    Improves the bots from MVM in many ways!

    -Adds bodygroups to the bots, just like the human players have. This allows you take off their default hats, hide their feet etc (to equip cosmetics).

    -Reshapes the bot heads to be closer to the players heads....
    Enhanced TF2 Pistol
    Created by R234
    Hi fellow SFMers! R234 here, and I'm proud to present my very first modeling project!

    Were you ever annoyed by the fact the stock TF2 pistol has no moving parts aside from the magazine? Well, I was, but this is a thing of the past, now that I took upon ...
    Enhanced TF2 Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
    Created by R234
    Hi fellow SFMers! R234 here, with yet another enhanced TF2 weapon! This time I took care of the Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol. The ejection port has the same physical impracticability as the stock Pistol, but with my newfound knowledge of deforming armatures,...
    Enhanced TF2 Revolver
    Created by R234
    Hi fellow SFMers! R234 here, with a request from Doeugr: the stock Revolver. I had some spare time this weekend so I thought I'd make it happen. Surely it'll come in handy to a lot of people.

    Changes from the base "C_" model:
    -Modeled crane
    -Rigged ...
    Enhanced TF2 Skeleton
    Created by Chaofanatic
    An enhanced skeleton from TF2's Scream Fortress 2013 event. It's got a generally higher polycount as well as improved rigging on the ribs, toes, and fingers, as well as a movable jawbone. It's also got a multitude of bodygroups for almost every bone, so go...
    Enhanced TF2 Sniper Rifle
    Created by R234
    Hi fellow SFMers! R234 here, with an enhanced Sniper Rifle. This one was requested a few times, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

    For a while I was on the fence on whether I should leave the bolt as it is, or make it function as in real life. Then I tol...
    Enhanced TF2 Widowmaker
    Created by R234
    Hi fellow SFMers! R234 here, with the second entry in my personal line of enhanced Team Fortress 2 weapons, the Widowmaker! I happened to check the model in Blender, and surprisingly the magazine was already mostly set up to be detachable.

    Changes from ...
    Created by Nepped Waifu
    Here she is! Etna from the popular series Disgaea, her model is from Trinity Universe. She comes with multiple faces but unfortunately only one eye bodygroup. Prinny will be coming next, dood.

    Game: Trinity Universe

    Model: Etna

    MMD Port: Hanaminas...
    Created by Tyler
    Evelynn from league of legends.

    EVMPC Daimler prop
    Created by Rain↯
    This is a static model.
    Rigged SFM Version can be found here:

    A Tf2 Emporium Vehicle Map Pack Competition entry.

    - Reference: Daimler Mk1...
    Created by Rain↯

    - Cannonhead
    - Antenna
    - Suspension
    - Steering
    - Wheels
    - Exhaust

    A Tf2 Emporium Vehicle Map Pack Competition entry.

    - Reference: Daimler Mk1 Armoured Car

    - Blaholtzen...
    Fishing pole
    Created by Snowmad
    Here's a tf2 fishing pole. Includes skin groups only for the rod.

    Final Destination 2015 Content Pack - Models
    Created by lilrobot

    • Super Smash Bros for Wii U.
    • Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and all of Master Core's forms!
    • Final Destination stage model and animate
    Fidget & Ahrah from "Dust: An Elysian Tail"
    Created by Sire
    At university I had an assignment to model a fictional character and a prop, so after choosing and creating these two in Maya I figured I'd texture and rig them for Source Filmmaker; pictured is the end result. This is the first time I've done proper model...
    FFXIII - Chocobos
    Created by Vyers Ametisto
    The most adorable, fluffiest and cutest creature in existence are there, no need to present them but i'll do it for the form, Chocobos :D

    They come with all the colors known in all the games (except for rambunctious and valhalla angel skins), they also ...
    Fender Telecaster (Converted, read desc!)
    Created by Gallup
    This is a Fender Telecaster model made by Festive Vintage Sniper, originally for Gmod. I converted it. This is not my model, and full credit goes to Festive Vintage Sniper. If the model does not work, inform me!

    Please, make sure to check out Festive Vi...
    Expialidocious Skies
    Created by scary
    Hello there you fantastic person! If you're reading this, you most likely are interested in the Expalidocious SkyPack, or as I like to call it, the Super Special Mega Ultra Awesome Alpha Beta Expialidocious Sky Pack. This pack includes a bunch of di...
    Expiration Date Soldier Sounds
    Created by ItsameWario
    Straight from Rick May's own Magical Mouth! Cameo by Nolan North!

