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Zwuggels - Beach Holidays
Feb 12 @ 5:23am
Jul 20 @ 3:16am

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Release date: Early 2017 — Game is ready. Just need to get through greenlight ;-)
Got young kids? Enjoy the Zwuggels' first adventure together!

The Zwuggels — Beach Holidays is an award-winning adventure game for kids aged 4 to 8 years. An enchanting story written completely in RHYMES is experienced by completing many fun puzzle games with many different interactions. Your kids join the Zwuggels on their summer beach vacation. When they find a message in a bottle, their relaxing beach holiday suddenly turns into an exhilarating hunt for PIRATE TREASURE! Will they find the lost gold of the pirate cats?

  • 36 chapters with dozens of diverse mini-games.
  • A absorbing story, written in funny rhymes
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics.
  • Young children discover the game together with their parents/
  • Early readers are motivated to read themselves/
  • For children ages 4 - 8 years.

The Zwuggels
Here's a sketch of some of the main characters of the game:

Your children meet the quirky Zwuggels at their cosy home. They experience the enchanting world of the Zwuggels through many mini-games and go on a fun adventure.

This is a desktop version of the game that has been out on mobile devices since September 2016. We ported it to Steam because we know that the beautiful graphics also shine on big screens! We have made some changes to make sure it works well on a mouse + large screen setup.

Awards & Reviews

What parents say about the game
Note: These comments were made for the mobile app version.

Originally posted by Kath J. on 2 February 2017:
Absolutely loved it. Grandson enjoyed it so much is asking if you doing another.. Graphics were wonderful. Each story kept max amazed he's started from the beginning now.

Originally posted by Jeni R. on 16. September 2017:
My 4 year old's first game Wanted to finally introduce our 4 year old to games and chose this for its cute characters and innocence. He needed some gentle explanation for the controls and the idea that he could let go of things to try them in places but after that, he loved it. His eyes lit up on the second level when he saw a little boy Zwuggel play with a train, enthused to Mama & after stopping, he emulated the girl climbing across the waterfall using sticks for hand and footholds. Full marks from this parent -- good safe fun :)

System Requirements
You'll need a desktop computer with a screen and a mouse ;-) We're pretty confident that the game will run on any PC/Mac/Linux computer that was purchased in the last 5 years. If you run into any issues, you'll get a refund of course.

Made by an Indie Team
  • Stefan Leuchtenberg — Art, Illustrations, Animatons, Character Design
  • Johannes Krämer — Game Design, Programming, Tech
  • We work with other external artists and professionals for sound, music, translations, ...

Contact Us
You can also email us directly if you want:
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Vladimir Jun 6 @ 8:24am 
Colorful and judging by the description of an exciting children's game! The idea is good, I wish you success!
Elvisish Jun 6 @ 7:14am 
This would be a great game for kids, its cute and fun. Nice big graphics for kids to focus on and the puzzles look simple but fun so kids dont get bored. Great work!
Radical Fiction Jun 6 @ 3:34am 
nice for the younger! upvoted
Alienz Jun 4 @ 8:22am 
nice point and click game ;)
Franches Jun 3 @ 11:22pm 
Interesting! keep up the good work
OkayPlace Jun 3 @ 4:42pm 
Looks interesting :)
Twitch / Bredenator Jun 3 @ 11:08am 
Nice game for kids. Thumbs up ;)
GhostOfTheWind Jun 2 @ 9:37am 
Realy cool. Up!
Javi Jun 2 @ 8:42am 
nice art. upvoted