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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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How to get famous in HvH scene
By Lunatic and 2 collaborators
this is an advanced tutorial about how to get famous from a nonamer status.
The Basics (Setting up your profile)
choosing your uber name!

  • make sure to pick a simple but cool sounding name : winter ,dope ,fame, catz, etc.
  • avoid lame copy cat names like : kaNe, summer, vaNe#88, kubruk and so on.
  • don't use idiot symbols in your nick like : ('.•°*”˜˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙')

The right steam profile

well, if you finally decided which nickname you would like to use to gain some reputation then we can move to the next step. Your steam profile!

Choosing your Avatar

this part is easy as hell.
  • Open up your browser
  • Go to google pictures and enter : aesthetic asian girl
  • and select a picture you would like to use

High steam level matters

  • you should have a steam level 30 or higher in order to make a nice looking profile with artworks
    where you can feature your hvh top king screenshots or share your thoughts with the NNs

Yeah i cheat with knife cuz i am rich af

  • Make sure to have a valuable inventory

Cheating With Main

  • Only HvH from main ofc thats why we invested that much money into it

Lets move to the next b1g chapter

Choosing your software!
alright this part is case sensitive because we need a decent cheat to own the plebz.

1# A I M W A R E

  • easy to get since its a public p2c
  • one of the strongest public p2c
  • still not the best cheat you can get


  • One of the best out there
  • As a skeet user you can get known pretty fast
  • You only can get this cheat if you get invited by a MOD
  • Invites are closed atm [skeet]
  • You are a NN so you have near 0% chance to get it (or if you are a girl then you can send nudes to kubrik or esoterik jk)

3# pasting your "own" cheat (not recommended)

  • You can add stuffs to it from UC
  • Customize it to the max
  • You can feel like a big codenz aka ego boost
  • waste of time
  • probably sucks against superior hakes
  • they will declare you as a paster(thats not good in your case bad rep =/= fame)
media is a kind of stuff you can use for gaining rep and name

Posting Screenshots / videos in your cheat's media

posting cool hvh momments in media section will help you in getting known-
steps to do:

  • post screenshots of taps/high scores vs known hvh players
  • posting videos of taps/high scores/ rqs vs known hvh players

credits for Naneko cuz the video

Creating a youtube channel

youtube is a big source of media . its good for getting subs and fans here.
some stuffs to know:

  • use your choosen name + add 1337 to the channel name
  • in your videos use german rap / suicideboys / bones etc
  • focus on 1080p60 ffs

credits for bykilla cuz the video
Creating your "gang"
in this chapter i will tell you what are these gangs and how to create one

you need a gang to show off and own some nerds or other gangs on hvh servers

Choosing the right name

when you are creating a gang make sure to:
  • create something good sounding name just like when you choose your name in the first chapter.
  • after you found a nice word you can put :gang,crew,society and "less" after it example: STAINLESS,splashgang,voidsociety, nospreadcrew
  • avoid crap copy names like : STAINEDD, BRAINLESS, watergang etc

Making a website

these things are case sensitive

when you are making a website you should :
  • make a simple video background (use some gangster clip) and your gang name on it
  • make some buttons which are pointing at your steamgroup

just like this :

Making the Group

after creating the steam group:

  • link your gang's website
  • invite your pro hvh homies
  • choose a well fitting avatar
  • and fill out the group infobox with some autism


The End
thank you for reading this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ , i was bored

if you think this ♥♥♥♥ can be improved let me know and i will add / remove things

and don't forget: THIS IS A JOKE

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