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By Tunnel
Hopefully this guide will help you progress in the game.
Hi everybody! I decided to make a walkthrough for this game because I saw lots of people, including myself, have trouble making progress while playing the game. Indeed, it's very easy to get stuck in Memoranda and end up spending tons of time wandering around the map trying to figure out what to do next. However, don't be mad at the game or our lovely protagonist (although she really could have been more helpful), as Memoranda is a magical realm, solutions to some of the puzzles may seem illogical. This guide aims to save your time and prevent you from losing too much brain cells when you get stuck.
So, let's get started! (Notice: you don't need to follow the exact order of actions in this walkthrough.)
After the intro, Mizuki wakes up in her apartment room.
In this scene, there're three items that you can take (I already marked them in the image):
Scissors, Orange Juice, Map.

Leave the apartment, you'll find a Kidney-Shaped Stone, but don't waste your time on it yet, because it'll magically disappear when you go somewhere else :)

Go to the 4th floor, collect An Old Photo under the rug.

Go to the 2nd floor, there's a woman talking on the phone in the Runaway Man's flat and a little girl sitting on the ground who doesn't speak much to you. We'll come back later.

Down to the 1st floor, there's a Knock System on the door, left click on it to enter the puzzle interface and you'll see 6 poker cards which correspond with the times of knocks. We need a clue for this puzzle so just leave it for now.

Enter the Elevator. Examine Qardash Poster and the clue for the knock system puzzle is on it.
Quartet=4, Duet=2, Solo=1
So 421 is the right order.
Do the correct knocks and Qardash will let you in.

Talk to Qardash and he'll ask you to find him some frequencies. Take the Machine Diagram beside him.

Go to the Lobby and talk to Jack twice and he'll ask you to bring him his film storage box back. New location: Lexington St. (Jack's friend's house)

Go to Town Square, enter the Bakery. After the cutscene, take a Doughnut.

Go back to the 2nd floor of the Apartment, give the Doughnut to the Little Girl. She'll tell you about Mr. Spaghetti and give you a Film Box.
Open the inventory, right click on the Film Box. You'll get a Film Reel and an Empty Film Box.

Go to the 3rd floor, take the Kidney-Shaped Stone and combine it with the Empty Film Box in the inventory to get a Captured Kidney Stone.

Go to Lexington St. and enter the Puppeteer's House.
Go into the Corridor then enter the Living Room. Talk to the Doll Maker and he'll ask you to solve a puzzle.

Go back to the Hallway and take the Bradawl.

Enter the Bright Room and left click on the Marionette Theatre. We also need a clue for this puzzle.
Go back to the Corridor and check the Family Painting, notice the clothings of the characters in the picture.
Go back to the marionette puzzle and you'll find that only the boy's clothings can be matched with the picture. Pull the relevant clothings and the boy's head.
After you solve the puzzle, a Teddy Bear will appear on the stool beside the theatre. Left click on it and use Bradawl on its Belly to uncover a keypad. The keypad needs a key to be activated.

Go back to the Hallway, examine the Box. Piece the letter into a sentence and you'll know that "Solution is on Book Shelf" (you don't need to click on any button for now).
Go back to the Bright Room and look at the Book Shelf. Remember the grids (imagine the shelf to be a 4x4 matrix) that have books in them.
Click on the buttons on the box that have the same location with the books on the shelf.
The box opened, take the Golden Key.

Use the Golden Key on the keypad and the Teddy Bear's eyes will be opened.
Look closer at its eyes and you'll find the letter "c" and "o".
Click on these two buttons on the keypad and the puzzle is solved.

Go to the Living Room and talk to the Doll Maker again. Then, go back to the Bright Room to take the Film Reel Storage Box.

Go to the Apartment Lobby and give Jack the Film Reel Storage Box. After talking with him, go outside the Apartment and come back. The Screening Room on the 4th floor will be accessable (The box will be gone from the desk and your Memoranda will tell you that Jack re-opened the room as well).

Enter the Screening Room. Use Film Reel on the Movie Projector. The film is a clue to a puzzle we'll come across later, so it's not important now.

