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Tutorial- How To Create a New MyRPG Master Module
By Ash
Quickstart Guide on how to create a new MyRPG Master Module

This Guide offers instructions on how to create a new, blank Module in MyRPG master.

This is the first of a series of bite-sized guides on how to use MyRPG Master to create your own MMORPG.
Launch MyRPG Master

Begin by launching MyRPG Master from the Steam Library.

You will find it sorted under Library> Software.

If you already created a Module, you will find it listed on the Open Module Tab. Expand the tree under the Module Name and select Main to load your Module into the editor.

If you haven't created a Module yet, read on!
Switch to the New Module Tab

In the upper left corner of the left panel, you will see the New Module Tab.

Click this tab to change the window to the New Module Setup screen.
The New Module Screen

There are a few fields to fill out on this screen.

Directory: Every Module must have its own directory on your hard drive. This should obey normal naming restrictions for directory names. Don't use any punctuation. You can use underscore "_" or dash "-", as well as alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9).

You might want to use a directory name that is the same or similar to the name of the Module.

For instance, if the name of your Module is "Volcano Adventures" you might name the directory something such as volcanoAdventures or volcano adventures or volcano-adventures or volcano-adventure-1.

Module Title: Name the new Module. Be sure to make it something that makes sense. You can use alphanumeric characters and spaces.

Rule System: This is what rules system you want to use as a foundation for your new Module. MyRPG Master comes with the MyRPG D20 system already setup (with plans to eventually publish additional rulesets), or you can create your own custom ruleset using the Empty Rule System.

GUI Template: This is what type of Graphical User Interface (GUI) Template you plan to use for your new Module. At this time, there is only one Template: Brown.

Start Area Template: This allows you to setup a starting area for your new Module. This would be considered the starting Zone.

The Flat areas are various sizes of flat terrain that you can then manipulate and customize.

The Simple areas are fractal-style terrains with various terrain features. You can customize these terrains further in the editor if you wish.

Simple - I Terrain Template

Simple - L Terrain Template

Simple -T Terrain Template

Simple -X Terrain Template

Actors Selection Template: This represents a generic area that will beused as a background on the Actors Selection screen when the Module loads. This will be further developed in the future. For now, choose Medieval City U.

Once you have filled in the fields, selected the Rule System, GUI Template, Start Area Template, and Actor Selection Template, the START button will become active.

Click the START button to create your new module.


The MyRPG Master game creation software is a powerful tool you can use to make your own online RPG games.

I hope you found this quickstart guide useful.

Please like and share... and look for future Steam Guides from me!

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Bread and Roses Feb 12, 2017 @ 1:03pm 
nicely explained guide even a noob like me can get to grips with it. :steamhappy: