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Colonial Charter: Journey (1.76)
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Jan 23, 2017 @ 5:40pm
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Colonial Charter: Journey (1.76)

Banished Megamod. A complete gameplay expansion. For support, feedback and more mods visit us online at


We are making a New Game, you can find out more about it HERE[]


Disable/Delete any previous version of Colonial Charter, enable Colonial Charter Journey in the mod menu.

CC: Journey does require a new game.

Full Changelog:
To see what's new and changed, visit us online at blackliquidsoftware[].

Journey reflects a maturation of development of the Colonial Charter mod for Banished Game. Unlike in previous versions where we overhauled production and resources, with Journey you have more access to new buildings that utilise the existing chains. Many of the existing buildings have been revamped or replaced in entirety.

In CC: Journey you'll have an opportunity to build a truly rustic themed settlement in entirety, or using the new city wall kit and related new buildings you can build your own mini empire. We have added in all new pine tree models to the game as well as some new map types to expand the flavour of Colonial Charter. New start conditions are available that offer a variety of new challenges. We also remastered the forest audio, to allow a more natural, serene atmosphere.

We hope you'll enjoy playing Colonial Charter 1.7 - as usual, it was a lot of hard work involving many hours of creation and testing. Easily our most challenging mod to date. Friends and family were ignored for prolonged periods of "One... More... Turn..." as well as "I think this would look good... what happens if we add this new feature?". We hope to put the same amount of distance between you and your loved ones, for all the right reasons of course! :)

Special Thanks in no particular order to the following people:
Estherhb, Mystitsu, Paeng, Vrayna, Denis de la Rive, Mizana, RedKetchup, Discrepency, OwlChemist, kica, Rageingnonsense, Delver, MrFlopsie, Maal, The Pilgrim, Necora, AzemOcram (any names missed, not on purpose!)

Want to support us to make the best mod(s)?

Help us develop the mod and maintain our website and support by sending us a paypal donation:

Click here to PayPal Donate.[]




Other Information:

Mod Compatibility List:
For a rundown of mods that are compatible with Colonial Charter (and how to make them so if not), view Colonial Charter Mod Compatibility.[]

Compatibility & Important information:
- We recommend you first get the feel of this mod by using it standalone, as it is so big. However, provided that you know how to use the in game mod load order then this mod is compatible with many mods we tested; even when they show up as 'red' for conflicts - 'red' often just means 'over-ride'

- The example mods have been added in. This includes Leghorns, Lettuce, Fig trees and Apiary. Thank you to ShiningRock Software for these mods. (no, we didn't include those in our list of new things).

- Crash Troubleshooting: Activate the mod and any others you want, then exit the game. Your game should then work properly the next time you play. Visit Black Liquid Software[] for full support.

- Directly Replaces or Incorporates: New England Colonial Mod, LotsOfSeeds, Town & Textiles, New Tailor Clothes, Llama Mod, Complete Trade Fix, Tavern Enhancement, Little Chapel, Root Cellar, Watermill, Decorative Items, Creamery, Grain Silo, Balance Apiary, Apiary with Mead/Pumpkin Ale, Specialized Stockpiles, MrFlopsies Bridge.

- Includes same or similar features as: Grass Guardian, AutoPickup, Flatten Terrain Tool, Better Fields, Faster Roads



Copyright 2019 BlackLiquidTeam (Steam names: ShockPuppet, Kralyerg, Brokenspectre, Gix, SavageBeatings). This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named ShockPuppet.

Custom Artwork of His Excellency Governor Nathaniel Alpacington riding upon the intrepid Llama "Wade" copyright by SavageBeatings 2015. Check out his Deviant Art.[]
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Samuel C. Jackson May 23 @ 1:51pm 
Love the mod but where is the Tropical Greenhouse? Can't seem to find it and bone meal is stacking up
sevenof9 Jan 26 @ 12:48am 
PlanetarianToad Jan 7 @ 2:06pm 
@TheNightOwl is the other one called "CC Journey 1.76"? You can install both, it won't affect the gameplay.
PlanetarianToad Jan 7 @ 2:03pm 
@Mr.pr0fess0r Not really there is a guide that shows from what building certain resources come from. If there is a specific resource you are looking for I could help you there.
TheNightOwl Jan 6 @ 9:27pm 
Which one of the 2 mods is the correct one? There are 2 wit near identical names. I'm confused.
Mr.pr0fess0r Jan 5 @ 5:54pm 
Is there a tree/matrix that outlines what recourse is needed for what products and what products are needed for ie. buildings, trade, food... etc?
feydras Dec 8, 2022 @ 12:01pm 
Crashes when clicking on Trading post or Old Trading Post before they are built
The Chosen One Dec 6, 2022 @ 1:11am 
Ok, seems I have my own answer (I think). Trying to make charcoal for industry fuel. But houses keep taking it for themselves. Any way to turn that off?
feydras Dec 5, 2022 @ 11:16pm 
Both the small stone quarry and the stone & salt mine (set to stone) aren't producing stone for me. Both have lots of workers and I've set the stone maximum up to 2000. No stone in the storage yards and plenty of buildings waiting on stone. Am I missing something?
The Chosen One Dec 4, 2022 @ 1:36am 
One of my personal most loved mods was "No Coal In Houses". Always annoyed the !@#$ out of me. But its incompatible with this one. I'm sure there might be tons of different aspects to it but how is coal usage for houses in this mod?