This War of Mine

This War of Mine

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Wartime Criminal's guide
By edward_then
this guide shows you about how combat works in this game and also how to deal dangreous areas based on my experience. there are no guarantee that you will succeed, so be careful when you decide to stir up a bee's nest.

so let me guess, somewhere around day 14, you've cleaned all the save places from supplies but it's not enough. it's been 4 days since your men have gotten their meal, but stealing from old couples clearly isn't really a good choice, because now you have to feed their brains just enough good deeds/fermented sugar so you can still have full control of their movements and actions.

this is not a city anymore, its a jungle, concrete jungle.

stealing is bad, its part of life in this game. don't tell me grabbing medicine from ghost house, gas station etc is not to be considered an act of stealing.

if you found a better way to steal things in hot zones, then do that. let that creativity flows like a rainbow shining through entire pogoren.

do note that you might find some grammatical eror in this guide or you might not understand them fully because english is not my native language, but i'll try my best to fix it up.


basic combat system
the combat system in this game is simple. the top left side of the screen, below the scavenge button, are some combat stance button you can click to enter combat stance. during this time, characters cannot scavenge.if you are being stabbed/shot while on scavenge mode, you will immediatly go into combat mode until you press the scavenge button again.

to stab/shoot an enemy, just click the large knife/crosshair icon on the npc while on combat stance mode.

hiding spots found in the game has 2 uses
  • hiding from sight
  • increases backtab damage

you'll use this a lot more often than doing backstab, because with even more increased damage, you can instakill most of the opponents who tried to pass through. not all characters can instakills though, more on the characters below.

obviously, you don't want to enter this spot while being seen by others.

always loot enemies after killing!. it only available in the same night when you kill him/her, in the next day, it'll dissapear completely. if you don't have enough space, store excess items in other loot spot before stripping the corpse's equipment.
character's combat stats
in war, not everyone is equal, except their brains. even if you don't have those survivalist or military backround, a good mindset and some strategy can take you farther than your body can. its important to know what these characters are capable of before going into killing spree. why bring a knife as roman when you can just bring a crowbar and save some space?

here are some basic rundown about each character and some tips on how to use them. wiki has better info on this than me so do check them for confirmation.


he can kill any civilan from hiding spot with his bare hands, backstabs with any melee weapon instakills anyone, even the armoured ones. you can litterally shred most people with guns if you aim at them correctly.

Arica and Boris

unlike roman, they cannot kill civilian from dark spot with bare hands. but at least they can backtab everyone with a knife, shovel or hatchet. guaranteed kill.

they have somewhat increased damage with guns, enough for you to bring down someone or two while escaping

pavle, bruno, emillia, marin, marko

hiding spots is the best chance if you want to instakill people, it works with any melee weapon. backtabs ussually doesn't kill soldiers, but at least the damage done by backstabs can force them to surrender(only if you are using knife or hatchet).

if a soldier/militia surrenders, dont hit them with melee with this character or weaker. instead, shoot them with guns or go to the opposite direction that the coward is facing, far enough that he/she cant detect you, sneak back and stab.
this tactic is done to avoid unnessecary damage to your characters if you have no guns, since they can still counter-attack if you are trying to execute them head on with melee weapons.

try not to waste too many ammo while shooting enemies, chances are, you might shoot too fast, ended up wasting ammo and the enemy's health is above 25%, or you tried to take aim but instead you get shot and don't have enough time to retalliate.

try treat guns as an escape tool instead of a killing tool while using these characters and weaker to avoid wasting valuable ammunitions.


you can only instakill people as they walks through your hiding spots with hatchet or knife. backtabs with them might still leave your enemy enough health, that they refuse to surrender. they have somewhat decreased damage while using guns, so take time to aim your gun before firing if you wish to kill them in one shot.


you can't instakill people with strong melee weapon while hiding in hiding spots. she deal the least gun damage out of all characters, so use guns only for its knockback ability, or you are sure that your first shot can kill them instantly. overall not recommended characters to use in combat unless you want some challenge.

environtmental hazard
there are 3 in game environment that you can use to your advantage, namely covers, stairs and ladders.

cover is only useful when you are in a gun fight. it reduces incoming damage, allows you to survive even the most deadly shots. note that the enemy might be using the same cover as yours so take them out before they do. there are no reloads in this game. all bullets goes into your gun like a belt-fed machine guns.

stairs, you aren't gonna use these alot, but at least they temporarily stops multiple enemies from coming into your general location. it provide you just enough time to make sure that your shots deal as high damage as possible or for when you need some extra breathing room.

