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100% Jump Drive
Created by angel618
100% Jump Drive for skunk.
↵ Enter -> Navigation -> Jump Drive -> Jump -> Select the zone - JUMP BEACON
The jump is carried out under a condition:
1) Zone where is - JUMP BEACON.
2) Shields minimum MK2
3) Hull percent ...
Capital Ship Bridge
Created by Litauen
Mod adds bridge to the capital ships (L and XL) and provides crew taxi service.


NOTE: Save game compatible. When removing mod, do not save in the bridge.

Known problem w...
Captain and Defense Officer AI Overhaul (Basic)
Created by clj
The Captain and Defense Officer AI Overhaul (CDOAIO) mod adds a variety of new features and performance improvements to captain and defense officer AIs, most of which vary in significance with NPC skills. It includes a complete re-write of the defense offi...
Carriers - Sul, Heavy Sul and Gangrene Chaser
Created by TMIndustries™
Marvin M's "Carriers" Mod-AddOn for Sul, Heavy Sul and Gangrene Chaser

This mod needs the "Carriers" mod which you can find here:

This AddOn adds landing bays for...
Cheat Menu X Rebirth
Created by aladinaleks
ADDONS - Only for the Full version of the mod.

1) Cheat Menu Addon for mod BattlestarFrigga
2) Cheat Menu Addon for mod [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...
Enhanced Money Transfer
Created by Wysiwyg
Enhanced Money Transfer

== Introduction ==

MitchTech Corporation is proud to release its first update for the Pride of Albion user interface software. This small mod will improve productivity for pilots managing many stations and large accounts. The ...
Exploration Light
Created by Nodus Cursorius
As an explorer, I felt the distance provided by the Skunk's spotlight required a ceremonial "licking" of textures before it would properly illuminate the dark unknown. No sense in stumbling into Xenthulhu.

Doubled the range and inten...
Exploration Software
Created by Chudnofsky
Automated exploration, with Trade subscriptions!

This mod adds a Software Extension called "Exploration Software" to Mechanics, available in MK1, MK2 and MK3. MK1 will allow ships to explore a sector and all contained stations, MK2 allows exploration of...
Fusion Reactors Optimized
Created by nidaren
Optimized Fusion Reactors Production

Hey Everyone!

Mod is savegame compatible and can be removed / added anytime.

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any older or newer build may cause errors!

Galaxy Station Range v1.4 (for XR v4.00+)
Created by Dave Hedgehog
Allows setting station Managers and Architects subordinate range to Galaxy. Stations only if the radar dish is built.

Due to a foul up by myself, this mod no longer has the same Steam Workshop ID as the original. While it is technical...
Hull Repair Laser
Created by janda
Adds a new weapon to the Skunk that can repair the hull of objects.
It does not repair shields and comes in an extra slot so you can equip it in addition to the heavy/mining laser (and all other weapons). You can't sell the hull repair laser as its perman...
Ledda Ship Tech Fab Fusion Reactors
Created by nidaren
Ledda Ship-Tech Fab

Game version needed: 4.00+ / 4.10+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

Now also compatible with existing savegames and games!

Mod adds Ledda Industrial Ship-Tech Fab in Smokestac...
LibMJ - MadJoker's Library Scripts
Created by Mr_WolfZ
Author: MadJoker
Version: V0.1.1
Date: 3rd February 2015

X:Rebirth Version: 3.20


This is a set of library scripts and UIs that can be used by modders.


This library contains:
    Log Everything
    Created by Juggernaut93
    Add custom entries to the Logbook and remove single notes!

    Simply open the Logbook and select "Add entry" to add a single note.
    Click on "Delete selected" to remove the currently selected entry.
    The star (*) character denotes the selected category.
    Long Range Scanner Update
    Created by Frumph
    Updates the Long Range Scanner to be easier to deal with visually.

    1. The minimap color for collectibles is a bright yellow instead of the dull grey making them easier to find on the minimap.

    2. The highlight around the cockpit is *not so bright ...
    Mk5 available
    Created by Balbrock
    Unlock shields and normally unattainable mk5 engine in the original game.
    Merchants now offer all levels of equipment.
    Requires to start a new game.

    For Donation :
    https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=YPJHB6GX6XY8W ...
    More Crew
    Created by angel618
    Increases the max NPC in the crew quarters form 6 to 15

    author - Euclid+angel618 version 1.35 date 2015-03-18
    NPCs Gain XP
    Created by janda
    Employees slowly gain experience.

    Each hour all your employees have the chance to passively improve one random skill by 1 star.
    Your employees perform better with higher skills.
    E.g. am engineer repairs more hull and works faster.
    The maxim...
    Omicron Ship Upgrades & Fixes
    Created by H.E.I.N.Z
    Fulmekron and Olmekron Ship Upgrades

    Changes for Olmekron:

    shield generator upgrades (MK2 shield generators)

    fix for shield generator groups (Engines have working Shields now) -> fixed in 2.5. beta

    Changes for Fulmekron:

    shield generator ...
    Opaque Eventmonitor (Rebirth v3.0)
    Created by Ketraar
    This makes the event-monitor of the Fighter Cockpit totally opaque, avoiding objects to shine through. This avoids confusing them for radar objects.

    You need Rebirth v3.0 to be able to use this....
    Player Shipyards
    Created by keriv136
    Version 2.1 as been released as of 07/10/2016
    - Should fix all issues with shipyard for compatibility with latest version of Rebirth

    Version 2.0 is the latest version as of 07/17/2015
    -- You can now sell ships to your own ship dealer for a 50% mark up...
    Proper Ice Belt in Vapour Stream
    Created by nidaren
    Proper Ice Belt in Vapour Stream System - DeVries


    Hey Everyone!

    Mod is savegame compatible and can be removed / added anytime.

    Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+...
    Sensible Miners
    Created by cicero111
    What it does:
    It changes the asteroid selection logic to the L/XL mining ships to a more "logistically sensible" fashion. No more leaving the small pieces behind.

    How does it work:
    First some context. The vanilla script always selects ...
    Show Skills
    Created by Rysten
    Shows hireable character's skills upon asking them. (Image from ver 2.5 of X:R)
    Savegame compatable.

    NOTE: I no longer play XR. However, the script should continue working with future updates without issue.

    Working as of 4.0 beta.

    Updated for 3.1...
    Created by Bix'
    This little crappy mod allows you to hire trade agents, which monitor station prices, without Smalltalk and directly from space !

    HUGE timesaver, and freakless station monitoring !

    Please note :
    The dialog is only available for fix traders (i.e....
    Terratech's Improved Loot (Beta)
    Created by Gtadam
    Brief description:
    Improves droptables for military/pirate/xenon capital ships at the moment (small ships might be considered in the future). The focus lies on improving the very bland loot you get from killing things. The Xenon I is finally some...
    Terratech's Shippack
    Created by Gtadam
    Brief description:
    This mod introduces six new ship variations! Including the Minotaur missile destroyer and the Wolf gunship.The original game was rather bland in terms of variety. The new missile destroyer design is really fun to use and someth...
    Titurel Engine Fix
    Created by nidaren
    Hey Everyone!

    Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

    This mod is still needed in 4.00+: (in my humble opinion)
    • Titurel's one mainsail engine is still
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    Garret Wayne  [author] Jan 22, 2017 @ 9:49am 
    There was a time when nothing else could have made this game enjoyable.....
    Robihunn Jan 21, 2017 @ 12:07pm 
    Cheat...Enough said.