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Alchemical Reactions
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Alchemical Reactions

Allow yourself to create and experience Alchemy like never imagined.

Find new ways to use old Vanilla items to make you stronger!
Starting with the Scientist's Plea, This mod includes a quest chain to help players get started with every crafting table available.

This mod will contain materials to be able to create potions and brews to assist in gameplay, or allow players to use the buffs they enjoy.

Included are 7 tiers of potions, ranging from Early-Game Vials, to End-Game Shadow potions, with a few thrown in for partys and mini-games.

Using the Dark Alchemy Table, you can turn almost any vanilla item into a powder, to then convert into a specific buff tied to the item the poweder came from.
For example:
- Sharpened Claws turn into Saris Powder for Hunter Potions.
- Hardened Carapace turn into Pacis Powder for Thorns Potions.

Along with the easy-to-obtain materials, there are systems integrated to allow players to obtain harder materials through the use of recycling old ores or food to obtain Kiris Fragments. These can be combined with Essence to craft powders that come from the more rare mob-drops such as those mentioned above.

The Story in Alchemical Reactions is planned to be a prequel story to that of the vanilla Starbound.
Up to 6 chapters detailing the events of the Old Alchemists are already planned, and more to come!

There are also books with easter eggs, and the Timeline that was completed before the Storyline took shape. These and a Page-Intensive development log await those, eager to read into the Lore of Alchemical Reactions.

Currently there is a basic armory available in this mod.
This includes a single Level 4 broadsword, and eight level 7 elemental broadswords.
The Armory is planned to be expanded at a later date, however for the time being, The swords available should be a welcoming feature to people who are a fan of the Protectorate Sword.

Alchemical Reactions hosts a recolored Empowerment ability on every level 7 swords, each with the color fitting their element. Four of the swords are templated to be Shadow Blades, and as such show a purple hue when swinging.

Please comment with any feedback you may have, and don't forget to use Chariot.
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Aug 13 @ 9:34am
PINNED: Questions about Essence and Powders
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Chloroxite Aug 6 @ 9:46am 
Scratch that, animal essense requires COCONUT milk
Last time I checked, coconut is not an animal. Don't name the essense as such. This is basic game design.
Chloroxite Aug 6 @ 9:42am 
Animal essense is unobtainable because milk does not provide it like it should when transmutated.
Chloroxite Aug 6 @ 8:57am 
Mod itself is cool tho.
Mioure  [author] Jul 21 @ 11:52pm 
@BlueTheFurry, The dialog suggest that Alchemy was a long lost art, buried in time and literal earth. Scientist is just interested in what Alchemy may include, but they also note that they are a Scientist, and not an Alchemist; this is why they as you to help. She wants a fresh mind to tackle the Alchemical Research as her Scientist mind would clutter the progress.

During the first few quests, it walks you through how to start the mod, and then the Scientist leaves off with "I'll leave you to your Research, maybe you can bring out a new era in Alchemy!", and she only contacts you afterwards, as you progress and ultimately start to endanger yourself (spoiler).
BlueTheFurry Jul 18 @ 3:03am 
so i found this mod
After subbing to all of my friends mods
i didnt know what added the Scientist's plea
Though why would a Scientist go into alchemy?
Scientists arent alchemists!
Mioure  [author] Jul 3 @ 1:24am 
@Mooncalf, Ahh thanks for unpacking and finding the error. It does seem like its not harming anything, but yea, that was leftover code from testing out whether or not unlocking Golis Powder should unlock Gold Bars, as it was a different progression.

@Blobbernog, Should be compatible. I made sure to use my own tags, and items where it could be paired with other mods. Let me know if there are any issues with FU or this mod when the two are put together.
Blobbernog [BLOBS] Jul 2 @ 7:53pm 
Compatible with FU?
Mooncalf Jul 2 @ 1:21pm 
Started a new character. Built the dark alchemy table. Created and picked up golis powder, and immediately got a "Learned to craft: Perfectly Generic Item", with the aforementioned error message in the log.

I then unpacked your mod with asset_unpacker so I could check the actual files. This is what it says in the golispowder.item file:

"itemName" : "golispowder",
"price" : 10,
"rarity" : "uncommon",
"category" : "craftingMaterial",
"inventoryIcon" : "golispowder.png",
"description" : "An unstable powder created by crushing concentrated Gold",
"shortdescription" : "Golis Powder",
"itemTags" : [ "reagent" ],
"learnBlueprintsOnPickup" : [ "AR_goldbar" ]

So yeah, you have some unneeded code remaining from some past update or something. It happens. Anyway, it seems like it's not breaking anything, so that's good.
Mioure  [author] Jul 2 @ 12:02pm 
@Mooncalf, Thats odd. I do not know why that error has appeared. I do not have anything that teaches a recipe to the user upon completing a conversion, let along have anything that uses the "AR_goldbar" tag. You said you think it happened when creating Golis Powder; is there any way you can try and replicate this error and find out if it was indeed Golis Powder conversion that created it? I can't seem to find the solution.
Mooncalf Jun 29 @ 9:25am 
Got this error message:
"[Error] Could not instantiate item '[AR_goldbar, 1, {}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'AR_goldbar'"
Got it when I turned a goldbar into powder, I think. It tried to teach me a recipe for an item that doesn't exist.