the best way to make use of ladders is to make sure that the enemies is on the low end of the ladder, wait for him to climb up and then shoot or stab him. he will take damage, drop down and like most npc, try to climb back up again. there are no attack animation while doing melee attacks and this is one of the safest tactic to do when you are being chased around. if there are more than 1 people climbing ladder and all of them are carrying guns below, its best that you shoot them as they are climbing up instead, to avoid being hit.

note that enemies can also do the same to you, so make sure that you are not climbing ladders when enemies are close by.

some npc might refuse to climb ladders. instead they will wait or they'll try to get to the other way around.if the former happens, you just need to go slightly further from him. eventually he'll start climbing the ladder.if the latter happens, they might be heading for those dark spots which you can use to kill them.

hiding spot can also be used as a makeshift cover. in a gunfight where there's nowhere to run, one may try to take cover here, after the enemy has shot you, you may shoot them back with full damage from there.

there are 2 kinds of weapon in this game, melee and firearms
melee are close range weapon,their range are very limited from few cm to 2-3m, some of them have some kind of multipurpose abilities.common examples include clubs, knifes, swords, axes and stuff like that

here are the melee weapons, they are numbered based on their strenght

  1. hatchet
  2. knife
  3. shovel
  4. crowbar

do note that if you are backtabbing someone, make sure that his friends isnt close to him(Arica makes less noise while boris create more noise).you might alert some or all the guys there for turkey shooting contest.
a cicrle appear when you are in combat mode, not only this show how much damage you deal, it also show your chance of actually not getting a counter attack. avoid meleeing head-on if the white circle only fills near-half or lower than actual circle.

firearms are projectile weapons, it means that this weapon lauch some kind of an object either solid or explosives or whatever toward its target, hurting them from afar. each firearm or "guns" have specific role, either for its firerate, damage or else. some examples include pistols, shotguns, machineguns etc.

the guns in this game are numbered based on alphabetical order

  1. assault rifle
  2. pistol
  3. scoped rifle
  4. shotgun

you most likely not going to use pistol anyway since you probably get a shotgun or AKs. it deals a rather low damage and medium range and firerate. if you aren't planning to kill anyone, use this.

shotguns deals huge damage at close range, but useless at medium-long range. it also has low rate of fire so hit and run is the best tactic with this gun

assault rifle shoots 3 or 4 times per click, it is very effective at short-medium range. unlike most guns, aiming with this gun can prove to be a good tactic. if fired quickly, each shot deals very low damage(1-4% health loss) per shot but if you stand still and aim you can take down even the most armoured soldiers or militia alike.

scoped rifles are like the opposites of the shotgun, it deal medium-high damage shot at almost any range but it takes a while to aim if your enemies is close. you can only get this gun if you kill 2 soldiers sniping at the construction site.

eventhough all shot hits, but the damage varies between character, some deal lower damage, some deal higher damage. to conserve ammo, try not to shoot immedialy at your target, instead wait until the circle isn't going up anymore and then fire.

if you are escaping, shooting at enemy directly is a good idea since being shot regardless of damage stuns them for 1~2 seconds. do note that after being stunned, they probably have fully aimed their guns and thus, they are ready to give massive damage to you.

hit and run is recommended because if you do get caught, more than 2 enemies coming to your position can be pretty difficult to handle, even with fully armoured roman. do silently reduce their number first before going rambo.
when you ask me, morale is like your mind's health condition. these are like another health bar you need to look after because, if it drops down or your character is in broken state, you might be losing said character.

doing good deeds, helping neighbor, and successfully defending shelter with no injuries or stolen items are some of the stuff you can do to make your character happier and optimistic. not only that, your character can move faster while content. now running around is easier than it seems.
if deppressed, the option "talk" might appear above deppressed characters head, click these as another characters to make them talk. the result of talking might be good or bad, but at least you can quickly send some of those bad feeling away, sometimes improving their feelings to sad, not deppressed.

morale drops when you or other controllable character is doing bad things like killing, stealing, refusing neighbor's request, etc. some characters have an addiction that needs to be fullfiled, otherwise morale might drop. morale also drops if you continue to keep them at "very hungry" everytime, but it isn't quite noticable.
if sad or worse, sad characters might be arguing with others all night long, causing others to get sad or if they have an addiction, they might waste good amount of(insert coffee or cigar here). when sad, characters like Roman and Arica can cause some injuries during the night when not used to scavenge. best to keep them away from the rest.
broken characters cannot be controlled by any means, and cannot be used to scavange or defend. to feed them, use another character available and click whatever things you need to give to them from icons above their heads.

certain characters, such as katia can be easily affected with good or bad decision. when it comes to doing bad stuff it is advised not to use these characters for cleaning up houses full of good guys. (killing 3 people+stealing=deppresed). the good thing is, it doesn't take long for them to get from deppresed to content and content last for a while. keep doing good stuff and they'll get back to their feet in no time!

