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Element Crafting Station
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Feb 7 @ 6:27am
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Element Crafting Station

A crafting station to produce Element.

This mod adds the Element Crafting Station which allows you to produce Element without having to complete boss fights when you need to refuel or craft new Tek gear.

This creates the base Element from the game so it is compatible as a crafting and fuel source for the vanilla Tek items and does not produce a modded element.

Please note, this only crafts Element. You will still need to obtain the Tek engrams either through boss fights, admin commands, or other mods.

Currently produces 30 Element per craft. Crafting costs listed below.
1 Artifact (any artifact)
75 Polymer (standard or organic)
50 Crystal
25 Electronics
10 Black Pearls

To alter the crafting costs of Element, please check this thread here: Crafting Cost Override

Engram ID:

Admin Spawn Code:
Cheat Giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/ElementCraftingStation/PrimalItemStructure_ElementCraftingStation.PrimalItemStructure_ElementCraftingStation'" 1 1 0

Mod ID: 859041479
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Bug reports, issues and feedback.
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Granger Aug 12 @ 6:02pm 
We installed this today, the only mod we have added in a week, and now our chemistry bench is bugged. It was learnable at 90, but after putting the mod in, it's 82, and unlearnable. When you try to learn it, the pre-reqs are purchased, but not registered by the chemistry engram, thus making the chemistry bench impossible to get.
ocean_snipe7 Jul 20 @ 11:04am 
Also I am having an issue. Not sure who to ask. I changed the recipe to call for Ammonite Bile. the item ID is PrimalItemResource_AmmoniteBlood_C though. The recipe calls for Ammonite Blood in game. I cannot find anywhere were it talks about it having a different item id. wondering if you or anyone has ran across this. I have also posted to reddit looking for an answer.
ocean_snipe7 Jul 17 @ 12:32pm 
Is there a way to increase the crafting times? I have not put this on my server yet and would like to but I want the crafting speed to take a ludicrous amount of time to counter the abundant resources on my server.
Danaon Jul 8 @ 5:02am 
can someone give me the correct code to hide this engram? we want only one central crafting station for our server so anyone hast to travel there for element. admin has to spawn one in and place it in the "tek shrine" :)
[TiC] Stronze Jun 15 @ 2:17am 
can you optimize your crafting overrides into gameuser ini?
game ini overrides are a mess of code, if you dont how, i can ask a couple other modders how they did their code to do it in user ini
[15th,AL(I)] Cpl. Jerk: May 24 @ 4:18pm 
We installed this mod at
I was able to change the cost per load too since we are x50 and I love it! Come check it out.
Balthasar☆ May 4 @ 7:30am 
Possible to alter the Level Req. for the Crafting Station Engram ?
ShadowMyth Apr 29 @ 8:20am 
those are my settings and yet it only requires up to the crystal for it to craft, am i missing something?
ShadowMyth Apr 29 @ 8:20am 
ShadowMyth Apr 29 @ 8:19am