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Configure a non-supported steering wheel without being kicked from multiplayer
By 0uw3Z3m3l@@r
Dirt Showdown freezes when configuring an unsupported steering wheel in-game. This guide will show you how to fix that.
When you first start Dirt Showdown the game is configured to use the keyboard.

The "Choose Preset" does not show your wheel, only "keyboard".

There is a solution to modify a file in your "actionmap" folder which basically works, but because you modified the game files, you get kicked from every multiplayer game :-(
Multiplayer fix
To make sure that you don't have any game file modified, verify the integrity of your game (your game profile is not touched, so it is safe to do).

  1. Start the game, do not change any options. Join a multiplayer game.
  2. Start the match (you will have to use the keyboard for the menus).
  3. When the race actually starts (the cars begin to move), hit "Esc" and go to "Controls" and select "Steer Left".
  4. Turn your wheel left, this will freeze the configuration, but the game still continues.
  5. Wait until the match ends, you will be returned to the race lobby for the second race to start.
  6. You can now either quit multiplayer or continue with the second race, it does't matter. The "Steer Left" and "Steer Right" are now greyed out, and you can configure the rest of the controls.

Single player fix
If you only want to play single player, you can use this trick. You will be kicked from any multiplayer game because you modified a game-file.

The advantage of using this method is that you can use the dpad on your wheel for the menus.
  1. Locate the actionmap folder, for example "c:/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/dirt showdown/actionmap"
  2. In windows "Game Controllers" locate your steering wheel and remember the name.

  3. Choose a file that resembles your steering wheel (lg = logitech, tm = thrustmaster) and open with notepad.
  4. Change third line: deviceName="the name from step 2" priority="2">
  5. Save and start the game
  6. The "Choose Preset" should now also list your wheel, if not then the device name was incorrect.

When this works, you can even edit the file again and change the key mappings to your liking. After saving your changes, go to the configuration and reload your preset to activate the changes.
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0uw3Z3m3l@@r  [author] Jan 25, 2017 @ 11:35am 
In theory this could work if the game would scan all files in the actionmap folder. But only the files that are mentioned in the actionMapPaths.xml file are scanned, so you need to add one line to this file to add add your copied file which results in a modified file -> no multiplayer :steamsad: :steamsad: :steamsad:
-=ETM=-TrimbleGlob Jan 24, 2017 @ 12:59pm 
Just curious: what happens if just make a copy of the file that resembles your steering wheel in the actionmap and edit that one? The original files stay unmodified, as you just add another steering wheel file to the action map.