an exactly the opposites of the above, some characters are rather selfish and doesn't really care about others. killing lots of good guys in the same night doesn't seems to bother them either. unfortunately, they are not that easy to calm down and sometimes, fight might occur between characters during the night. they usually have addictions to either cigar or coffee, so keep that in mind the next time you trade with franko.

sometimes, you need those characters now, but they are deppressed. those good thing moments won't come around very often and chances are, you don't have zlata and or good guitarist. to help you with that, there are 2 ways to quickly get deppressed characters to normal.
  1. feed them 'till they're well fed
  2. drank 1 booze per daily basis

the first option is way better than the other two. known as the best mood booster in the game, being well fed can quickly cure whatever "mind problems" they had. getting trough broken, deppressed, sad, normal, content only takes around 3 or 5 days to cure. they can also move slightly faster than normal(like being content). the bad thing is, food is not that easy to find and at mid-late game, you're most likely to rely on your rat cather and veggie garden to supply your character's daily need. if you like me, being a thug allows you to quickly recovers from any side effects while stealing from innocents by stealing food and eat them every day. maybe that's why some people tend to eat a lot when they get sad.

the second option has same effect(faster mood recovery), but instead of food, you get to drink booze. unlike growing food, making booze doesn't take long time to make, and you can probably start making these as soon as you can get those sugars. in all safe place, there's like ~30 sugar on the fridge/where you found food. they are pretty cheap too. unfortunately, after consuming a bottle of these, your character will be unusable for a day or two. its probably best if you feed them first before taking one of these because while drunk, they cannot do anything except sitting and sleeping. idk if you can drink more than 1 booze per 2 days since ussually 1 booze is enough to get deppressed characters to sad/normal.
have a mercy or two
right, it seems that you probably knew about all the basics here. it doesn't have to stop there right?

what if i tell you that you can steal from certain places with civilian there without downing your character's morale

certain places, like small apartment(family) and market place doesn't actually punish you from stealing. but the main reason why it's so dangreous to steal from places like this is the civilian.
you can't just kill and steal from this place without getting penalty, but the more valuable container is usually on constant watch, which makes it seems impossible to get.

how we get through this problem?


all you had to do is to "convince" the owner to stay put and not doing anything while you "reposses" his/her items. kind of like repo man.

it's obvious that the owner is not going to give their items to you, if you smooth talk to them. the only good solution to this is hurt them so bad that he will surrender and beg for his life.

when someone is begging for his life, he is somewhere near death, and since he's not dead, the game still think that he is still doing bussiness as usual. because he is immobolized, all he can do is to stand there and do nothing!. now you can safely send boris to clean up all the goodies there without ever worried about getting his butt shot again. oh, they also stay like that for the rest of the game!.

it seems pretty simple but in practice it might be tough to do. as seen in the pic below.

i managed to pin this poor son in the basement but i accidentally clicked the ladder and i got shot from below. good thing i can secure 2 bandages, food, water, veggies and a broken guitar above. his old parents can't do anything besides running around near their son and screaming. all of that goods stolen, no penalty whatsoever. phew! no need for unnesesary graves and bad talks from your roommates again.

to do this, you don't have to use the ladder technique, but its usually cheaper and safer doing this than trying to shoot them in choke points.

too many enemies downstairs with guns? pistols is your answer.

while they deal a rather low damage, but the damage dealt is enough that it can actually make people surrender. to save ammo, one may mix it with shotgun or assault rifle to save some ammo. it turns out you can freeze time simply by grabbing items in your backpack!.

they said they wanna guard below?

just move away from the red circle below until you can't see the red circle or its moving to the ladder, and then dash towards it and slice/shoot them down town.

of course you can't just rely on ladder technique everytime, so its probably up to you to find yourself some more subduing tactics.

you can also injure the traders available on the game. as long as they are alive, the crate that contains the trader's goods will constantly fills itself with items, that you can collect anytime you want. most traders have bodyguards with guns that needs to be taken care of. bring a pistol alongside shotgun/assault rifle and a melee weapon of your choice, switch between pistols and large guns to injure the trader and play hide 'n seek with the guards.
a bit of strategy
so, what's your plan? you want to spare some "innocent" folks or you want to send them to afterworld?

in this kind of management resource game, you really need to plan ahead the things you wanna do to survive. should i bring a sawblade or and axe? because this guide mainly talks about combat, i won't explain some basic how to survive stuff.

there are some things you need to consider when you try eliminating possible enemy threats:

  • try looking at their patrol patterns. are they patrolling far away from each other or close by each other? this is very important because, hitting someone with or without weapon produce noise, enough for someone upstairs or downstairs to hear. once they hear that, they might alert their other surviving friends or chase you down by themselves. either way, there isn't enough time for you to hide again in a dark spot, mainly because of long backstab animation your character does.

