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The Drakians (Dragonkin)
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Jul 27, 2012 @ 2:02pm
May 10, 2013 @ 1:18am
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The Drakians (Dragonkin)

Version 5.8d

nexus link to the official mode page

________________--------- R E Q U I R E D ------____________________
normaly if you downloaded this from the nexus you would be having the race compatibility patch inside the file upon installation. As this thing is gunna be more and more needed in the future i subjest you download it now and update it regularly as close to any race that will get uploaded will need it. Loading most race that arent from skyrim without this may result into you crashing to the desktop


for dawnguard user i subjest downloading this file as it allows easyer vampire lord conversions for custom race
dawnguard fix for race compatibility


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>VAMPIRE COMPATIBILITY FIX>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
this is the ''how to do'' for drakians who wish to become dracopyres (please keep in mind you will need to do ''showracemenu'' to switch your drakian skin to white and eye to red manualy

Dawnguard vampire lord fix:

console -> player.setrace drakianracevampire
console -> player.setrace drakianracewithhornsAvampire
console -> player.setrace drakianracewithhornsBvampire

this must be done before accepting transformation by harkon or it will not work (or if you have the compatibility fix you might not need to do this)


Make sure you have uninstalled any version of drakian prior to this one wich were from steam from your computer as well before using this. Using both new and old in your game will cause serious problem. The reason is simply that the files may or may not have the same name and will conflict with each other causing body to disapear script to get erased and tons of other stuff to go wrong. Please make sure you have uninstalled old version (the Outdated one) of drakian from your computer


The drakians are people issued from dragon and mortals union. It is said the first drakian came from an egg that was given to Alessia by Akatosh himself. Their draconic heritage make them both mighty at controling the elements and very likely to enjoy conversation.

Special options

The race has been divided into 3 for horns option of wich you can choose between none horned A and horned B
since 4.0 it is now possible to craft drakian wings at the forge under the iron tab (there is multiple availlable color)


Scaled body: -50% damage from fire
Drakian scales: + 25 base armor
Dragonblood: -20% shout time reduction

Dragon breaths: as of version 2.5c all drakian can use both grand fire breath and grand ice breath wich are two unique shouts only a drakian can learn inately. Since 2.6 both shouts are added to the drakian spell list during character creations

New words of power

Grand fire breath:
This shout create a huge fireball wich will push and burn your foe in a line

Ahn - Flare
Ehn - Cinder
Shaar - Incineration

Grand ice breath:
This shout create an ice orb wich will freeze and and encrust in ice for in a line if not potentialy paralise them

Foor - Ice
Raah - Freeze
Mhar - Blizzard


Destruction + 10
conjuration + 5
speech + 5
light armor + 5
alteration + 5
enchanting + 5

The drakians:
the drakians are a race i made out of an inspiration after trying the marshwalker mod by McGarnagle (always wanted a perfect humanlizard). They are basicaly dragonkin and as such have draconic related power.
This race use its own head texture and is so far unique on the nexus. have fun playing it. This mod now comes with chromatics ANIMATED wings yea you readed animated.

Yolanah: a drakian ranger able to breath ice (located in the storm peak)
Soranon: a heavy armor drakian ranger able to breath fire (located in the storm peak)
Ishanii: a young drakian pyromancer able to breath fire and use most fire spells (located in the bannered mare in whiterun)
Amarahn: a drakian priestess wich has the favor of akatosh and can smite foe with lighning balls and even call the storm (can be found in solitude temple of the divines)
All of them are availlable for marriage

New town the storm peak:
This drakian town located northwest of your world map is realy high in the clouds and normaly impossible to reach by mortal means but a tunnel was recently found that leads to the mountaintops. Dragons fly free around the city and the people live in old nordic style building dating of the dragon war. This town has an alchemist a blacksmith and a magic vendor (also has a lot of guard and a temple ground along with a mercenary house wich will proly have more people in the future)

REMINDER: if you like the mod please endorse it so that it gets to the front page and make itself more known.


a race replacer version has been created for skyrim online and is availlable on skyrim nexus and on steam
as a replacer to argonian

This also include version 2.5e wich has horns

------- ----------


a beast race beautifull CBBE and TnT compatible Textures - argonian version by watshisface for the purpose of a matching body for female (if you have better for a lower body go ahead im just subjesting what i found to be looking the best)

Apachii skyhair for better hairs (simply a must to look styled)

Drakian children (wich is availlable on steam)

To do:
make new body textures for male and female
make the drakian FLY!

Gimp for the program i used to make that lovely texture
Mcgarnagle for the base DDS from wich i worked and created those marvelous textures
badgremlin for the wing ressource

Version changes:
fix a bug about hairs not showing up in the character menu
new quest: the ways of the dragon also include new voiced off drakanir some new music track wich will play in the storm peak and in drakian related dungeons + a totaly new shout and a finalised vampirism transition for drakian (dracopyre will have their scales turn white and their eyes turn red)
drakian childs are released in a defrent esp
apply some fix to the dragon shout quest. Drakian now is compatible with vampirism (you still need to get the dawnguard race compatibility esm to use it
modified the drakian shouts to make them usable at will (they still have the regular cooldown of 25-50-75 second)
Ice breath now cause paralisis instead of pushing foe paralisis will not break upon attacking
new drakian town 2 new marriage partner more wings (cloak) maybe a drakian house? and some quest
Added Drakian wings to the crafting tab! and the wings are animated!
FIX the shout bugs add vampire and werewolves compatibility race compatibility a new female texture and make the race mod friendly by removing the form lists and using racial compatibility (now required)
Adds the horns option to the race by dividing the race into 3 defrent race option all in 1 esp probably fix the shout not behing added bug for good (now they are added at character creations and only to drakian characters)
2.5E nexus only
Adds the option to have horns as a second ESP (i might later just decide to fusion both race in 1 file i just didnt felt like doing it all in 1 day as i also like any human behing need some vacation from time to time)
FIX some shout related crap and add two new color inferno red and icy blue
hopefully fixed all body matching problemes and fixed all shout related bugs
added male to the game but still had a few trouble with body mismatch
was buggy and uncomplete didnt had male
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spookychico Jan 21 @ 5:31am 
it's still crashing for me even with compatibility mod
Ice Blaze Winters Jan 12 @ 12:52pm 
can someone explain to me, WHY the drakian (custom character and race menu character) have their teeth sticking out of their mouths at a good 3 inches?

i have the dlc (just got them) and had no problem till i got the dlc and downloaded the yiffy age of skyrim mod.

but that shouldn't have affected the drakian race.
Ice Blaze Winters Jan 9 @ 9:02am 
how do you fix the wings? they are attached to my ass and tail and pointed towards the wall.
Stanky Tree Jul 20, 2017 @ 12:20pm 
Stanky Tree Jul 19, 2017 @ 11:18am 
i wish i was able to use nexus so i could get Apachii skyhair
Red Wyvern Jul 5, 2017 @ 3:23pm 
It's either Blizzard took the 'Storm Peaks' name, or you took it.
Because in Blizzard's World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King there was a place called the Storm Peaks, sorry to bring it up.
^ ^1👌Glumanda356 Jun 27, 2017 @ 2:03am 
oh and for all the guys who downloaded it on steam download it from the nexus
registration didnt cost anything
^ ^1👌Glumanda356 Jun 27, 2017 @ 2:02am 
hey i cant find it where is the storm peaks:steamsad:
Tekky Jun 16, 2017 @ 11:04am 
blame_1_gamer Apr 27, 2017 @ 11:00pm 
steam, crash crash crash crash