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Dimemension Gates Mod (OLD VERSION)
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Feb 5, 2017 @ 10:42am
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Dimemension Gates Mod (OLD VERSION)

This mod adds a new way to traverse skyrim for those of us who don't want to fast travel every five minutes and sit through long loading screens.

This mod adds dimension gates (like in the preveiw pic) that will allow you (Via the Lightless Realm, a mini plane human created plane of oblivion) to travel to all of skyrims major cities and Blackreach and the tower of mzark. (for those who want easy acess to the elder scroll.)

And no I can't put Dragonborn of Dawnguard locations in, since the DLC's won't load up in the CK due to a problem with it being able to find the sring files.

UPDATE: Moved some of the doors to slightly less noticable locations. Just find one and you'll find the rest.


Skyrim Dimension Gates.

The Dimension Gates are strange artifacts that were created by a small group of Imperial Battle Mages from the Battlespire before it's destruction. The exact period that the gates were constructed in is unknown, though scholars today theorize that it was sometime right before the fall of the Battlespire to Mehrunes Dagon's forces. However others say that it was constructed even earlier, back when the Empires mages first began playing around with inter-dimensional travel.

At any rate the gates function is quite clear. To transport a person or persons from one major city in Skyrim to another via a mini plane of Oblivion called The Lightless Realm. When you open a gate say in whiterun you will see through the door that it is linked to in the Lightless Realm and when you look through a gate in the Lightless Realm you will see through the door that the one you are looking through is linked to. To put it into laymen's terms when you look through the any gate in Skyrim you will see into the Lightless Realm. The same applies for the gates inside the Lightless Realm, although you will see what is in front of the gate at its location in Skyrim.

As for the Lightless Realm itself, it appears to have been constructed by these mages although how it was made is sadly lost to us. They seemed to have based it off of the Slipstream dimension that the Battlespire was built in. They also have very powerful warding magic's in place. It is assumed that these magic's were placed to stop any daedra who might have stumbled across this mini plane from getting in. It also seems to work for monsters as well, although in a different way. Say you are running away from a horde of drauger and you come across one of the gates; when you go in and shut the door the drauger will not be able to open it and follow you. This apparently applies to all monsters from all across Tamriel.

It also appears that any intelligent humanoid race (such as elves, argonians, nords etc.) can use these doors, though most of the nords and common folk in Skyrim give them a wide berth due to their views concerning magic and strange artifacts. Those who do use the gates (most being adventurers) report hearing a rushing wind while walking on the crystal pathways inside the Lightless Realm, even though there is not so much as a breeze. The plane itself seems to be quite safe if a little bit creepy. And should you fall off of a pathway you will be deposited right back on the path you were on or another pathway nearby.

All one has to do too travel to another city in Skyrim is simply follow any one of the winding crystal walkways until you get to the gate you wish to use. Most of the gates/doorways are positioned in the middle of giant stone platforms that are suspended in midair. The crystal pathways mentioned above connect these stone platforms to one another.

As for the placement of the gates it appears that the mages put them in places where they would not be easily found for those who did not know what to look for and easily found and accessed for those who did.

Here is a list of all known locations for the gates.











And lastly the Tower of Mzark.

All one has to do is find one gate/door and one will have easy access to the rest.

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Caldizar The Master of Reality  [author] May 29, 2017 @ 11:43am 
I can't for two reasons. 1. I don't have the game and the creation kit, so therefore I no longer have the mod and 2. I have absoloutely no idea how. If you know someone who has the mod however and who knows how to upload it to nexus then tell them to do so, just make sure they give me credit in the description.
WokeAss May 29, 2017 @ 7:21am 
Could you please add this mod on nexusmods so people can download it with mod mod organizer etc.