  • determine whether or not you should kill can ultimately save characters from bad mood and sad/karma ending. certain places, like garage, shelled school(militia), semi-detached house, etc, consist of "good" enemies/ simply called civilians. killing these people cause some serius dent to the performer as well as their friends(you + everyone at the shelter). if its okay for you to steal from these place, consider using "non-lethal tactics" to at least reduce the chance of being sad or worse.

  • most of the time, you don't need to bring a gun. they are loud and mostly only used for emergencies and last stand. that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring a gun but, limited backpack space forces you to decide thoroughly which item you should bring. make sure to stay hidden all the times!

  • if you are badly injured during your first visit into an area and you haven't killed anyone there, the guard might decide to let you go. he will follow you around for some time but if you don't leave quickly, the guard will kill you on sight. in the next visit, the guard might remember your face and thus might try to kill you.

  • being well fed or content allows your badly injured characters to move at a near normal speed. very useful if you aren't sure that you can make it in those dangreous place.

  • if its not possible for you to flee an area, like being surrounded by enemies, stuck at sniper junction, etc, stay put until the time runs out. sometimes its better to have an healthy characters coming home late to reduce the needs of applying extra bandages.
Getting through places
below, there are certain places that are deemed dangreous and how i stop the owners there from me without making your character and everyone in your shelter upset. i dont post all of the places though, especially safe places. i think some other guide cover that sort of stuff.

strategy might differ from time to time because in certain places, enemy in the vicinity might have diffrent patrol patterns or other unpredictability. adapt well and if you somehow failed, don't forget to alt+f4(or quit to main menu if not dead) or be a man and deal with the consequenses.

it would be a good idea not to use Arica if you are going to be a hitman, this is because her "sneak quietly" ability makes her unable to lure the enemy to you location by running around, making it harder for killing enemies.
if you still insist on using her to clear a place full of badguys, give her a hatchet, start but don't finish chopping furniture, and then hide. note that not all place have furnitures.

i might add maps that has traders on it, and how to farm stuff from them but im still trying to figure it out an easy way to do so. the game thinks that i cannot clear a military outpost and gave me superman power instead(1 shot 1 kill plus invulnerability) bug. and also emilia died from hypothermia at 10 degrees celcius. at least she died with no injuries, no sickness, well fed and a smile on her face.
enemy type: soldiers
number of enemy: 2
difficulty: medium
tips: -
obstacles: 3 boulders, 1 blocked door, 1 locker

appears early on the game, this place contains a lot of materials, food and meds for good starting point. at the right end of the map, there's a damaged control tower guarded by 2 soldiers. characters that cannot immediatly kill/immobolize on backtabs aren't not recommended here.

from the start, go all way to the right until you reach a boulder, climb up and go right until you get into a damaged airplane. go down through the hole on the plane and go to the other end of the plane, passing through a dead body and go down. keep going right until you reach the control tower. the two guards here are guarding both floor.

firstly, peek through the door to see if anyone is inside. if you see nobody, sneak inside. go through another door and peek through it, now you need to wait until the guard above is far enough from his friend downstairs. if both of them are away from eachother, quietly sneak behind the 1st floor guard and backstab him. if he's dead or immobolized, now you need to take care of the guard upstairs. make some noise from below him and hide into nearby hiding spot here. just wait until the guard walks in front of you and stab him quickly. if the first guard are not dead, use the second guard's gun against that poor soldier. trust me, RNG is not something you can play against.

as long as they are far away from each other when you reach the control tower, you can still backstab one of them and lure the other one into your trap.

enemy type: gangsters/ bandit
difficulty: very hard
number of enemy: 5
note: due to unpredictablity of the enemies here, strategy might change depending on the situation. the guide here only shows the guard's possible patrol route.
obstacles: 2 grated doors,2 blocked doors, 1 locked doors, 1 locker.

this is a pretty dangreous place. some of the enemies are armoured and will not hesistate to shoot down any unwanted guest, if their warnings are ignored. there are some girls here that you can rescue for some extra morale boost. try to memorize the trader's general location and appearance.

the door in front of you from the start is blocked from the other side, so you need to unlock this door first. go down stairs, go right until you see another stairs, go up and unlock the door here. after you have unlocked the door, go to the right until you reach a ladder. climb the ladder and quietly go all way to the right, going past the guard's room below until you reach a grated door. after the bars have been removed get inside quietly to the door there.

