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Rover Cockpit (Fixed)
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Feb 8, 2017 @ 5:22pm
Aug 23 @ 6:08am
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Rover Cockpit (Fixed)

Finally had some time to update this baby. Now with fully supported LCD's and highlights!
Sorry it took so long.


This is a fixed version of Darth Biomech's Rover Cockpit.
Note, the description is his own. I will try to redo the textures but for now a working mod.
Why the original mod is still not vanilla is beyond me. We need a wheeled/land based vehicle cockpit, Keen!

Huge thanks for Kreeg, SEModder4 and Eikester for the help as well as the rest i might have missed and helped on other projects on Keen discord. They made it possible for one of my absolute favorite mods to get updated. Darth Biomech for making the one of my absolute favorite mods in the first place.
Most of you already know who they are but in case you dont, check out their amazing mods. Absolute must have mods. Trust me.

Darth Biomech's workshop:
SEModder4's workshop:
Eikester's workshop:
Kreeg workshop:

Original mod:
I have permission from Darth Biomech, the original author.

Update Notes:
Added cockpit LCD's
Finally fixed the highlights
Fixed the missing interior
Fixed glass not being transparent from within
Fixed characters sitting in cockpit pose

Mod's original description:
This 5x5x3 cockpit is designed for use with rovers or orbital dropships, in situations where it is important to see what is happening below you. It is a bit sturdier than regular cockpit and can hold more oxygen.

Texture is WIP yet, just basic colors so far.

Current Function: Cockpit

Planned Function: Cockpit

Available on: Small ships, Large Ships and Stations

Adapted for Survival: Yes

Polygons: 1168 / 7036

Trivia: This one was inspired by design of rovers from movie "Last days on Mars". Vehicle and set designs were fantastic! But then it turned out to be "Zombies IN SPACE!"-kind of a movie. =\
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theimmersion  [author] 13 hours ago 
Upgrading to new CPU (which requires new mobo) and hope to sell old PC so i can buy a mobo sooner.
Xskyth 17 hours ago 
are you upgrading, or did it break?
theimmersion  [author] Sep 19 @ 10:21pm 
Sorry! Waiting for paycheck which is 1st in month so i can buy a new motherboard which my new PC is missing as my old PC is stripped for sale.
Xskyth Sep 19 @ 9:31pm 
any news on the progression tree fix?
Dr Fraud Sep 6 @ 2:52pm 
In the Progression tree all the items that used to be gated by Cockpits in general are now gated solely by the Rover Cockpit.
This means I need to build a Rover cockpit even if the current project doesn't call for one.
You need to find a way to add to the Cockpits group rather than supplanting it.
xterrylorakhx Sep 6 @ 12:14pm 
Just wanted to say how much I love the SE modder community. You guys work your butts off for zero pay and we reap all the rewards. TheImmersion, I think I've seen you're newer to the community and I wanted to say specifically your work is awesome. SEModder, Eikster, and all the others; I've heaped praise on you guys enough for years. All of you keep up the good work and let those of us poor sods who love your work know if we can help you guys out in any way.
Dak_Commstar Aug 23 @ 8:38pm . No worries :) . This is what it looks like for me. If you rekon it's working then I might be missing a file, I'll try re-subscribing.
theimmersion  [author] Aug 23 @ 5:27pm 
Erm, not sure what you mean, i checked and it works fine. It is in the same tier as the vanilla cockpits (as intended) and requires you to build a landing gear to unlock them which is pretty straight forward. Not sure how thrusters and weapons can be locked by the rover cockpit.
theimmersion  [author] Aug 23 @ 10:42am 
I thought i did... o.O Will check immediately.
Thought i'd implement it. Sorry!
theimmersion  [author] Aug 21 @ 6:22pm 
Thanks! :)