The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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Jan 31, 2017 @ 6:19am
May 24, 2017 @ 5:56pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Do you like The Binding of Isaac? Are you bored of the currently existing items and wish there were more of them? Like, a lot more?
Maybe even 700,000* more?

Well, then this mod is for you!

- 2,000 randomly generated items
- 30 randomly generated pill effects
- 100 randomly generated trinkets
- random item sprites
- random item stats
- random item effects
- random item names
- random item descriptions
- random familiars

You can also check out this mod on The Modding of Isaac[]

Don't worry if starting the game or run takes too long, that's normal. The mod is large and takes time to start up.

The name "700,000 Items" is a reference to Jerma's video on the game 700,000 Games. The mod itself kinda plays on those weird bootleg games that advertise a bunch of games, but end up only having like 192.

*there is not actually 700,000 items. Not that it would be impossible, but it makes the game horribly slow to start and would take a lot of time to actually generate this many items. The game is already pretty strained at 2,000 items. For reference, the base game has 504 items.

Do you want to generate your own fresher, larger set of items, or want to contribute? Check out the Git Repository[]! Just follow the instructions in the README.

How does this mod work? It's a Python script! Check out my writeup[] for more details.
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DaTg3merguy123 Aug 12 @ 2:11pm 
Epic banana bobs brain is already in the game ya goof
狗子开飞机 Aug 9 @ 9:12pm 
This mod is terrible. The items are random, but it means that in one game the items I get are lot of no meaning items and it also blow up my game. I think this mod also let this game's fun becomes random and it always be bad side. What should I say >.>
Yushatak Aug 1 @ 11:00am 
I have a copy of the shitty 700,000 in one game box on my shelf for lulz, I appreciate the thumbnail art. xD
EpicBanana01 Jul 24 @ 11:43am 
One Item Is Called Bob's Brain :steamfacepalm:
TehWafflHouze-106 Jul 23 @ 2:23am 
nothing works at all and its random and stupid
heckpika Jul 22 @ 1:58pm 
are you ok
Patrick D. Arknaese Jul 11 @ 3:13pm 
I found Cankir17 play this, does it work with the current Booster Pack 5 update?
^❤^ charmed ferret ^♥^ Jun 10 @ 7:02am 
can you make a new mod like this but best inplement to de new bosted pack of this year? ( the udape of de forgotten) please qwq oh and you can create a new character like eden but with steroids? (( totally random like one glich )) please givme a research qwq (( sorry in spanish con research quise decir respuesta
LaneCorn25 May 19 @ 10:59am 
why do some items not have a sprite? is that just my pc being naughty? and why do some pets/familiars/orbitals shoot the fps to abt 2 per sec.???

Timgam May 6 @ 8:43pm 
This is a really cool mod, but there's one issue that enrages me.
There's some item (I do not remember which) that creates fireworks of stars
The problem is that when these stars appear, my fps go down to 5-7 while my original fps is 50-60
(take a look at upper left corner, there's my fps)
Here's the link for my usual fight []
This is what happens when these stars appear []