peek through the door and check if there's a guy in white t-shirt there. he's guarding in the same floor as yours and occassionally goes downstairs. you need to wait until he goes into one of the room in your floor. after he does that, sneak quietly into that room and backstab him.

if you haven't alerted anyone yet, there is one guy who sometimes stops near the stairs below your position. sometimes he will go into his room 2 stories below or he might go to the kitchen downstairs. if he's in the kitchen, lure him from above the kitchen and stab him from hiding spot. if he goes into his room, don't follow him.

if the coast is clear, go quietly to the 2nd floor using these stairs and wait, there's a guy who occasionally guards the 1st floor. he goes near the stairs, sometimes he smokes or go to the trader on the left. you can stab him now or wait until he goes to the trader. if you choose to wait, use the hiding spot here to kill him as he passes by.

although it's tempting to rescue the ladies here, but doing so will alert every single one of the surviving gang members to your location, have fully aimed their guns at these running rabbits and upon seeing you, BAM! aimbot rules. but if they haven't spotted the dead bodies yet, you'll be fine.

after you have rescued the ladies, they will run to the nearest exit. this will distract the trader and the remaining guards in a room above him. quickly, go upstairs and hide into the hiding spot, not in the direct line of sight of the guards. all of the guards are now on yellow alert and will start searching through the brothel for you.

at this point, there is not much that i can say. backstab accordingly and shoot when necessary. you can also leave the trader alive. come back in another day, sneak into the brothel and backstab the trader. he's usually spawns at the same location.
the church(bandits)
enemy type: gangster/ bandit
difficulty: hard
number of enemy: 4
note: this place is bugged, more explanation below.
obstacles: 3 grated doors, 3 boulders, 1 locker.

this place is bugged because, the first time you grab this mission, the place is considered a bandit area which means stealing and killing here wouldn't hurt your team's morale but, if you came here again the place is considered civilian like area, which means stealing and killing can and will hurt your team's morale. fortunately there's only 2 guys here who carries a gun, if you kill these guys, the rest of them can be ignored. make sure you're armed with a shovel, crowbar 2 sawblades and hatchet or knife.

the church is blocked, so you need to get inside from above. once you get in, at the end of the church on the altar there's an enemy who's searching for something. just go down to basement from the holes below the altar, make some noise from below and stab him from the hiding spot.

now you're half way from freedom of stealing, now go to the right, but don't go up, instead cut those bar near the ladder that leads to behind the church, and clear those rubble here. the guards are probably upstairs, or one of them might be sleeping in the basement. if one of them is above you, lure him into the hiding spot and kill him there. either way you need to be quick though, kill them quietly or with force, loot them to find which one has a gun and if you found a gun, leave the others alive. now you need to transport all the loot that is marked with "private property" tag on it and move them all to the loot stash that is not marked with private property. use those sawblade to cut the last grated door in the basement here.

keep moving those stuff into safe place quickly though, because at this point you don't have much time left. whatever the results is assuming you still have time, at least you moved important stuff like food, guns, parts etc into safe place.

if you didn't get them all, well tough luck. good thing is there's always a better place to loot than this place.
construction site(hot pursuit)
enemy type: soldier
difficulty: medium
number of enemies: 2
note: make sure that your character can kill one of this soldier or at least make him surrender.
obstacles: 1 locker, 2 grated doors

don't use slow character like anton or boris, when clearing this place.

you need some electrical parts? this is a perfect place to get those. the man shot by the soldier here carries like 5 of them along with an empty pistol, plus there are some electrical parts around the right side of this building.

from the start, run straight to the right until you reach what looks like an elevator shaft. climb up to the second floor and use the board there to get to the other side of the elevator. go down, and run to the right until you reach a scaffholding with ladders. keep climbing up until there's no more ladder to climb.

after you ran out of ladders, quickly go to the left and get inside to this hiding spot. after the poor guy has been shot, wait until the other ambushing soldier to go to your dark spot and them kill him while he's directly in front of you.

after you killed him, quickly run to the right and go down to the ladder. don't go down to other ladder though, the soldier who chased you probably have lost sight to you and will search for you by walking to the left. use this opportunity, go up to the dead bodies and loot them. now keep going to the left until you reach a locker with another dark spot. after some time, the soldier will pass below you, now make some noise and quickly hide. he will go through you hiding spot, so kill him while he's directly in front of you. extra loot should be put inside one of the lootable spots if you can't carry more. mission accomplished.

if you didn't kill the soldiers here, they will be gone in the next visit. only applies to the construction site scenarios.
construction site(snipers)
enemy type: soldier
difficulty: hard
number of enemies: 2
note: -
obstacles: 1 boulder, 1 locker, 1 grated door

this is the only place and scenario to get the rare scoped rifle. one of the soldier always follow the sniper and he has an assault rifle, so you must kill the ones who keep following the sniper first.
it has slightly diffrent layout compared to the other construction site scenario.