    Expiration date\Soldier\You told me to..wav
    Expiration date\Soldier\You did not read mine!.wav
    Expiration date\Soldier\Yes!.wav
    Expiration date\Soldier\WE CANNOT TELEPORT BR...
    Extra Heavy Sounds/Voicelines!
    Created by TheSpyCrap
    All credit goes to "Gary Schwartz" (The voice actor for the Heavy Weapons Guy), the YouTube user "Sergeant Hastagazpacho" (the creator of the awesome thumbnail picture) and the people who recorded these and put them on youtube. All I done was convert it t...
    Extra Scout Sounds/Voicelines!
    Created by TheSpyCrap
    All credit goes to "Nathan Vetterlein" (The voice actor for the Scout) All I done was edit it and split it slightly.

    Be sure to subscribe if you are interested or if you think this might help you out in future videos!

    Have fun and have a great day. :)

    Created by The Animator
    This is simply a sphere with the eyeball shader applied to it so that you can have more control over your eyes. It has 13 different materials to choose from:

    1 - TF2 Brown
    2 - TF2 Blue
    3 - TF2 Green
    4 - HL2 Alyx
    5 - HL2 Breen
    6 - HL2 Eli
    7 - HL2 G...
    Eyelander Scabbard
    Created by F3571\/3gamer15
    Welp, just for the Saxxies, I've brefily emerged from retirement to make some stuff for SFM. I wasn't exactly a fan of how the Demoknight had his sword crudely glued to his back, so here's a much more proper way for Demoman to stow away his Eyelander sword...
    Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood
    These 2 models was extracted from the game Assassin's Creed 2 & Brotherhood.

    The scale of the model is a bit off but sfm scaleing should fix that. The model is also a bit rough around the edges so dont expect this to be the final version
    *Things i pla...
    Fallout 4 10MM
    Created by black winged gull
    Title explains it well, 10MM pistol from Fallout 4 with various bones and bodygroups for customizability.


    models\Red Menace\Fallout4\Props\10mmpistol.mdl

    Red Menace\Fallout4\Props\10mmpistol.mdl
    Fallout 4 Vertibird
    Created by black winged gull
    As the title says, the Vertibird from Fallout 4. Has bodygroups and bones for various features such as the skyhook, paint jobs, doors and landing gear.


    Red Menace: Porting
    Nikout: Shader work
    Sadeast: Previews
    Smug Bastard: Previews
    Me: Uploadin...
    Fallout Weapons pack!(part 1)
    Created by Pounder

    This is a complete weapon models from Fallout 3 and New Vegas!

    For your Fallout sfm experience!

    Inside are:

    energy weapons
    heavy weapons
    mellee weapons
    And More!!!!
    (There are even weapons I didn't know that are in the gam...
    Fancy Sky Particle V1
    Created by Tyler
    Hello! This is a Sky particle I created with help from one of Zachariah Scotts excellent tutorials. You will need the dota 2 assets installed. The sky can be easily manipulated with basic knowledge about particle systems. If you have any questions or i...
    Fazbears Family Pizza
    Created by Jinxyfied
    This is the map for the populer Five Nights At Freddys

    Have fun.

    If prompted to Replace Files do so or you will get Error's

    Back Storage room (FNAF 3 MINIGAME MAP)
    Bigger Basement

    Female Spy Voice Pack
    Created by Sir_MikhailW
    READ THIS!!: i am not putting the model, ask the creator of the model too. stop asking.

    All credit goes to DustyOldRoses and other that helped make these sounds

    Original Sound Pack for TF2 -

    SteamPipe Sound...
    Femme Scout Voice Pack
    Created by Sir_MikhailW
    All credit goes to DustyOldRoses and others that helped make these sounds

    For the ones asking, i can not add the Female Scout Model, Maxofs2d does not like the workshop so he will not add it, thank you :D

    Original Sound Pack made by DustyOldRoses for...
    FemMedic Robot
    Created by R.O.B.-Bot
    The robotic counterpart to the FemMedic
    Includes HD textures, including RED/BLU Uber
    Works with Bot_Medic Animations

    TF2 MvM Mod:

    Femscout Bobhair
    Created by EmperorFaiz.ogg
    Just an ordinary bobhair for femscout or anyone.
    Paintable (not yet)
    Lotsa bones (Too lazy to add jinglebones but hopefully soon, eventually)

    The model is requested by Brookie for his upcoming Saxxy video and fully created by yours truly.