Go to the Dark Alley and pick up the Liquid Propane.

Go to the Opera Singer ("Where I heard someone singing" on the map) and talk to the Opera Cat. Show him the Machine Diagram and he'll start to cough after trying to sing. Give him the Orange Juice and he'll sing the frequencies out, but you can't collect them yet because they will quickly disappear into the air.
Now, if you open your inventory and examine the Liquid Propane, Mizuki will tell you that propane is heavier than air. So, combine the Liquid Propane with the Orange Juice and give it to the Opera Cat. This time, the frequencies will drop to the ground. Pick up the Frequency Pack.
Go back to Qardash's Flat and give him the Frequency Pack. Go out and come back in, pick up the DTMF Machine.

Go to the 2nd floor and use the DTMF Machine on the Runaway Man's Flat to receive the telephone frequency.

Go to the Dark Alley and examine the Missing Elephant poster on the wall. Mizuki will automatically ask the Nark about the elephant and he'll tell you that Mr. Spaghetti has something to do with it.
New location: Cottage.

Go to the Bakery and talk to the Baker, he'll give you a Flour Bag.

Go to the Cottage and use the Flour Bag on the Walkway.

Go to the Town Square and you'll see three people chatting near the statue (Ray, Niall, Chris).
Talk to Chris twice and he'll tell you that his son Henry is somewhere near the lighthouse
New locations: Beach & Lighthouse

Go back out side the apartment building (home) and Mizuki will tell you to check the elephant's footprints. Go to the cottage and check out the footprints but there's nothing you can do to enter the house right now. If you press the bell Mizuki will tell you to find another way to communicate with the man inside.

Go to the Beach. Pick up the Sand-filled Seashell and talk to Fischermann.

Go to the Pier and take a Flag.

Enter the Lighthouse and go upstairs. Pick up the Condenser and the Lens.

Use the DTMF Machine on the Telephone (make sure you have already gone back to the cottage and discovered the footprints), the man will let you enter the cottage now.

Enter the cottage. Pick up the Matchbox on the fireplace. Talk to Phil the Elephant then talk to Mr. Spaghetti, he'll ask you to get a potion somewhere and give you Dabchick Card.

Go to the Dark Alley. Enter the Underground Office and talk to the Clerk but he won't let you in.
Put the Captured Kidney Stone into one of the China Pots, this will distract the Clerk. Also, take notice the heights of the three pots.
Interact with the Panel, 635 is the correct combination. Enter Dabchick's Room, talk to Dabchick and he'll ask you to get a signature from Phil.

Go to the Cottage and pick up the Potato on the ground.
Combine the Scissors with Jack & Phil's Photo to get a Cut Photo and Phil's Signature. Then, combine Phil's Signature with the Potato to get Signature & Potato.

Go to the Cottage and talk to Mr. Spaghetti, he refuse to help you with the signature. Go to the Dark Alley and give Signature & Potato to The Nark. He'll carve Phil's signature on the potato for you. Now you have a Potato Stamp.

Go to the Lighthouse and use the Potato Stamp on the Oil Can to get an Oily Stamp (If you exmaine the oil can Mizuki will tell you the oil has turned black due to oxidation, so you'll know to do this step).
Combine the Oily Stamp with Dabchick Card and you'll get a Stamped Card.

Go back to Dabchick's Room and give him the Stamped Card. Now you can take the Humanimal Potion and the Instant Camera (with the camera you can take pictures of all the humanimals in the game, for example, Dabchick, Opera Cat, Phil, etc).

Go to the Cottage and give the Humanimal Potion to Phil, however, he won't drink it. Question Mr. Spaghetti and he'll admit that Phil don't actually need the potion. Take a picture of Phil with the Instant camera and Mr. Spaghetti will tell you to photo an old tree instead.
Exmaine the Photo Frame on the fireplace and he'll inform you about the new councelor in town.
New locations: Old Tree & Councelor's Office (The same map with Opera Cat).

