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Transport Fever

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Curved train stations

This mod adds an additional "Curvature" option to train stations. The mod does not add a new station type, but overwrites the vanilla station. Thus, already constructed stations can be upgraded after adding the mod to a save game.

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Liège-Guillemins Railway Station
Created by tom.thumbstone
Train station for passengers.

This modification adds the Liège-Guillemins Railway Station from Train Fever.
It is available in lengths of 160m to 480m and with 2 to 16 tracks.
Availability: 2009.
Version 1.1 includes bus stops.

Many thanks to 'Me...
Mercedes-Benz Citaro
Created by AleX_BY
Mercedes-Benz Citaro - German city bus.


Update 1.4
  • Fixed front wheels (now they turn)
  • Default color of buses is Gray (now you can choose more saturated vehicle colors)

Modern Bus- and Tramstation with Bus-Stops
Created by Kanshi
This is a model of a midsized tram and bus station together with a large and a small bus stop. The design fits well to my mod of a modern train station Moderner Hauptbahnhof. The station supports the largest trams (Cobra) as well as large buses (double art...