    Femscout Jacket
    Link of the right femscout:

    A jacket for femscout.
    UPDATE: added the MaxOfs2D-compatible version
    Featuring three skin styles: Normal, Wolf and Biker
    Featuring two model style...
    Femscout's Apartment, Version 2!
    Created by SmoggyLamb49
    Now serving over 4,000 subscribers!
    Now it's been put in a collection so that you can subscribe to this and other prerequisites at the same time, so it saves time!

    Now YOU control what goes on in Femscout's apartment. It's like playing...
    Femscout's enhanced eyes [VTF only]
    Created by Linny
    Because girls need beautiful eyes!

    Edited eye texture. Should work with every Femscout model, as well as with other models too. To use it, you need a knowledge about overriding materials within SFM.

    FemSpy Robot
    Created by R.O.B.-Bot
    Hopefully in working order, the robotic counterpart to the FemSpy
    Includes model with 6 skins (RED+Uber, BLU+Uber, GRAY+Uber), Bodygroups for the hood armor and "Glasses"
    and GateBot Hat model
    Retains default skeleton, can import spy animations and work...
    Fender Stratocasters (Converted, read desc!)
    Created by Gallup
    These are Fender Stratocaster models made by Festive Vintage Sniper, originally for Gmod. I converted it. These are not my models, and full credit goes to Festive Vintage Sniper. If these models don't work, inform me!

    Please, make sure to check out Fest...
    Five Nights at Freddy's - Freddy Model
    Created by regular germany
    Credit goes to I6NIS (I think?) for creating the model.

    I tried to upload all the models as a workshop submission, but SFM didn't like that, so I'll have to upload them seperately.

    Foxy is not possible for me to upload until the OP (belived to be I6N...
    Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Toys
    Created by Splinks
    Aʜ...ʜᴇʟʟᴏ, ʜᴇʟʟᴏ! Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴇᴡ ᴀɴᴅ ɪᴍᴘʀᴏᴠᴇᴅ Fʀᴇᴅᴅʏ Fᴀᴢʙᴇᴀʀ's Tᴏʏ ᴍᴏᴅᴇʟs.

    Uʜ, I'ᴍ ʜᴇʀᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴛᴀʟᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ sᴏᴍᴇ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛʜɪɴɢs ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀɴ ᴇxᴘᴇᴄᴛ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ᴅᴜʀɪɴɢ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɢᴀᴍᴇ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ. Uʜ, ʙʏ ɴᴏᴡ I'ᴍ sᴜʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ'ᴠᴇ ɴᴏᴛɪᴄᴇᴅ ᴛʜᴇ SPECS sɪᴛᴛɪɴɢ ʙᴇʟᴏᴡ ᴛʜɪs ᴘᴀ
    Five Nights at Freddy's Animatronics
    Created by Splinks
    Hello, hello? Hey! Seems you've made an interesting stumble; let me fill you in.
    Freddy and his friends are are here and at your control. Think of them as your puppets

    They come with all the goodies a puppeteer as yourself will need.
    Such th...
    Five nights at Freddy's COMPLETE Sound Pack
    Features all the sound effects, dialogue and music used in FNAF! Enjoy!

    Five Nights At Freddy's Soundpack
    Created by seigfried
    A Pack of sounds from Five Nights At Freddy's.

    I'm sorry for what's happened since 2014. I take full responsibility for my actions.


    Night 1 Phone Call
    Night 2 Phone Call
    Night 3 Phone Call
    Fixed Bill's Hat Texture (No Spots/Marks) [Possibly Outdated]
    Created by MixedUp

    This is the fixed Bill's Hat texture for SFM, without the normal spots that can be seen here: They are...
    Fixed Carrier Tank Textures
    Created by VMan_2002
    Carrier Tank Textures Fix for Source Filmmaker.
    If you are experiencing problems, download the Carrier Tank Model fix.

    Fixed Scout Cosmetic Textures [Possibly Outdated]
    Created by MixedUp
    These are the fixed Scout cosmetic textures for the broken Scout textures I know of. This includes the backwards ballcap, the essential accesories, and the superfan.

    These fixed textures turn the broken, not paintable, odd looking textures into normal, ...
    Fixed Soldier Cosmetic Textures [Possibly Outdated]
    Created by MixedUp
    These are the fixed cosmetic textures for the broken Soldier textures I know of. This includes the tyrant's helm, the parka, and the defiant spartan.

    These fixed textures turn the broken, not paintable, odd looking textures into normal, fully paintable ...
    Fixed Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return)
    Created by Naizuri
    A material fix for the Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) or Demo Bonehat.