Go to the Old Tree and pick up some Dried Grass. (Take a picture of the Scarecrow and you'll find out that he's actually a bird, but it's unecessary to talk to him right now.)

Go to the Swamp (Exit the Old Tree map from the right). Pick up a Bamboo and an Empty Bucket (hidden behind the weeds) and use the bucket on the Bamboo Clock to get a Full Bucket of water.

Go to the Beach. Use Dried Grass on the Fire. Afer the dialogue, take a picture of FIschermann, then, give him the Humanimal Potion. Now that Fischermann has left the wheelchair, you can take the Funnel and the Hunting Knife.
New location: Vanya's Cafe

Go to the Pier. Use the Hunting Knife on the Rope to get Rope With Sack. Examine Rope With Sack to get a Rope and a Tobacco Sack.
Go to Lexington St. and take a picture of the Old Sailor. Give him the Tobacco Sack and after the dialogue he'll disappear. Mizuki can finally have a good night sleep!

Go to sleep at home and Mizuki will enter the dream realm. In the dream, talk to Moriko and pick up the Strange Device.

Go into the Forest (does this scene look somewhat familiar?). Combine the Strange Device with the Rope to get Tied Device. Hang the Tied Device on the Tree.
Now, every time you right click a cat the device will translate the meow into a number (except for one cat). Mark the numbers on the locations of the cats for convenience.
After this, interact with the gong to wake up.

Go to the Councelor's Office and talk to the Councelor twice, Mizuki will tell the Councelor about her dream.

Go to the Screening Room and watch the Cat's Clip. Only three of the cats have something to say. The corresponding numbers to these three cats are the code for the safe in Mizuki's Flat (follow the order they speak). So, the code is: 143.

Go back to Mizuki's Flat and interact with the Safebox. Enter the correct code to open the safe. However, it's empty.

Go to the Councelor and tell her the nametags are missing. She'll mention an intelligent monkey may be involved in this.
New locations: Outskirts & Junkyard

Go to the Junkyard. Pick up the Rare Flower. Interact with the Car Door three time and take the Antique Watch.
New location: Barbara's Flower Shop

Go to Barbara's Flower Shop and talk to Barbara. She'll tell you that she wants to see a ice flower (if you examine the rare flower in the inventory, Mizuki will say that it looks similar to the ice flower).

Outside the apartment building, talk to the vendor Tiso Spencer and he'll give you a bottle of CooLiquid. Combine the Rare Flower with the CooLiquid to get an Ice Flower.

Go to see Barbara and give her the Ice Flower. Now, you can pick up the Odor Analyzer and the Seed Pack in the shop.

Go to Vanya's Cafe and talk to Peter. He'll ask you to get a glass of peanut punch for him.
Give Vanya the Anitique Watch and she'll make a glass of Peanut Punch for you. After Peter drank the punch and threw up, use the Flag on the Vomit to get Dirty Flag.
Talk to Lake Kubilius and he'll talk about some "devices" are installed somewhere around the town.

Go to the Old Tree and you'll find that very device in Mizuki's dream, pick it up.

Go to the Cottage. Examine the Rat Hole and use the Seed Pack on the small Hole in it. Use the Odor Analyzer with the Rat Hole and use the Dirty Flag on the analyer, interact with it and keep pressing the button until it shows PEANUT on the screen. Now look into the rat hole and you'll see the little mouse has come out. Combine the Funnel with the Bamboo to get a Funneled Bamboo and use it with the Empty Water Can beside the mouse. Use the Full Bucket on the Funnel so the mouse can water the seed. After this, pick up some Bloody Mint.

Enter Mr. Spaghetti's Cottage and use the Tied Translator on Phil the Elephant. Use the Sand-filled Seashell on Phil to get a Clean Seashell.

Go to the Outskirts and give the Clean Seashell to the Soldier. After the sound of the sea took the soldier away, pick up his Baseball Bat.

Go to the Old tree and talk to the Scarecrow twice. The owls will tell you that "a phoenix can be born in a buring empty bag". Use the Empty Packet on the Scarecrow, then use the Matchbox on him. After he transformed and flied away, take the Shovel.

