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Mount & Blade: Warband

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Texture and BRF tutorial for Napoleonic Wars
By Massi
Welcome to my Guide to Textuering in Mount and Blade Warband Napolionic Wars
This is my way of doing it and im sure there are other ways but please dont bash me in the comments (i dont mind chritishmen just don't destroy me)

I have some experience and here is a collection of skins have made which i update every time a make one:
1. Programs
I personally use Photoshop since i find it the best program for it. Paint . net can be used but you wont get very good results.
(you can always get Photoshop other ways than paying.........)
You will need a plugin for Photoshop to open the texture files
Download here:

The other program you probably want (dont need) is OpenBRF - it is used to open BRF files so you can change things like the hats and such
Download here:

2. Texturing in photoshop
Finding files:
First you are going to need to find the files you want to change - I’m going to change the British light infantry in this guide
To find the files you need to go to your texture folder normally found at: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Napoleonic Wars\Textures (This road might change if you have installed the game on another drive)

Getting started
First open the file in Photoshop and it should look like this:

The easiest way of changing, any colors are by using the magic wand tool which can be found left side 4 down

At the top you can change the tolerance which changes how much you select when you click. i would recommend to have it around 50 but it depends on the skin and colors so experiment

We can start by changing the main red color of the skin.

Click the red color with the magic wand - Then hold down shift and click the red parts that it might not have selected the first time. Shift adds things to your selected but watch out at this point and don’t select too much with the magic wand tool as i might ♥♥♥♥ up - you can always Ctrl z in case something goes wrong.

Now you need to go in and select the red that the magic wand didn't get. I use the normal select tool and the magnetic lasso. The magnetic lasso can be found by right clicking the third button on the left side and then selecting it.
The lasso is useful for organic shapes were the normal tools can't select probably. Try out the tool and you will quickly get a hang of it.

Do the same by holding down shift and adding all the red with the 2 tools. This part requires patience and you need to select everything probably for it to look good.

After you are satisfied, Ctrl c and you will get a new layer.
Select the new layer, then hold down Ctrl, and click the small picture at the layer - it will select what you've done before.
Now Alt f5, which will open a menu. Click the color button twice to open a color pallet - then choose your color and say yes.
At first, it will look stupid but we are not done!
Look just over the layers and there will be a button that says "normal" - click that twice and the scroll thru with the arrow keys until you find a good look, which keeps the textures. (Hue is often pretty good)
This is why we use Photoshop and not paint. Paint doesn't have the ability to keep the textures the same way.
Now you´re done with this part.

You can choose to recolor the facings with the same method.
3. Changing other things
You might want to change what it says on the backpack or water bottle - this is also done in the texture files.
Funnily enough i actually prefer "Paint . net" for this - Rather than Photoshop.

Open the texture file - in this case the british_equipment
It should look like this:

Here you can see the backpacks and such for all the British units. Find the one that is used by the unit you are changing and delete it. you can type something new or just leave it empty as it sometimes looks better.

This part is very much personal preference as you do not need to do it but it just adds that extra touch.
4. Using OpenBRF
I often use OpenBRF as it is a very useful and easy to use tool.
The download link can be found at the top

Go into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Napoleonic Wars\Resource

Here you find the BRF files - All the files with "mm" in front are the files you will need
In this case when we change the British i will open "mmbrithats" to change the British hats

This part can be hard to explain but i will do my best:

Here i want to replace the light hats with the KGL hats
I find the KGL hats and copy them
Then paste them down under the light hats.
Rename the KGL hat to the name of the light hat in this case "British_Light_Ranker"
Remove the old light hat and now you have replaced the hat.
Remember to get all "lod4" and "lod2" with - this this with the officer hat too and such.
You can use all hats and mix and match - so you can take a Austrian cav hat put it on a French ranker like i did here:

Be creative and experiment and you can get some nice looking hats

I could tell a lot more at this part but if you understand the basics, you will quickly get a hang of it

This part can be hard to understand but at the bottom, i have a video guide showing it if you didn't understand it fully.
5. Finishing the skin
When you are done you can gather all your files in a rar document so its easier to access and share

This is done easily with winrar were you just drop the files in and then you can upload the to mediafire.
Final comments
I hope you enjoyed this guide

I make skins too if you don’t want to take time to learn it
Look at my post:

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions
And i wouldn't mind a fair rating

If all of this was too hard, i also made a video that you can watch that might clear things up

- Massi