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[Non-WOTC] Armoury Navigation Fixes
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Feb 8, 2017 @ 5:53am
Mar 4, 2017 @ 4:40am
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[Non-WOTC] Armoury Navigation Fixes

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Mr. Nice's Workshop - Vanilla (non-WotC)
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Armoury Navigation Fixes addresses some bugs and oversights in the "Navigation Bar" at the bottom of the screen, primarily stemming from the patch to accomodate Controller support. War of the Chosen has fixed these issues, so this mod is not required for WotC campaigns.

Specific Fixes
  • The Weapon Upgrade Screens fixed to correctly show keyboard/mouse navigation support, not controller support, when appropriate.
  • For the pattern/colour weapon customization, as well as the above also showed mouse buttons for soldier cycling, as keyboard and controllers already allowed cycling.
  • Fixed the bug that weapon rotation was temporarily disabled if you cycled from the weapon pattern/colour screen.
  • The Soldier Ability Screen fixed to remove the stray non-functional "Ability Info" button, actually an artifact from controller support for full ability details (achieved by clicking the yellow question marks for mouse/keyboard controls)
  • For The Soldier Customization Screens, fixed that the back/forward soldier cycling buttons were reversed relative to all other armoury screens, and added the "Jump to Geoscape" in line with other armoury screens.
  • Added full controller navigation help to the Soldier Customization Screens.
Bonus other navigation tweaks:
  • Fixed the non-functional back button in the new game difficulty selection screen (the standard one in the bottom left).
  • Added the standard back button to the Character Pool screen.

Overrides the following classes:
  • UIArmory_WeaponUpgrade
  • UIArmory_WeaponTrait (The weapon colour/pattern screen)
  • UIArmory_Promotion (The solider abilities screen)
  • UIArmory_PromotionPsiOp (For Psi Operatives)
So will conflict with other mods which override the above. If neccessary, these overrides can be turned off in XComEngine.ini, all the fixes are independent of each other so this is safe for the mod.
All other fixes achieved with screen listeners.
Is compatible with Long War 2.
If any other modder out there knows more about the vaguaries of NavHelp.ClearButtonHelp() and why it doesn't do what it says on the tin in some circumstances, get in touch and I might be able to change the three above into screen listeners too.
Other Mods by me
  • Non-WOTC Mods (WOTC versions also exist if appropriate)
    • Cinematic Rapid Fire, which gives Rapid Fire and Chain Shot their cinematic camera back which was removed in the patch ages ago. Keeps the other improvements added in the patch.
    • Better Demolishing!, which gives range, weapon and upgrade based aim buffs to the 'Demolition' ability.
    • Shaken Scars are Back! The name says it all, but to those who weren't around for the first couple of months of XCom2, a feature was bugged out in a patch and never fixed, which randomly scarred shaken soldiers.
    • AWC Cost & Other Fixes, which makes abilities granted by AWC which fire the main weapon (eg. Rupture, Deadeye etc.) match the normal action cost of firing the primary weapon. The majority of such abilitieswere hard coded with the action cost of firing the primary weapon of the class the ability comes from. Also fixes up "Death from Above" and "Serial" not proccing from second shot kills of "Chain Fire"/"Rapid Fire". Individual ability fixes can be toggled and and off iwith a .ini file.
    • Original High Hit Dodge Behaviour, which restores the pre-patch behaviour where Hit chance over 100 gradually eliminated dodge chance, not immediately made dodges impossible once Hit chance is 100 or more.
  • WOTC Only
    • Variant Power Armour Arms, which unlocks some variant Wraith and Warden armour arms parts which were hidden by Firaxis.
    • Less Overwatch Lock Ups!, which attempts to fix the visualization lockups during complex Overwatch/Reaction fire situations.
    • Better Armory Item Stats, which tweaks the stats display of weapons, utility items and upgrades in the Armoury, including displaying Critical Damage, Armor Pierce and Shred for all appropriate weapons.
    • Peter's Grenades (and other TLP Fixes), which fixes some loadout, ability progression and UI issues with Legacy Operations.
    • Better Grappling!, fixes issues with Grappling targeting in certain world geometry.
    • Trainable Sparks (and other Buffs) WotC was one step forward, two steps back for SPARKs. As well as allowing training, also gives them access to breakthroughs for their weapons, an ammo pocket (ammunition only utility slot), and some hack progression.
    • Train from Armoury allows normal soldiers to jump straight to training from the armoury, just as faction soldiers can. The Training Center is still required to be built first of course!

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Mr. Nice  [author] Aug 31, 2017 @ 11:08am 
And thanks for fielding some of the queries for me on this and my other mods, I have noticed you chipping in relatively often!
Dragon32 Aug 31, 2017 @ 11:00am 
Thanks for checking that, Mr. Nice. And thanks for the mod, probably saved my sanity in my last playthough.
Malidictus Aug 31, 2017 @ 4:18am 
I was about to ask, yes :) Thank you regardless.
Mr. Nice  [author] Aug 31, 2017 @ 3:48am 
There won't be a "War of the Chosen" version if this since they've tided up the nav-bar themselves.
Mr. Nice  [author] Jun 24, 2017 @ 11:21am 
@Dragon32/Malidictus: Yeah, I remember having a look at squad tooling up UI wierdness as part of this mod, too long ago to remember any specifics other then it made no sense (from the script side modders can play with)! I think I recall though those were flakey even before contoller support changes though?
Malidictus Jun 24, 2017 @ 11:13am 
OK, so not a mod conflict, gotcha. Thank you for the explanation. Let's hope Firaxis get their shit together with War of the Chosen and actually fix the UI they themselves broke when adding controller support.
Dragon32 Jun 24, 2017 @ 11:05am 
Yeah, I get that random button thing. The mouseover text is an accurate relection of what the button does rather than the button text itself. I seem to remember Wasteland Ghost saying that fixing those buttons was on Firaxis and out of scope of what modders could do.
Malidictus Jun 24, 2017 @ 8:54am 
OK, I disabled both of the Promotion screen overrides and the game seems to run fine so far. Cool, thank you! Your mod fixes a pretty broken UI which Firaxis has left in shambles. Does that also cover the broken Squad Selection UI, or is one of my other mods breaking that? Because I'm missing my "Make Weapons Available" button wholesale and the Make Armour Available button sometimes sends me into the Build Items UI or backs me out of squad selection entirely.
Mr. Nice  [author] Jun 23, 2017 @ 1:46pm 
Each of my overrides fixes up the screen it refers to, nothing else. That's why it's safe to comment them out individually. This is not true of mods in general, where they may well require the overrides to work in concert together.
The promotion screens, aka the ability screens, have only minimally messed up navigation help bars, with the non-functional "ability info" button if you're using keyboard/mouse, so that's the only change made by my overrides.
Malidictus Jun 23, 2017 @ 1:29pm 
Can I ask what each individual override does? I'm tempted to disable both that and UIArmory_PromotionPsiOp, since I have my entire Psi Lab disabled altogether. I'll give this another shot tomorrow when I have more time. Thanks for the advise.