Go to the Outskirts and use the Shovel on the Soft Dirt. Pick up the Soldier Tags and the Jar.

Go down to the sewers (where you just finished digging). Talk to Matt Hawkins and you'll know that there're evil forces in the sewers. Continue to Left and try to pick up the stool. The foreces will prevent you from going further (remember to check the Carved Painting and you'll know to consult the frogs in the swamp later).
Go back and Continue to Right and you'll see a wired guy who keeps silent to you sitting at the corner. Use the Shovel on the Mud and then pick up the Pot :)
Go to Mr. Spaghetti's Cottage and use the Bloody Mint on the Talking Moose to get Chewed Bloody Mint.

Combine the Chewed Bloody Mint and Full Bucket with the Pot separately, then combine the Pot with the Condenser to get a Alambique.

Go to the Swamp and talk to the Army of Frogs. They'll tell you that they need the magic from the super frog hiding somewhere in town. Pick up the Magic Bottle they throw out. (Take notice that the Sign says "The Lake of 200 Frogs", it's a clue for a puzzle later)

Go to the Outskirts and use the Empty Bottle to capture some Files. Now you have a Bottle of Files.

Go to the Dark Alley. Pay attention to the trash can and... yeah, that's the super frog. Talk to him but he'll just play dumb to you. Use the Bottle of Files on him and he'll show himself. Talk to him until the Magic Menu appears. (You can also take a picture of him)

Now, we already have all the information needed to solve this puzzle:
·The lake used to have 200 frogs in total.
·The army of frogs is an army with 30 retired, 20 hiding and 40 dead soldiers.
·The carved painting in the sewer depicts the war between the frogs and the giant worm.
So, the solution to the puzzle is as the image shows (if you do it correctly, Mizuki will say something confirmative).
Finally, use the Magic Bottle to collect the Magic Words to get Frog Magic.

Go to the Swamp and use the Frog Magic on Army of Frogs. Now you can go travel the sewers without any resistance! Go into the sewers and pick up the Stool.

Continue to Left and you'll see the monkey. Try to approach and he'll escape into the tent.

Go to the Old Tree. Use the Baseball Bat on the Tiny Hole to make it a big hole. Combine the Stool with the Lens to get StooLens and use it on the Big Hole.

Go to the Beach and use the Alambique on the Fire. Then, use the Jar on the Alambique to collect some Anesthetic.

Go back to the Monkey and talk to him until Memoranda gets updated. Use the Anesthetic on him and he'll ask you for something in exchange for your name. Give him the Soldier Tags and that leads us to the end of the story.

Hope you have a good time playing Memoranda,
enjoy the game, oh, and have a good night sleep as well :)

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kalimandzari Jun 4 @ 10:25am 
ovek Jan 20 @ 11:27am 
In order to get Jack to direct you to Lexington St, you must first look at the door on the 4th floor.
Tchernobog Aug 5, 2018 @ 12:27pm 
Thanks pal, it helped a lot. Inspired by you, I made an achivement guide as well!
n00bother Jul 1, 2018 @ 1:05am 
I'm going crazy. Where on earth is the rat hole? Can't find it anywhere in/around the cottage.
Liane May 1, 2018 @ 5:37am 
How to get to the Lexington Street? It`s not on my map :-(
Amijok Aug 30, 2017 @ 2:24am 
helped a lot
Ylbirda Apr 11, 2017 @ 4:45am 
Thank you so much! I would've never finished the game without this amazing guide!
YzalSan Mar 24, 2017 @ 6:49am 
Try to visit every location like the theater room door in the building.
olga.oak Mar 23, 2017 @ 8:30pm 
I'm stuck on the first part of the game where you have to click twice on Jack to have him reveal the new task. Every time i click it's the same story line. Any help or suggestions?:steamsad:
cameramaven Mar 19, 2017 @ 9:37am 
Thank you! I had almost figured out the alembic and the little hole by the tree, but other things like the mouse hole and Phil's signature might have been beyond me. Very helpful. It has kind of a sudden ending, but otherwise absorbing and fun.