from the start, go to the right until you reach an elevator shaft. climb up and then go to the left through the door until you reach a stairs leading up. go up until you are near some red circle near the sandbags near the top of the building. sneak by them and go to the right. now the sniper wants to go to other side.

go right until you reach the door, but wait. let them pass from above, and then go inside and climb those stairs. there's a hiding spot here near the door, but don't close this door and don't unlock another door here. get inside the hiding spot and wait. after a while, the sniper wants to go to another side, they'll walk until they see an opened door, the sniper will close the door, but don't kill him yet. you need to kill the ones who follows the sniper, not the sniper himself. after he closed this door, the sniper will go up but the other ones will be slightly late. now quickly get out from the dark spot, lure the other guy down and stab him. loot his lifeless body for his AK.

now that the sniper is all alone, you can slowly creep into his back and backstab/shoot him. his weapon isn't suited at this range, so even if he managed to shoot you, your stolen AK should deal more dps than him. he might drop down few stories below though, so quickly locate and secure whatever loot that body has.

now you can safely loot stuff here.
enemy type: bandits/ gangsters
number of enemy: 3
difficulty: medium
tips: don't use slow characters on this one

like the church(bandits), this place is also bugged. fast characters like pavle or characters who is content and well fed works best here. get some crowbar/lockpicks to get through lockers and locked doors.

from the start, go to the right until you reach a ladder, you need to get to the top floor. once you get there, go right through the door, leap over a hole as you enter the middle room and to another door here. quietly open this door and silently backstab the man who is guarding a hostage here.
sometimes, if unlucky, his friend might notice the murder, so if this happens, hide into the hiding spot nearby and stab the guy as he approaches. if this didn't happen, quietly sneak downstairs and lure the man here into a hiding spot. the last guy who has a knife usually guards the fridge in the second floor. lure him upstairs and shoot him with the shotgun to save time. shoot the guard who you backstabbed earlier if he isn't dead already. loot all of them.

now, there's a pile in the bathroom in this side of the place that can be used as a temporary storage place. store all items in this place that are marked with private property into this loot pile. do this quickly though, because by this time, you probably only have few in game hours left. try wait for few days to make sure that the game considers the place abandoned and allows you to loot them without penalty.

military outpost
enemy type: soldier
difficulty: hard
number of enemies: 8
note: its actually a trading area, but if cleared, all valuable secured from this place is enough for you to survive at least 2~3 can survive longer if you sell weapons and ammo gathered from military outpost because you might not need all of them.
obstacles: 4 locker, 3 grated doors

if you are not using roman, arica or boris, consider bringing in a hatchet + shotgun + ammo(for emergencies). don't use weak characters like katia, zlata, cveta and anton here.

at the start of the game, you'll have to wait near the tower. after the trader says"excuse me" and left, climb up stairs and backstab the guard here. whenever he's dead or immobolized, now you need to go to the left quietly until you are near the gap between the gate and the barracks. wait until the officer goes into the barracks, drop down and go into the barracks.

get into the first entry door, and peek the other door to check if there's anyone else except the officer. if there are no other guards, quickly sneak behind the officer and backstab him, and then quickly hide into the hiding spot upstairs, kill the remaining guard he he passes. if there are another guard, hide into the hiding spot and stab the officer as soon as he walks in front of you. the remaining guard here usually guards to the left into the mess hall. backstab him as he stops, not while moving. he'll notice you right away if you get too close to him while he is still walking. now scavenge anything that might be useful, just in case. leave at least 3 space in you pockets

now you need to kill the trader who guards the gate. backstabbing him while using pavle, bruno, emillia, marin using hatchet or knife will not make him surrender because the trader has a knife, which block few melee damage. so for your own safety, grab the guns from the barracks from those who you've killed and as soon as you've backstabbed him, shoot him. you can instakill him if you are using stronger characters like roman.

after the first four has been murdered, it is probably a good idea not to go into another killing spree, but instead loot all the nessesary stuff as well as unlocking locker and grated door here.

to get rid of the other four, go to the left until you reach door that connects the outside and barracks, don't open this door yet. look through the hole and check if the guard you looked at is facing to the left. after you sure that he's not facing at your door anytime soon(he'll sometimes smoke or read a book), go quietly near the tower until someone on the balcony sees you(he'll point his gun at you). quickly go back to the dark spot near the stairs(the lower one) in the barracks where you scouted the soldier in the yard earlier.

the guard from the balcony is trying to find you, he'll eventually go into your hiding spot. kill him, quickly check to see if that yard soldier is still there. if he is, hide again in the same dark spot(don't let him see you). if not well, go back to another dark spot to the right, near the barracks exit door.