    First of all, you have to edit the file called "gameinfo.txt" located in "game\usermod\gameinfo.txt" to make this work.

    Then, you have to search these lines:

    Game |gameinfo_p...
    Flamboyant Flamenco - Repaired
    Created by Pte Jack
    This is the material only. It will install to your Workshop folder and will not replace the original material unless you have given the workshop folder a higher priority than your TF folder in the Gameinfo.txt file.

    If you're still having problems, see ...
    Floaty magic crap
    Created by Tsundere Celestia
    To make some crap look floaty and cool.

    Free + shipping and handling.

    Volumetric lighting not included.

    Make that stuff on ur own :p

    Fluttershy's Cottage
    Created by Discopears
    In this package is my fully modeled interior of Fluttershy's Cottage.

    Included is the "fc_main" model that acts as the base for the interior and a wide assortment of props that belong in various spots within the interior.

    All of these models have bee...
    FNAF - Tablet
    Created by RobGamings
    Made in Cinema 4D
    Ported from Blender
    Modeled and ported by "RobGamings"
    RobGamings Youtube, deviantart, a...
    FNAF 2 - Balloon Boy
    Created by √ | Maximo | ♪
    More FNAF stuff, have fun.

    Sourcerabbit for the preview pic
    Falling for helping me making the head of BB.

    Five Nights At Freddy’s © Scott Cawthon

    FNAF 2 - Freddy Fazbear Mask - Prop
    Created by √ | Maximo | ♪
    No place left to hide...

    A friend of mine gived me the idea to make the mask you use on FNAF2 so here it is.

    SourceRabbit: for the preview pic

    Five Nights At Freddy’s © Scott Cawthon...
    FNAF 2 - Puppet Master (Marionette)
    Created by √ | Maximo | ♪
    My first ragdoll fully rigged by me ;3

    If the main texture looks weird under strong light, change it to the second one.

    SourceRabbit: for the preview pic:
    Beardeddoomguy for letting me use his Mask

    Five Nights At Freddy’s © Scott Cawthon

    fnaf 2 puppet animated
    Created by egon.wendelken
    I6nis model with animations...

    Folding USB Stick
    Created by caseytube
    Highly-Detailed USB stick that's can either save the world, or take it over. Or something like that.

    Food and Household Items
    Created by Logan Paul
    made by CHILI, imported to sfm workshop without permission by me
    Furniture [ 147 Models ]
    Created by NeneroG⭐
    Моя группа / My group

    Gangam Style animation
    Created by 8Yaron8
    Ganganm Style animation was converted to the bones with TF2 and HL2 with animation for the FUSE model.

    Garbage Can
    Created by Populus
    Garbage Can

    GAT-X105B Build Strike Gundam
    Created by Mirbo
    Build Strike Gundam flies into SFM!

    This time, it has weapons! =D If you don't want them, you can just drag the weapons out of the scene.

    This Gundam has REALLY detailed textures and models. I'm surprised SFM was able to handle it.

    Gundam Build Fighter...
    Genji - Overwatch
    Created by [N-cognito]
    - Major Overhaul
    - Updated materials
    - Model now uses the Overwatch Skeleton, allowing me to include the original animations that I've ported

    NOTICE: I have remade this with the proper assets, which means any saves using the
    Genji's Weapons - Overwatch
    Created by [N-cognito]
    Update 3
    - Added golden skins for Epics


    - Major Overhaul
    - Updated materials
    - Model now uses the Overwatch Skeleton

    NOTICE: I have remade this with the proper assets, which means any saves using
    Gentle Manne's Service Medal - REVISED AGAIN!!!
    Created by Pte Jack
    Now you can wear your Gentle Manne's Service Medal with Pride!!

    Revised Again!!! (This is the medal used on the Game Play Model, Much better that the thing I found to do revision 1.)

    Because so many of you have subbed the original, I'm going to leave...
    Vulpes velox
    Created by Dark_assassin||

    Voice Acting: The Bombinomicon (Now with class sounds!)
    Created by NefariousDrH
    BOMBINOMICON!!! Giving you more Bomb book sounds!
    This next update is more of a "What if the Bombinomicon was a class" kind of thing. Enjoy, and expect more updates when this raspy ol' throat of mine clears up xD

    And once again, I will be available if any...
    Voice Acting: The Bombinomicon
    Created by NefariousDrH
    Just a few quick voice acting lines with everybody's favorite bomb book! A couple of them I made up on the spot, and others are taken from the Team Fortress 2 Comic, "Bombinomicon" (where the picture came from).

    I will be available if anyone needs the Bom...