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Unofficial Space Engineers Patch LEGACY (DISCONTINUED)
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Jan 27, 2017 @ 7:44am
Mar 18, 2017 @ 9:09pm
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Unofficial Space Engineers Patch LEGACY (DISCONTINUED)

• UPDATE 15.04.2019
(DISCONTINUED) Left for now as legacy so worlds relying on this mod don't brake.
I may fix or make it functional for current game build if enough people are interested but i strongly suggest to move
to the new version.

Because lot's changed i decided it's better to start almost from scratch.
Mod integration will not be as prominent this time for many reasons, like obsolescence.
A new version is in the works here:

I am partially back but this mods development is on hold because i was absent for quite some time, it's hard to keep up with Keen's development on the game and because i checked the latest SE version and it has a lot of changes that are identical to mine in USEP.
Also, im still trying to get back the data i lost for my mods and there is a chance that i cant update many of them but need to make a new uploads, recreate from scratch etc. T.T
I must compare all the new changes from SE and remove all redundant data from USEP which will take some time.
So instead, i plan on releasing a few smaller bits of updates, should help with maintenance.
Sorry for the inconveniance!

Unofficial Space Engineers Patch v0.4.0

Authors & Contributors

Code Commando
And the Space Engineers Community!

To anyone that unsubscribes from this mod, id really appreciate if you left a comment of why, so i can maybe make it better or fix mistakes and get a more complete idea of what people want or expect. Thank you for trying out my mod. :)


First off, why that name? Well, it supposed to be Space Engineers Tweaks but by the time i finish all of the changes i had in mind, it would resemble a patch.
So... a unofficial patch for Space Engineers it is. xD

Please show some support and appreciation if you like this mod and rate or even favor it. :)


This project attempts to fix issues not resolved by developers by the extent of current
game modding support and as current tools permit as less intrusive as possible.
Also to the extent of my knowledge which is still lacking, just got into SE modding.
The changes should come natural, intuitive and as vanilla as possible.
Do keep in mind that this mod adds blueprint dependency, like most other mods tho. :)
So if you think you can contribute to any way, with an idea or want to join the project, comment below.
I am open for all suggestions.
Or you want something to be standalone, just tell me and ill make a separate version of a feature. X)

The goal is to make a mod that will also combine (what should be vanilla) mods into one package.
By feedback of the community and if of course mod authors are willing to share and contribute.
If things get obsolete or fixed by the developers themselves, it will be listed as "OBSOLETE" for reference
and the modifications removed from the mod as to avoid conflicts and unneeded data.

The list is not that big yet but it is under heavy development.

Im starting with small adjustments but very important ones in my opinion.
So far the lacking mount points are being readjusted on a lot of blocks and thats a slow and painful process.

This mod will implement a few of my other mods like character skins as well.
This one is very important. Why?
Because, if we have factions, we somehow need differentiate each others
and add a character development to some degree.
Like any other game that has a "good guys" vs "bad guys".
Or simply to know what kind of player someone is.
A Pirate, a dirty Raider or a simple explorer. A medic, or a technitian.
So as i make reskins, i will be adding them here for variety and customization.
Id make models as well but im lacking in the modeling department so any help would be appreciated.
Also, with every faction skin should come a decal for large and small ships/grids to place as a emblem.

I'm also adding some block conversions that i think the game really needs.
So far the "Drone" aspect is lacking usability in a lot of situations.
The usage of drones is very small on servers which is a shame.
It should give a more tactical meaning to the gameplay.
Conversion blocks are in the process of development and balancing.

HUD was a planned feature as well but since Keen is working on it,
before we do anything to the HUD we should wait for Keen to publish theirs.

All that will be available to you as development advances.

Any help, feedback and suggestions on this project is more than welcome.
Get involved! Lets help Keen and make Space Engineers GREAT!


Some bugs fixed. Hopefully. This time.

Fixed small grid battery pointing to NULL model. Dont even know how that happened and even less why its fixed.
I didnt do anything, my local mod had everything correct. No idea what gone wrong here.

Changed bounding box on LG/SG rotor and advanced rotor for more flexible placements and utilization of large to small grid hacks.
Changed bounding box on LG/SG piston for more flexible placements and utilization of tight build placements.


I have permission for all implemented mods.
Do not reupload this mod or any parts of it. It uses mods from other authors.
I am not at liberty to give permission for any of the implemented mods unless stated otherwise.

You wont get the debug draw as shown in the pictures (the yellow boxes and cursors and pointers)
That is a ingame feature already, in combination with this amazing mod:
Build Info - extra block information
That should just show for the more advanced players or modders how the new mount points look like. I should perhaps show the old mount points as well. But i thought for veteran builders, they could guess about what the new mount point does, where it goes and what its gonna do. ^^ Sorry for confusion!

Please check out the USEP DETAILED discussion for more information on this mod since not everything could fit in the description. For any suggestions and ideas and requests you can drop in the USEP SUGGESTIONS & REQUESTS discussion and please try to be reasonable.

Need troubleshooting real time or just want to drop in and say hi? Lets discord! :)

If you like my content and want to show appreciation, consider donating. All donations go into technology to create more and higher quality content. :)
Or consider to become a Patreon. With enough patreons, i could dedicate my time more for content creation. :D
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Hades Sep 16, 2018 @ 9:43am 
I didnt see but can this fix broken sounds in game that Keen's recent update kinda broke for a lot of mods? Like for example a mod effected by the recent update from Keen turbolaser cannons. Will it fix it?
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Starblaster May 23, 2018 @ 3:33pm 
Ill hope this becomes finished soon when you get your pc. I currently dont have the mod and am waiting for the finished version. It looks great!
theimmersion  [author] May 17, 2018 @ 3:38am 
Miss ya'll too! <3
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Hoping you are doing okay, we miss you <3
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Nope. Still trying to get enough money for a pc where to hook them on. Hopefully they are fine.