at this point, the rest of the guards might be on the lookout for you. some of them will pass through your spot. wait till the soldier is alone and then stab him. there's not much to say about this because the guards have a rather unpredictable movement. choose when to stab, shoot, or "ladder technique" them depending on the situation.

make sure you loot all the items from the soldiers after you finished killing them.
Ruined villa(couples)

enemy type: civilian
difficulty: easy
total amount of enemy:2
note: -
obstacles: 2 locker, 1 planks

this place is more like a thief's training ground, because all items here can be stolen without penalty and the guard here are armed with only a knife.its also a good place to test your "ladder technique" here, to see how they works. there are 2 peeps here, the woman you see at the start acts as a watcher, she'll alert her companion if she sees you or you forgot to close like 2 doors there. the man here acts as a guard, he has a knife and if you aren't using melee weapon, he can pin your character easily.

you can sneak around this place and loot most items without being seen. the woman often guards in the kitchen, the balcony, bathroom and 2 basement rooms from the right of this house. the patterns are random, so listen to what she'll say and guess where she might be heading into. the guard oftentimes sleeps in the top floor and sometimes goes to the bathroom to get medicine.

i recommend you to open the door planks in the basement that connects 2 basement room from the left. you'll have an easier time escaping if you do so.

the bed and locker in the top floor can be hard to get through because the guard sleeps a lot there. you can wait for him to go to the bathroom, but its kinda unlikely that he might be heading to the bathroom. to save time, silently sneak into his bedroom and backtab him while he's sleeping(use hands if you are using roman, arica or boris), if he refuse to surrender, lead him to one of the ladder(either the kitchen or the the one close to exit would suffice) and hit him while he's climbing the ladder. make sure you are in the top end of the ladder and he's below you. no need to hurt the woman there though.

this scenario oftentimes appear early in the game and it contain lots of components, parts and other building material for some good gamestart.
Ruined villa(deserters)
enemy type: soldier
difficulty: very hard
number of enemy: 4
note: for your own safety, try not to clear this place in one night,try bring some crowbar along with other weapon of your choice incase you got stuck upstairs.
obstacles: 1 grated door, 3 locked door

this place can get very difficult, mainly because there are plenty of guard in a rather confined space, which makes stealth kill a lot harder because they will immediatly surround you if you can't control your thirst of clicking one poor pixels dressed as a soldier. oh, and if it doesn't get any worse, all of them carries a body armor and some heavy CQC combat weapon.

there are few strategy on how to deal with this difficult situation based on how they are posisitoned when you first enter this place:

your number one target here would be the soldier who's guarding at left side of this house. from the start, sneak into the house by climbing into the balcony. if your target is directly below you, make sure there isn't any other guard looking into your hiding spot, and then make some noise to lure him up to your death trap. don't loot him yet, you'll have to wait in the dark spot here. another guard will see his dead comrade lying on the floor. wait here until he reaches his dead pal, and stab him as well. now you can loot them both.

if you still have some time(about 3~5 or more hours left), run to the right side(don't go down and don't close the door) until you are above the kitchen, to the hiding spot above the kitchen. you'll be hearing a conversation about some ransom and dead hostage. the sound you make should distract one of the guard below. if succeed, you might not be fast enough to get to where you just killed 2 soldiers earlier. by now the guard you just lured now are going to be mad and started to search the entire place to get you. he'll most likely run into your hiding spot, stab him while you have the chance. this will alert the guard below, so quickly hide into the dark spot again. he will investigate the bodies near the balcony, before going into you dark spot and like before, kill him as he pass through your dark spot. dont forget to put excess guns into nearby container to make sure you can strip clean all this dead bodies.

if you decided not to continue your killing spree here after your first 2 kill, the guards are now guarding the place far enough from each other, which makes it easier to some lure n' stab sort of thing. one will guard the kitchen and below and the other one seem to have a rather unpredictable guard areas, oftentimes he's looking in the left side of the house. after the guards have been taken care of, now you can safely strip this place clean.

small apartment building(bandits)
enemy type: gangters/ bandits
difficulty: medium
number of enemy: 3
note: -
obstacles: 1 locked doors, 1 grated doors, 1 planks

this place isn't actually very difficult, because you only need to take care of 2 man here.

start by peeking the door near you. the drunk man talks about something, and then he goes to his bedroom sleeping. there's also another guy who is guarding this place. he usually patrols in the first and second floor. maybe at this time, he'll be upstairs guarding. either way carefully get in the house wtihout being seen, find a suitable hiding spot here in the first floor and lure the guard while he's above into your trap. once killed, you can loot him here

after he's taken cared of, now you need to kill the last armed man here. he's guarding the third floor. fortunately, there's a dark spot in the second floor just below his patrol path. listen to his movement and lure him downstairs. once this man is killed, one may choose to kill the last man in the bedroom to the far right side of this house, first floor. he's unarmed anyway, so do what you need to do.

there's a group to-do list near the bedroom, it mentions something about some booze outside.
small apartment building(family)

enemy type: civilian
difficulty: medium
number of enemy: 3
note: get a shovel, if you choose to remove the boulder here.
obstacles: 3 boulders, 1 locker, 1 locked door.

this place is like the ruined villa scenario(diffrent layout), except now the guard here now carries shotgun, pistol, knife, bullets and body armour. his parents are watching the third floor, and its almost impossible to loot those valuable item there without being seen. now it would be a perfect time to use your ladder technique.

at the start, go climb to the balcony upstairs. from here, you should climb upstairs, and go to the left to the kitchen. you need to make sure that his parents sees you. after you get their parents atention, let them tell their son. now you need to guess which ladder the son will take for you to make sure that he surrenders. the 2 ladders that connects the 2nd and 3rd floor is too far away from each other, so just guess which red circle belongs to their son and then ambush him. it'll take a bit longer to lower his health because he is armoured, so be patient and keep hitting him from there.

do be careful when you use this ladder technique with melee/fist because if you didn't move slightly away from the ladder after you hit him, chances are he will shotgun you to near death. once he surrenders, now you can safely loot everything here as well as removing the boulders below.
old town
enemy type: civilian
difficulty: easy
number of enemy: 1
note: -
obstacles: 2 boulder, 2 blocked door, 1 grated door, 2 locked door.

it's probably not a good idea to visit this place without sawblade, a crowbar and shovel. the kitchen has been boarded from inside and to get through, you need to cut the grated door there.

after you got the sawblade and lockpick/crowbar, from the start go inside the house and feel free to scavenge the first floor and basement for supplies. after unlocking the basement's door, climb upstairs until you reach a grated door and cut it. after that, go down to the kitchen and open those blocked door. go to the right, past through a door to find yourself a locked door. unlocking this door causes the owner to come into into the house. he will go near the kitchen, but he'll go down to rest the sofa. after unlocking the door, there's a note that reveal some more supplies, 1 in the kitchen and 1 near the stair downstairs.

there's a boulder near the note here and in the garage. use the shovel to clear these boulder to get access into sniper's view. if possible, try lure the owner into the open balcony upstairs. make some noise, wait 'till he sees you and climb up through the boulder you just cleared. now you are up in open area. the sniper is in the mountain overlooking this poor dude's house. don't move yet, wait until a shot has been made and run to the bathroom. if he's still following you, he might be shot here. go left and then get down to the kitchen. try repeat these steps until the owner gave up or died from sniper shots. either way, as long as you are not the one who is doing the fatal attacks, there should be no harm to your morale.
enemy type: gangsters/ bandits
difficulty: medium
number of enemy: 3
note: if you are using arica, bring a hatchet. you'll need it for making noise.
obstacles: 1 locked doors, 2 grated doors, 2

this place isn't really that hard to clean, mostly because all of the enemy here are far away from each other, making stealth killing a lot easier than it seems

firstly, go to the left, climbing up and then go down in side of this destroyed building. you can break loose the planks that block the door behind you, but don't open the door that is facing to the left. there are 2 guards here talking about raiding humanitarian aid transport. after they are done talking, they'll go inside. now quietly go inside the warehouse.

both of the guards here are going into their usual patrol rountine, the one who hold the shotguns goes upstairs guarding the 3rd floor, while the ones with AK guard both 1st and 2nd floor. you need to wait until the 3rd floor guard goes to 3rd floor. by the time that guard climbs up, the guard below will start going upstairs to 2nd floor. after he stopped, you can quickly stab him there or wait till he get inside and then stab. after the first guard has been taken cared of(either he's dead or begging for his life) now you can take care of the second one.

you need to create some noise just below him. he'll stop, and then check the noise below. the second floor here has a hiding spot you can use to instakill this guard. whenever you leave a body behind or not, he'll eventually go into your hiding spot anyway.

wait, this place is not fully cleared yet, but the good thing is, the last guard is only armed with a pistol. now go to the left until you reach the warehouse itself. now, look all way to the left until you see the guard here. you can shoot him immediatly, or you can sneak by and stab him.

there are plenty of loots available here that you can scavenge, lots of food and meds can make this place worth visiting
now that's all i can think of right now. thanks for reading my very first guide on steam.

somehow my slow internet connection stops me from adding pictures. i'll add them in other times.

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